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This is about the character from classic Saint Seiya series. For Frog Zelos in The Lost Canvas, click here. For info on the Frog Surplice, click here.

Frog Zelos






Date of Birth

March 13






Frog Surplice


Jumping Smash






Earthly Star


Strange Star

Manga Debut

Fireclock! Ablaze Once Again

Anime Debut

The Shadow of the One Who Struggles

Japanese Voice

Bin Shimada (島田 敏)

English Voice

Frog Zelos (地奇星フログのゼーロス, Chikisei Furogu no Zērosu) is a minor character from Masami Kurumada's anime/manga series, Saint Seiya. His power lies within the Earthly Strange Star (地奇星), and is not a very powerful Specter.




Like the Frog Specters before him, Zelos awakened as a Specter when the seal on all of the Specters' souls had been released. His soul and Surplice sought him out and transformed him into the Frog Specter. He became stationed in Hades' Castle shortly afterwards, where the Frog Specter as always served under Wyvern Rhadamanthys. When the holy war with Athena started, Hades revived several Saints and sent them to Athena's Sanctuary to kill the goddess. Rhadamanthys was not happy with the arrangement and decided to send his own forces to the job, so he ordered Zelos to send about 10 Specters to the Sanctuary. Shortly after, Zelos reported to the Wyvern that he had performed the order, but questioned if it was wise to mobilize the Specters without Pandora's consent. The possible consequences would make the Frog Specter shudder. Rhadamanthys replied that it was not the Frog's concern, and all that mattered was to take Athena's head. Zelos countered with that Pandora was not just a pretty face and that he was concerned for the Wyvern. Rhadamanthys brushed it of and simply walked away.[1]

Talking about Specter stuff, faeries and such.

Some time later, Rhadamanthys called for the Frog Specter. When Zelos arrived, the Wyvern asked if there had been any messages from the Specters that went to the Sanctuary. Zelos replied that there had been no contact with them to which Rhadamanthys irritatedly said that it had already been four hours and that if they did not take Athena's head in 12 hours, everything would be for naught. But told Zelos to never mind that and summon Papillon, if it came to the worst they might need him. But the Frog Specter had already sent him with the others, which calmed the Wyvern Specter. If it came to it, the Papillon Specter could take down all the Gold Saints, because inside of him was the fearsome power of evolution.[2]

Geh geh geh.

After Athena's suicide, Zelos got a direct report from Papillon Myu's remaining fairy since the latter had been defeated. Zelos hurried to Rhadamanthys to tell the news of how the goddess had stabbed herself with a dagger from Gemini Saga. The Specter Magnate was however suspicious, he considered it to make no sense for the Athena to take her own life. But then Zelos reminded him that he had other worries now, since he had deployed Specters without Pandora's consent and all of the Specters had died except a Faery. How was he going to explain himself Zelos mocked him, Pandora was after all very fearsome and could give him goosebumps. Rhadamanthys cringed at the thought that Zelos had told her, but the Frog assured him he would never do such a thing. As he jumped away he told the Wyvern that she was however expecting him for an audience now and that he must not keep her waiting.[3]

I'm watching you.

Rhadamantys reluctantly followed Zelos into Pandora's chambers. He tried to defend himself for his actions but Pandora would not hear of it and punished him. She used her power to send an electrocuting wave through his body and told him that disobeying Hades' orders was punishable by death. But she would spare him as he was one of the three magnates and told him to swear loyalty to Hades yet again. Zelos kept snickering and laughing at Rhadamanthys during the whole audience. As the Wyvern removed himself from the chambers, a messenger came saying that Saga had returned with Athena's dead body. After they had entered the chambers, the Saints refused to remove the blanket that covered the dead body and said that only Hades would see it. Pandora became furious and told them that Hades would never show himself to mere humans. She ordered Zelos to remove the cloth who happily did it. While tearing at the cloth he remarked that something was suspicious and questioned what they were plotting. But to both his and Pandora's surprise there was only blood inside of the blanket, Saga informed them that it was Athena's blood. Pandora asked where the body was and that blood alone was not proof enough of the goddess death. Saga replied that it disappeared in transit and that maybe Athena went to see Hades directly. Zelos saw it as disrespectful to Pandora and charged at the Saints but was easily knocked away by Aquarius Camus and sent smashing into the chamber walls. The Saints had however reached their time limit and was paralysed as they were about to turn into dust. Pandora was fearful of what Athena might do in the Underworld and ordered therefore all Specters stationed on Earth to withdraw to the Underworld and she then headed there herself.[4]

