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This is about the character from The Lost Canvas series. For info on the Behemoth Surplice, click here.





Date of Birth

February 13




Behemoth Surplice


Brutal Real, Shadow Sewing






Heavenly Star


Solitary Star

Manga Debut

Lost Canvas

Anime Debut

Now Unreachable

Japanese Voice

Takako Honda

English Voice

Heavenly Solitary Star, Behemoth Violate (天孤星ベヒーモスのバイオレート, Tenkosei Behīmosu no Baiorēto) is a minor character in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas by Shiori Teshirogi. She is the right hand of Garuda Aiacos whom she ha a close relationship to.


Personality & Background

Violate was born and lived a normal life until the Heavenly Solitary Star and the Behemoth Surplice sought her out and transformed her into one of Hades' 108 Specter warriors. As a reborn Specter she had an oath to Hades that she had to abide, and therefore she travelled to Europe where the Specters were all gathering.

Around this time she met with Garuda Aiacos who lifted her up from an unknown deplorable situation and put her as his right wing.

Eventually the day came when Hades was awakened in his vessel of this era. Violate and all of the 108 Specters where the ordered to attend an audience with their newly awakened lord. The deity was introduced and continue with directing their attention to the ceiling of the audience hall where a depiction of a starry night could be seen. Hades continued to explain that their enemies, Athena's 88 Saints each represented one of the 88 constellations. When one of them would die, their constellation would be erased from the ceiling and as such they would be able to track them. Hades had personally already killed the Pegasus Saint, which constellation was blacked out. He continued to ask of them to paint the world in the colour of darkness and take Athena's life for him, to which they all agreed in unison. Pandora then turned to Minos and ordered him to perform their first offensive strike and attack Athena's Sanctuary. [1]


Violate came to be personally ordered by Pandora to stay in Hades' shadow. With her ability to hide inside shadows, even the deity would be in the unknown of her whereabouts. The deity would eventually attack Athena's Sanctuary, and even battle against Athena and the Pegasus Saint. Violate reported this to Pandora who came in her master's aid just in time as the god had been paralysed by a magnitude of Athena's seals. Pandora would fight them of, but the Pegasus Saint was persistent, so as they boarded their carriage Pandora called for Violate. She announced herself before dashing from Hades' shadow, so as to not alarm the deity. She headed straight for the Pegasus Saint and managed to strike him once before Taurus Aldebaran step in between and grabbed her fists. As they struggled she noted that he was the Taurus Saint and did indeed have a lot of power as the rumours said. He was surprised that she had been able to withstand him, but he would not let her get in the Pegasus Saint's way. He yelled to the Saint who flew after the carriage with Hades, but the Saint would be electrocuted by Pandora and fall of. That was Violate's cue to go, so she dropped her struggle with the Taurus saint and jumped up to the carriage.[2]


Hades' campaign would not go as planned and the Specters would have to relocate their base of operations into the Evil Star Temples that were located in the Lost Canvas a materialized painting by Hades that was situated in the sky. The Saints would find a way to reach the Evil Star Temples via an ancient flying ship known as the Ship of Hope, a ship that was buried in the mountains of Jamir. Garuda Aiacos was ordered to take the Ship of Darkness and oversee the Saints and destroy the Ship of Hope when it was discovered. He brought Violate with him, and to use her in order to spy on the Saints. She hid in the shadow of Leo Regulus and kept a close watch as the Saints discovered and started repairing the Ship of Hope. Violate reported back to Aiacos that the Saints were gathering at the ship site in Jamir and they were becoming more. Aiacos was overjoyed by the news and commended Violate. He decided there was no need to wait for Pandora, as he was in a good mood they would march towards the Himalayas.[3]


On the flight there, Violate had decided to take a bath in the Ship of Darkness' inside pool. When Aiacos summoned her she felt excited to enter the battlefield and receive more scars. As the servants put on her Surplice all she thought of was how she was going to able to give a performance to Aiacos. Their plan was to send her down and distract the Gold Saint of Leo while the rest of the Specters destroyed the Ship of Hope. Violate was the only one who was able to withstand the pressure of being Aiacos right wing, which meant being thrown at a great velocity at a target. Aiacos immediately told her to come to his side, and showed her the view from their flying ship. He said it was a view the mongrels on the Earth could not see, hence the sky was their kingdom. Her master grabbed her by the waist and told her to show the Saints how lowly they were, give him a splendid show once more. He positioned her on his arm and used his "Garuda Flap" technique and sent her flying to where the Saints were. She crashed right unto the site and managed to damage the Saint's ship in the progress. Violate stood up and called the Saints foolish, as she would destroy the ship and by Aiacos' name she would kill them all.[4]


Violate unleashed her technique, "Brutal Real" and stomped her feet into the ground which wrecked the surrounding area. She looked at the Saints in disgust and called them weak. She said as she walked up to the ship that she loved the faces of men who had been overcome by fear and shadows. But she also liked that it gave them the inability to protect the things they care about, and just as she was about to smash the ship, several Bronze Saints latched onto her in an attempt to stop them. They would not let someone like her destroy the ship which was full of the memories of their predecessors. Violate grinned and said she was more excited now that she would be able to destroy those memories. She easily sent the Saints flying with one sweep of her arm, and walked up to the ship. The Saints were still protesting as she put her arms under the ship and lifted the huge vessel into the air. Violate said that their hopes would die now, but just as she was about to throw it Leo Regulus grabbed her arm. He said she was not allowed to destroy the ship, to which she mockingly said that it was nothing more than trash. The Gold Saint continued to say that the ship held both their predecessors memories and their hopes. A brat that was pretending to be a brave and the ability to destroy such a ship was plenty enough to make Violate excited. Regulus then said the crazy lady with the superhuman strength gave him no choice. Violate understood the power challenge and the two locked their fists with each others.[5]


