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This is about the character from The Lost Canvas series. For Harpy Valentine in "the original series", click here. For info on the Harpy Surplice, click here.

Harpy Valentine
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Harpy Valentine (ハーピーのバレンタイン) is a major character in Shiori Teshirogi's manga, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas


Personality & Background


Valentine grew up as a vassal to his future master Rhadamanthys, whom he served during fencing, horse riding and other tasks befitting a noble.[1] Eventually came the day when the Heavenly Wailing Star and Harpy Surplice sought him out and transformed him into one of Hades' 108 |Specters. Rhadmanthys became the Wyvern Specter himself, and as such Valentine would continue to serve his master. They made their way to the Forest Cathedral in Italy where they presented themselves to Pandora, Valentine would become smitten by his masters valour and faith, but also made him anxious when their Lady Pandora would order him on dangerous missions.[2]


Another order was to eliminate the current Gold Saint of Leo, Ilias, who was living somewhere in North America. They eventually found their target, but not without resistance. Rhadamanthys would easily defeat the Gold Saint, but did loose on of the horns of his Surplice. Valentine caught up with the Saint's comrades and informed them that they would not be able to see the Saint until they died. The Harpy Specter would then fight against the Gold Saint of Taurus, Hasgard, that is until they heard and witnessed a blast of the Leo Saint's technique. Valentine became worried about Rhadamanthys, but he and his master would return together.[3][4]

During a venture to the Underworld they encountered Basilisk Sylphid who engaged in battle with Rhadamanthys. The Specter had a poisonous wind surrounding him, but it was not affecting Rhadamanthys. The Wyvern Specter defeated him and Sylphid swore his allegiance to the Wyvern and joined as their comrade. [5]

They would remain in Pandora's service until their Lord Hades was eventually awakened in his current vessel, a boy named Alone. All of the 108 Specters were ordered to participate in an audience with their master, where they were to witness the beginning of the Holy War between their lord Hades, and the goddess Athena. In the ceiling of the audience chamber was a depiction of every constellation that the warrior of Athena represented, and as each died they would be erased from the ceiling. Hades asked them if they would colour this world in the colour of darkness for him, and all agreed in unison. Griffon Minos was then ordered to perform the first strike at Athena's Sanctuary.[6]

The attack would fail however and Minos was defeated, but not without taking the lives of several Saints. Even Hades' servants, the twin gods, Hypnos and Thanatos]] would be defeated. Rhadamanthys would be ordered to sortie with Pandora on a mission to the ancient city of Atlantis, and stop the Saints from retrieving a power source of some kind. They would fail in this as well and Rhadamanthys came back severely injured and humiliated. Valentine blamed Pandora for everything that had happened to his master, and would continue to despise her.

After an unsuccessful campaign, Hades retreated with all of his Specters up to the Evil Temples that were located in the Lost Canvas that was situated in the sky. Valentine would be stationed as the guardian of the Demonic Star Temple of Jupiter, personally selected by Hades himself. Rhadmanthys would received a new god like power through his devotion to Hades, and was assigned as the guardian of the Demonic Star Temple of Saturn.



Rhadmanthys new powers had not come without a price, and the powerful Specter was rampaging through his temple. Valentine and Sylphid were desperately trying to calm their master down, but he was proving to be quite difficult. They kept telling him to calm down because his fury had reached a harmful level, that would take a toll on his body. Suddenly Rhadmanthys grabbed both by their throats and slammed them into the temple's walls. Valentine thought it must be painful for his master, as he had heard he had received divine blood that was now flowing through the Wyvern Specter's veins. Sylphid told Valentine that it seemed their master was fighting himself, and that their master's enemies were theirs too. Since their enemy was that uncontrollable power, it was their duty to fight it. They apologized to their master before they channelled their Cosmo into his heart, calling for Rhadamanthys to wake up.

Their master managed to regain his conscious, and commended them for it. He then told them that it was a battle with himself that he needed to overcome with his own power. And even though he had promised to fight with them on the battlefield, Sylphid would have to take his place and go with Alraune Queen and Minotaurus Gordon to Athena's Sanctuary and retrieve Athena's Cloth. A quest they would eventually fail to accomplish.[7][8]