With the Saints just laying on the floor incapacitated Zelos jumped out and started kicking and smashing Camus for hitting him while yelling at him that he had been freezing cold ever since he hit him. Rhadamanthys arrived yet again to the chambers and asked what the frog Specter was still doing there when the rest of the castle guard had retreated to the underworld. He replied that he was giving a final punishment to the Saints and that even though they were turning to ash very soon, Camus had hit him once. Even though Camus was doomed he could not let him go. Suddenly the Bronze Saints Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Cygnus Hyoga and Andromeda Shun burst through the glass ceiling with Seiya landing a kick on Zelos at the same time. Athena's Saints was now there, and it was the Specters' turn to suffer the Pegasus Saint declared. Who do you think you are, Zelos retorted angrily. How dare they knock down Lord Frog, they would only know what happens to such people. "What happens?" Seiya asked teasingly. Zelos became furious and said that this happens and proceeded to kick on the incapacitated Camus, he continued to say that all who defied Lord Frog would end up like that. Hyoga replied by hitting the Specter right into the wall with his fist. The former gold Saints then started to turn to dust to the dismay of the Bronze Saints who wept at their passing. Zelos' leg felt like it was frost bitten and said they would not get away with that. Rhadamanthys suddenly started to walk away to Zelos surprise and asked him where he was going. He replied that they had been ordered to retreat to the underworld so they must hurry, so Zelos wondered what they should do with the Bronze Saints. Rhadamanthys told him to forget about them because they were mere Bronze Saints, but Zelos would not have it. he questioned the Magnate if he intended them to let them beat him up. He then said that he would finish them himself and that Rhadamanthys did not need to get his hands dirty. The Wyvern replied that the castle would collapse in any minute minute, but Zelos said it would only take a few minutes to finish the Saints.[5]
Frog leg anyone?.

"Hey you four, come at me all together" he shouted at the Saints. Hyoga stepped forward and said that the man he had been kicking previously was his master. Zelos couldn't hear him properly and told him that men should speak louder. the Cygnus Saint proceeded to hit him with his Diamond Dust technique which sent Zelos smashing into the floor. Zelos felt how cold the attack was and wondered what the frozen air around him was. He then understood that Hyoga had mumbled about Camus being his teacher, and that was why the air felt frozen. He asked Rhadamanthys if he could lend a hand since he thought he might have gotten a cold. The Specter simply replied that Pandora was a fearsome person and that who knows what punishment he would receive if he was late, plus Zelos had told him to not get his hands dirty. Zelos became frustrated and told the Saints that he would not hold back now and charged at them while calling them to die. The Cygnus Saint then launched his Aurora Execution technique which sent Zelos flying and smashing straight into the chambers walls yet again. In his dying breath he called out for his Lord Rhadamanthys.[6]

Concept & Creation

Frog Popsicle.

Frog Zelos was created by Masami Kurumada for the classic Saint Seiya series. He appears as a deviously and cowardly character who enjoys to watch when others are being punished. Frog Meehan share some similarity to Zelos in that they both act as messengers and castle guards.[7] Zelos scenes in the anime adaptation are somewhat different to the manga. As Rhadamanthys is given more character, several scenes happen slightly different. The scene where Zelos and Rhadamanthys talk about Papillon Myu is omitted from the anime adaptation. The fight scene in Hades' Castle is very different in that Zelos is more a comic relief as instead of getting kicked by Seiya he gets a stone block in his head. His death is also changed by being turned completely into ice.[8]

Special Techniques

Jumping Smash

Zelos' only technique, Jumping Smash has not been revealed yet. But judging by the name, he jumps up and smashes down on the enemy.



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