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This is about the character of the classic "Saint Seiya" series. For Harpy Valentine in "Lost Canvas", click here. For info on the Harpy Surplice, click here.

Harpy Valentine



182 cm


71 kg

Date of Birth

February 14th






Harpy Surplice


Greed the Life, Sweet Chocolate






Heavenly Star


Wailing Star

Manga Debut

Awaken!! Eight Sense

Anime Debut

Ikki! The Sorrowful Fist

Japanese Voice

Eiji Takemoto

English Voice

Harpy Valentine (ハーピーのバレンタイン) is a minor character from Saint Seiya, the classic anime/manga series. He is one of Hades' 108 spectres, and his power lies in the Heavenly Wailing Star (天哭星). Unlike many of the spectres that the bronze saints have faced, Valentine proved himself to be exceptionally powerful.



When Hades' awakening was imminent in the 20th century, the seal on the Demon Stars of the 108 Specters was released. The Heavenly Wailing Star and the Harpy Surplice sought Valentine out and awakened the Specter soul in him so that he could be transformed into one of Hades warriors. He travelled to Hades' Castle and joined his fellow Specters, and pledged himself to the Specter Magnate Wyvern Rhadamanthys. Despite that Hades had not fully awakened, his spirit was active and had made a deal with several deceased Gold Saints of Athena to receive their life back if they killed the goddess. They were given twelve hours and after that time had passed, the Specters received a report that Athena had committed suicide. Hades personal servant, Pandora was however suspicious when one of the revived Gold Saints mentioned that the goddess might have gone to the underworld to defeat Hades. So she therefore ordered all of the Specters to retreat to the Underworld and let Hades' Castle crumble to the ground.[1]


Valentine manga 01.png

Rhadamanthys and the Specters moved out, but were shortly stopped by four of Athena's Bronze Saints, Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Cygnus Hyoga, and Andromeda Shun. The saints challenged Rhadamanthys to a fight, and the Judge prepared to annihilate his foes, until four Specters suddenly made their presence known. It was Valentine, Basilisk Sylphid, Minotaurus Gordon, and Alraune Queen.

Valentine manga 02.png

Harpy Valentine took on Pegaus Seiya, while the other Specters chose their opponents in the rest of the Bronze Saints. It was not long until it became clear that Seiya may have found more than his match in Valentine. The Pegasus struggled against Valentine, but was overwhelmed every time. After several exchanges, Valentine decided that the Bronze Saint was an unworthy opponent, and made his exit back to the World of the Dead. To the Specter's surprise, however, Seiya refused to stay down and charged towards Harpy, knocking them both into the dark pit that led to the Underworld.[2]

Later in the Underworld, the Harpy Spectre was summoned directly to Hades' chamber to dispose of the Bronze Saint Phoenix Ikki. Valentine picked up the corpse and dropped it in Cocytus, an icy part of Hell where those who rebel against the gods were punished. It was here that Harpy once again met Pegasus Seiya, who had been sent here after the ordeal with Andromeda Shun becoming Hades. The Pegasus' body was mostly encased in ice, and he could not free himself. Dropping off Phoenix Ikki's body, Valentine explained to Seiya about the prison, and pointed out that several of his own comrades were in his company. Namely the Gold Saints Aries Mu, Leo Aiolia, Scorpio Milo, and presumably Lyra Orphée.[3][4]

Valentine anime 01.png

Valentine once again began to walk away from Seiya. The Pegasus challenged the Specter to a rematch, but Valentine had already decided that Seiya was no longer worth the effort. Fortunately, his interest was ignited when Seiya revealed that he was carrying Athena's Cloth, and that the rematch would be for the possession of the sacred armour. Valentine freed Seiya from the ice, and the Bronze Saint immediately attacked with a swift kick. Valentine was unaffected since Seiya's encasement in Coctyus' ice had severely affected his body and cosmos. The Specter then unleashed his "Greed the Life" technique on the saint. The blast of energy damaged a portion of Seiya's cloth as well as knocking Athena's Cloth out of his grasp.[4]

Valentine anime 02.png

Confident that he had already obtained his victory, Harpy went to pick up his prize until he found Seiya's hand on top of it. Valentine stomped on the Pegasus' hand repeatedly, but the Bronze Saint refused to release his hold. With no other choice, Harpy prepared for a second wave of blows, but before he could pull of the technique he was pushed back by a single kick from the Pegasus. It would seem the Saint's cosmos had been ignited by Athena's Cloth. Valentine shrugged off the rebound until he realized that Seiya's "one, single kick" had completely shattered his surplice, and his own life.[4]

Some time later, Valentine's corpse was discovered by several Specters. They were shocked that a man like Harpy Valentine would be killed by a Saint. It was then revealed that Valentine had fallen to several hundred kicks that had been unleashed in an instant.[5]

Concept & Creation

The name "Valentine" (バレンタイン) is taken from the infamous romantic holiday, and indirectly from the famous figure of St. Valentine. In the manga, Seiya initially meets Harpy Valentine in the Hades castle when it was falling apart. Valentine was able to handle Seiya rather easily. The fight ended abruptly when Valentine was ordered to return to the Underworld. In the anime, this fight is replaced with all four Bronze Saints against Wyvern Rhadamanthys, shortly after the Magnate had disposed of Aries Mu, Leo Aiolia, and Scorpio Milo. The fight between Seiya and Valentine in the anime was slightly extended. In the manga, Seiya's fatal kicks ended the battle entirely; in the anime, it merely destroyed the Harpy Surplice's head piece. Valentine was able to toy around with Seiya for several more minutes before the Bronze Saint finished him off with a cosmos-charged "Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken".

Special Techniques

Valentine anime 03.png

Valentine is one of the more powerful soldiers of the Underworld, and his main technique reflects this accordingly.

"Greed The Life"

An attack that summons cosmo power, concentrated between Valentine's palms. It is unleashed as an energy current that targets a particular area of the enemy.

"Sweet Chocolate"

This attack was never shown in the original series but was listed in Valentine's data file in the Saint Seiya: Enyclopedia. It was however show in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas where Valentine used it against Pandora. When using the technique he summoned small harpies that would materialize and eat of Pandora's Cosmo like candy.


Valentine merch 01.png

Harpy Valentine was released as a Myth Cloth figure in February, 2012 and cost 5,775 Japanese Yen. Four pairs of interchangeable hands and a hair piece are included, as well as a frame to mount the object form of the Surplice.[6]



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