Valentine would continue to watch over his master, in case if any intruders approached the Saturn Temple. After some time, Pandora arrived, demanding to see the Wyvern Specter. Valentine refused her and anyone else entry to the temple as long as his master struggled with himself. To his surprise Pandora placed her foot on his shoulder and started pressing him down. She would not explain herself again, and ordered him to open the gates to the temple. Valentine refused her order and grabbed a hold of her leg. Valentine was still angry at her, and told Pandora that it was her fault for bringing his master to Atlantis, so that he now had to endure the pain of the divine blood. It would be better if she would just leave Rhadamanthys out of her schemes. Pandora retaliated quickly by pushing him further down to the ground, saying that he was a mere servant. She would now have to discipline Valentine in ways his master had not.[9]


She continued to say that Rhadamanthys was a well behaved dog that wagged at every command, and she would teach Valentine to do the same. Pandora unleashed her "Noble Venom" technique which sent a numbing pain throughout Valentine's body. Valentine snapped and unleashed a burst of his Cosmo while telling her to be silent, because his master was no one's lap dog. Pandora smiled and commented that he was stubborn, and that all that hatred would not be healthy for him. Valentine replied irritated that he would not allow anyone to mock his master. Rhadamanthys heart was too noble to be mocked, it was therefore sacred to Valentine. All he wanted to do was be by his side, yet he had to see him take risks, all because of Pandora. Valentine look at her with scorn as he used his Cosmo to summon several Harpies. Pandora mocked him and called it a child's tantrum, and asked if he really believed that any of the Specters were allowed to have dreams. All of their lives belonged to Hades, and as his sister she had every right to play with them. Valentine became furious and called her a despicable wench, and used his "Sweet Chocolate" technique.

The Harpies started to devour Pandora's life force and would continue until it was gone, as such Valentine declared that she was done for. He and his master would no longer be her pets, Rhadamanthys was the guardian of the Uranus temple and he would defend his master with his life. Valentine walked up to the gates and wished for his master to overcome his dilemma, so that he finally could return to his master's side. Valentine was surprised by Pandora's sudden voice calling him a fool for forgetting his Specter duty. Valentine was nothing but a stray dog, and she would punish him for it. Pandora broke free of Valentine's technique and sent a shockwave through the Specter, but just as she was about to plunger her trident into him a large roar could be heard from behind the gates. Valentine realized that his master had tamed the power within him.[1]

The gates blew away in an instant and out walked Rhadamanthys with a calm posture. Valentine was impressed by the force of his master's power, and was overjoyed to see his master back. Rhadamanthys told him that he had heard everything the Harpy Specter had said about his loyalty and what he should do. Valentine was taken a back by his master's grace and calm and knew that he would get rid of Pandora, as she had been the one to ruin their credibility and pride while treating the as mere dogs. The boy who was Hades vessel would know how to send Rhadamanthys to battlefields which were honourable to his warrior heart. The Wyvern Specter spoke to Pandora that they needed to talk and approached her. She replied that it was to late for talking, but Rhadamanthys said that he was going to talk through his fists. Without warning he struck Valentine from the back, right through his chest. To Valentines surprise, Rhadamanthys apologized for Valentine's insubordination and begged for forgiveness. Pandora said that it did not matter and ordered the Wyvern Specter to kneel. The Specter would only take orders from her and Hades alone. Valentine could not fathom that his master put himself below Pandora, and yelled at him to stop. He flew backwards and said to his master that he did not understand it. Rhadamanthys said that it was fidelity, he was loyal only to Hades army. Valentine realized that it was this nobility that fascinated him about his master. But if he insisted on following that loyalty, the least he could do was to kill Pandora. He charged at the woman, but Rhadmanthys was faster and used his "Greatest Caution" technique. Valentine admitted that it was his master's ability to only see what was in front of him, that he admired. But that it was time that all his beliefs were blown away and scattered by his master's hands. Rhadamanthys' technique hit Valentine straight on and sent hi flying through the walls of the temple. With his last strength, Valentine pulled himself up and knelled in front of his master. The Harpy Specter said that he had one final request, and that was for his master to remain a true Specter until the end, no matter what happened. He said that it had been a privilege to serve Rhadamanthys, and apologized that he would no longer be able to serve him. In his last moment he wished for his last breath to prove his devotion to Wyvern Rhadamanthys.[10]

Concept & Creation

Valentine was created by Shiori Teshirogi as the 18th century incarnation of Harpy Valentine from the classic saga. Valentine is shown to be immensely devoted to Rhadamanthys and would not accept anyone to dishonour his master.

This was the first time the Sweet Chocolate technique was used, as it had previously only been mentioned in the Saint Seiya: Encyclopedia.

Special Techniques

Sweet Chocolate

Valentine uses his Cosmo to summon Harpies that will devour the life force of his opponent. The life force is manifested into some form of Taffy that the Harpies consume, hence the name "Sweet Chocolate".



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