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The Wolf Bronze Cloth is the cloth of the saint Nachi in Saint Seiya, Junkers in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, and Haruto in Omega. It is of the lowest class of the cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Bronze Cloth.


Cloth History

Wolf-Centaur's Steak Dinner

The constellation of Lupus was originally connected to the constellation of Centaurus, and not a named animal until many years later. It was associated with said constellation due to being a hunted prey that was killed, or about to be killed.

Home of the Horn

Nachi trained to be a Saint in Bomi Hills, Liberia during the period the other orphans were. The cloth was likely kept in this area by his master to be given to one who was proved to be a Saint. During The Lost Canvas, Junkers is the Saint who receives the Wolf Bronze Cloth. It is not revealed where he got his cloth, having had it since the beginning of the series.

Previous War

While the Wolf Bronze Cloth wasn't seen often in the original Saint Seiya series, Junkers proves himself important in the restoration and re-awakening of an ancient ship, which the Saints wish to use to go to The Lost Canvas, dying in the process. It is unknown what happens to the cloth between the series' latest chapter and the beginning of the original series, after Junkers' eventual death.

Hungry Like The Wolf

"Don't aim for my bullseye!"

This is the form the Wolf Bronze Cloth takes during the original Saint Seiya series. Nachi earned the cloth in Bomi Hills, Liberia, and it was first seen with seven of the other Bronze Saints at the Galaxian Tournament. Like most Bronze Cloth's original form, it offers very little coverage. It seems to actively lack any sort of special attribute to make it special among other cloths. Though it is damaged, repaired and likely strengthened, the cloth hasn't changed much, if it at all from it's first form.


Special Abilities of Bronze Cloth of Wolf

The Wolf Bronze Cloth has not, at any point in any manga, shown abilities that make it a unique cloth when compared to others. That, and its status as a Bronze Cloth make it appear to be a rather worthless cloth.

Techniques used by Wolf Saints

Between Nachi, Junkers, and Haruto, one major attack was shown for the Wolf Saint during their few battles in the various series.

"Dead Howling"

The "Dead Howling" is an attack used by the Bronze Saint of Lupus (Wolf). In the manga, it appears to be a clawing-like slash, based on the injury of the guard and the position of his arm.



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