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This is about the character from The Lost Canvas series. For Frog Zelos in "the original series", click here. For info on the Frog Surplice, click here.

Frog Zelos
Date of Birth

Frog Surplice






Earthly Star


Strange Star

Manga Debut

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - The Myth of Hades - Chapter 11: Evil Stars

Anime Debut

The Holy War Begins

Japanese Voice
English Voice

Frog Zelos (地奇星フログのゼーロス, Chikisei Furogu no Zērosu) is a minor character from Shiori Teshirogi's anime/manga series, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. His power lies within the Earthly Strange Star (地奇星).



Like every Specter, Zelos became one when the Frog Surplice and its Specter soul reached him and transformed him into a warrior. He was awakened in the 18th century due to the imminent revival of Hades. He joined his comrades in the Forest Cathedral in "Italy" in preparation for the arrival of their Lord Hades.

Some time later he joined Wyvern Rhadamanthys on a mission to kill the Gold Saint, Leo Ilias somewhere in North America. When they found him, Zelos tried to intimidate the Gold Saint by telling of how ferocious the Specters were and how they had been ordered to kill everyone in their way. When the Specters won, they would rule over the land for eternity as they were immortal. The Gold Saint merely said that he pitied them, and suddenly a light flashed by Zelos and he was sent flying. Ilias questioned if he was content with that unnatural immortality he had received. It would be a lonely path and as such the Saint attacked again, knocking Zelos unconscious as well as severely injuring him.[1]

A group of Silver Saints came to investigate the area after hearing rumours about Specter activity. They stumbled upon several Specters that they defeated and followed a straggler that led them to the Cathedral. As they entered the Cathedral they witnessed the execution of the Specter by the hand of Pandora, and it was then that Zelos along with Acheron Charon, Basilisk Sylphid and an unidentified Specter jumped out behind the Saints. The Specters proceeded to slaughter the Saints.[2]


After Alone had awakened as Hades, Zelos participated in an audience with the god among all the 108 Specters. It was there that the god of the underworld declared his intentions to defeat Athena and her Saints and asked the Specters to paint the world in the colour of darkness. He also showed them a star map of the constellations that when a Saint dies would extinguish their respective constellation.[3]

When Pandora started considering Pegasus Tenma a threat to her Lord Hades' health, she decided to send assassins to get rid of the Saint. She ordered Dullahan Cube, Bat Wimber and Zelos to got to Athena's Sanctuary and take the Pegasus Saint's life. They arrived in the Sanctuary at nightfall and found their prey in a sparring match with three Saint disciples. Their assassination went as planned at first when Wimber used his Nightmare Sonar technique to lull their target and the others into a deep sleep. But as Cube was about to cut of Tenma's head he was stopped by Taurus Aldebaran. Both Wimber and Cube fought against the mighty Taurus Saint, but was both defeated in the end. As a final attack, Aldebaran used his Titan's Nova technique which created a huge crater. The Saint was however too injured and died in a standing position right after unleashing the attack.[4][5]

It's a me Zelos.

Zelos had however gone unnoticed during the whole battle, and managed to survive the Titan's Nova. He crawled up from the rubble commenting that what he had seen was horrible and that both Cube and Wimber were not as amazing as they said they were. He went on to say that even Taurus Aldebaran could not detect the third assassin's presence, his, Frog Zelos'. And now all the credit of Tenma's death would go to him. Upon climbing out of the rumble he became surprised by the still standing Taurus Saint and started to kick and punch the Saint to make him fall. Suddenly Zelos was engulfed in black flames which took him completely by surprise. He wondered if it was another Saint but it was none other than Bennu Kagaho. Kagaho stepped on Zelos and demanded to know who was responsible for ordering the assassination, as he was sure it was not Hades. Zelos retorted with that he would not say and that maybe Kagaho wanted to take the credit for Tenma's life himself. He yelled at him to step of his back, but the Bennu suddenly pressed harder. Zelos apologized immediately after feeling the pain and said that it was Pandora's orders. Kagaho wondered how Hades had allowed something like this to which Zelos replied that Hades had dedicated all of his time to finish The Lost Canvas. He continued to tell Kagaho that the favourite topic of discussion between Cheshire and himself was if the current Hades was the real Hades since Pandora had started to doubt it. Pandora had been leading Hades' army the whole time and had made the order in case something would happen. Zelos started to suggest that if Kagaho followed Pandora's order, the Frog's brain and the Bennu's power would make them even greater than the Specter Magnates. But was interrupted by Kagaho stomping him further through the ground, who replied that he would follow none other than Hades. The Frog Saint fainted by the impact and remained there for awhile.[6]


Zelos managed to remain in the Sanctuary for a long time undetected until after Hades had ventured up to the Demon Temples. The Frog Specter had managed to make it all the way to the Scorpio temple without getting seen but was found by Scorpio Kardia. The Gold Saint decided to torture the Frog and used his crimson nail to stab him several times. Zelos begged him to stop to which Kardia replied that he should at least show some pride as a Specter when he was in before someone as Scorpio Kardia. Aquarius Dégel interrupted his fellow Saint and asked what he was doing. Kardia responded by saying that he was torturing the Specter for information on how to get to Hades up in The Lost Canvas, but that Zelos was only shouting that he did not know anything. Kardia said he was an insignificant prey without spirit, dignity, pride and would mess up his nail. When Dégel mentioned that Poseidon was their next mission, he completely forgot about Zelos who remained unconscious in the Scorpio temple as the Saints headed for their next mission.[7]

Concept & Creation

Zelos was created in the same image as Frog Zelos from the original Saint Seiya series by Masami Kurumada. he appears to be as cowardly and deceiving as the former. It is unknown what happened to him after K<rdia and Dégel left him in the Scorpio Temple.

Special Techniques

Zelos have not received any techniques but it could be assumed that he has the same technique called Jumping Smash as his counterpart Zelos.

Jumping Smash

Zelos' only technique, Jumping Smash has not been revealed yet. But judging by the name, he jumps up and smashes down on the enemy.



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