The force from their clash started tearing at the surroundings and the ship. Violate commended the Saint's power, but for how long would he be able to endure with such an immature power. Regulus replied that he indeed was a rookie, but he could easily defeat someone like Violate. She was intrigued and told him to come at her as she pushed the Saint into the ground. The Saint smiled, and said that she was not that strong after all. He continued to say that Taurus Aldebaran had taught him that they were born with the power to protect the innocent, and such strength and hope ran through his body making him powerful. Just as she remembered the Taurus Saint, Regulus raised his Cosmo and started pushing Violate backwards. The Bronze Saints yelled at Regulus to move away from the ship so that it would not be destroyed any further. The Saint smiled and suddenly pulled her towards him and kicked her upwards out from the excavation site. She had been surprised by the Saint, and her Surplice chest-plate was now damaged. Regulus smiled and said that he had won, but Violate told him to watch his tongue as she had cracked the armour on his fist.[6]


Regulus said several times that he was ready to fight now as they were unhindered. Violate liked his spirit, and tore of the rest of her damaged Surplice while saying that she would destroy him using all of her power. She dashed at the Saint and smashed him into a nearby stone wall. But the Saint had avoided it by stand on her fist, which made her mock him for only avoiding her attacks. Regulus smiled and said that he had already seen her attacks and was stronger than her. Violate called him rude and asked him to over come her next attack and launched her fist at the Saint. Regulus blocked it with only one finger which surprised Violate. He informed her that he had concentrated the same amount of Cosmo as her attack in his finger, so he could now overcome her. He pulled her arm and threw her straight into a rock wall. Violate was stunned by the Saint's power, and deduced it must be because of his skill to adapt that he became a Gold Saint. The Gold Saint was still a rookie so she smiled at him which unnerved the Saint. Aiaco's ship had arrived at the site and dropped several Specters into the ship-site. She explained that she was just a distraction and that the Specters were now destroying the Ship of Hope. Regulus charged at her, which made it easy for her to capture him in her shadow technique. She went up to him and grabbed his chin and said that they would all indeed die now. This was what happened to overconfident boy, and he would now listen to the screams of his comrades and the sound of his own bones breaking.[7]


She repeatedly beat the paralysed Saint, doing her best to show a splendid performance to Aiacos. She hoped he could hear the sounds of the bones breaking and the blood splattering over the Saint's face, she would present even the Earth to him. She stopped for a moment and commended the Saint for his resilience, but no one had escaped from her shadow binding. Regulus kept staring at her fiercely,which irritated Violate but it did not matter as she would demolish his face along with his Gold Cloth. She said goodbye and threw her fist at Regulus but he movements were suddenly stopped. Violate understood that she had been caught by her own shadow binding, but could not understand how. Regulus then raise his arm and said that he had surpassed her, the roles were now reversed. Violate could not believe it, his fighting style had changed as if he was a prodigy.[8]


Regulus struck her and destroyed her Surplice even more. He revealed that he had clearly seen that she had been summoning the dead from the 7th Prison of hell, and concealing them in the shadows with her Cosmo. Violate was stunned and demanded to know how a mere human was able to see them. Regulus replied that he could see everything with his eyes, and just had to adjust his Cosmo beyond her level in order to control the dead. She acknowledged his strength and said that he would become a terribly powerful Saint in the future. But she could not accept that and unleashed her Cosmo, breaking free from the dead as well as destroying all of the upper half of her Surplice. To her, strength was what allowed her to escape from the Earth. She wanted to reach the sky, and she was able to take flight because she did not care about her wounds. She would defeat Regulus for the sake of Aiacos, who had taken her up into the sky. The Gold Saint could not understand as he had had his power since the beginning. She would now make him disappear and unleashed all of her Cosmo in a giant attack. The attack swept across the ground like a real Behemoth heading straight for Regulus. The Saint said the only thing he could do in battle was to be the best and unleashed his "Lightning Plasma" technique. Their fists met, but the force had drained the life out of Violate. She looked up at the ship of Darkness, while saying Aiacos' name and slumped onto her knees with her fist raised into the air.[9]


Aiacos would immediately retrieve his treasured Violate, injuring Regulus in the process.[10]He would continue to have her by his side through the following battles, but eventually he would be defeated.[11] Hades decided to execute him for his failure and used the corpse of Violate to carry out the sentence. She overcame to god's control the second attack, and started crying before dying once more.[12][13] Aiacos would bury her afterwards while keeping a lock of her hair that he scattered across the wind. She would now be able to dance in the sky that she loved so much.[14]

Special Techniques

Brutal Real (ブルータルリアル, Burūtaru Riaru)

Violate unleashes he Cosmo, and in a powerful burst she stomps her feet in the ground, destroying much of the surrounding area.

Shadow Sewing (影ぬい, Kagenui)

Violate summons a large amount of the dead and mutilated corpses of the 7th Prison of Hell. She then conceals them in a giant shadow with the power of her Cosmo. She is then able to command the dead and latch unto her opponent, making them unable to move.

Concept and Creation

Violate was created by Shiori Teshirogi as an exclusive character for Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. She is the first female Specter, and is a powerful one at that. Violate's relationship to Garuda Aiacos is defined, but it is not clearly explained on how Aiacos pulled her out from her miserable life from before the Holy War between Hades and Athena.



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