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This is about the character of the Classic "Saint Seiya" series. For Capricorn Shura in "Episode G", click here. For Capricorn Izo in "Next Dimension", click here. For Capricorn El Cid in "Lost Canvas", click here. For info on the Capricorn constellation, click here. For info on the Capricorn Gold Cloth, click here.

Iron Chef? Pffft, please.

Capricorn Shura (山羊座のシュラ) is the Gold Saint of Capricorn of the 1990's. He is touted to be the most loyal saint of all within Athena's camp, and, as such, was brandished with the holy sword of Excalibur embodied within any of his joints. Shura guards the 10th zodiac temple of Sanctuary.


And On The 10th Day...

The name Shura (シュラ) stems from many different meanings. In Hindu myth, it is taken from "Ashura". In Japanese (kanji, 修羅), it is to denote one who is extremely violent and enjoys killing.

Special Techniques

Shura is notable for one technique and one technique only: The Excalibur. From since ancient times, the Saints of Capricorn were always lavished as the most loyal to Athena of all, and the goddess rewarded this undying devotion with the sharpest sword in existence.


With the spirit of the legendary sword entombed in Shura, the gold saint can literally access the weapon with any joint of his body, be it arm or leg. No other weapon can withstand Shura's version of the sword, and it is so sharp that, if the Capricorn truly willed it, he could instantly take the head of another gold saint with a mere motion of his hand.

As the Excalibur is in spirit only, Shura apparently has the option to pass it down to a person of his choosing. Just seconds before his death, he was able to transfer the might of the sword to bronze saint Dragon Shiryu.

Three Men & a Baby

13 years ago, fellow Gold Saint Sagittarius Aiolos had apparently attacked the Grand Pope, kidnapped the infant of Athena, and on the run to escape Sanctuary. The Grand Pope immediately alerted the entirety of Sanctuary about Aiolos' treachery, and called forth anyone who spotted the gold saint to append him. To Shura's luck, he would be the one to find Aiolos on the prowl with the baby in his arms.

See, this is why Shura would not make a good father. Annnnd, cue the fangirls screaming for blood.

Aiolos pleaded for Shura to remain reasonable; that, he should realize the person who guised himself as the Grand Pope was actually the real traitor who had assassinated the true Head of Sanctuary. Shura would have none of this -- after all, before him stood Aiolos, holding onto a young infant and his Sagittarius cloth, while trying to make an escape. With evidence pointing otherwise, how was the Capricorn supposed to believe his former colleague? Especially since merely leaving Sanctuary without express permission was a death sentence in and of itself? Throwing away any hint of hesitation, Shura attacked Aiolos with a blow from the Excalibur. The Sagittarius donned his cloth and the two gold saints exchanged blows. Unfortunately for Aiolos, he had only momentarily fought the imposter Pope, and was therefore in no shape to defend himself against Shura. The end result was the Sagittarius Saint flying off the nearby cliff from the might of the Excalibur.

Athena had been placed in a safe place in the middle of the fight, and remained unharmed from the shuffle. Curious, she crawled towards the edge of the cliff where Aiolos had fallen and peeked below. Of course, Shura had his complete attention on the baby, and, unaware that she was actually the missing infant of Athena, pondered if he should send her into the dark abyss as well. At that point, the child emitted a glowing cosmos, which lead the Capricorn to watch with fascination. A moment later, Shura decided that it was not worth killing the child, and that she would probably die on her own. Satisfied that his job was done, the gold saint returned to his temple.

Sheep Go To Heaven

She hands out swords to people for loyalty. And you wonder why no one believes her hubbub about love and peace?

The young infant eventually grew up to become Saori Kido, a refined businesswoman who led a team of bronze saints to fight for the peace, love, and justice of the Earth. When Saori and her saints invaded Sanctuary to retake the holy land from the corruption that had infiltrated itself within its borders, Shura was one of the gold saints they had to overcome in order to reach the leader of the enemies. The Capricorn, believing that Saori Kido was a false prophet, absolutely refused to let any of her companions pass and challenged them to a showdown to the death. With time running against them, the bronze saints reluctantly decided to let their own Dragon Shiryu take the task of defeating the gold saint.

The fight was gruesome. Although Shiryu had experienced several battles prior to facing Shura, he was still a Bronze Saint, and therefore two ranks below his opponent. This difference in power became evident as the Capricorn was able to wield Excalibur and sliced parts of the Dragon without much opposition. As the battle waged on, Shiryu attempted to convince Shura that Saori Kido was truly the Athena that had went missing 13 years ago, and that Aiolos was wrongly executed for a crime he hadn't committed. The mention of the Sagittarius' name brought back memories for the gold saint, who promptly revealed details of his previous encounter with Aiolos to an appalled Shiryu.

You know, now that I think about it, pitting a dragon against a goat is hardly fair, no matter how shiny that goat might be.

Once again, the Dragon tried to persuade Shura to see the truth -- he contended that the gold saint knew deep down that there was something strange about the confrontation 13 years ago. Surely, if Aiolos was the evil traitor that the Pope had painted him to be, would he have been the levelheaded man that he was at the time? And, the fact that Shura could not bring himself to kill the baby should have been a sign that she was, in fact, his patron goddess? Nevertheless, the Capricorn refused to consider the proposals and diced Shiryu's cloth to pieces. He exploited the bronze saint's one glaring weakness in his "Rozan Sho Ryu Ha" technique, and stabbed him in the chest with one hand, forcing the saint to suffer from dizziness due to severe blood loss. This maneuver was repeated a second time -- however, this time around, Shura had fallen into a trap that Shiryu had devised, and found himself unable to remove his hand from the Dragon's bloody chest. The bronze saint manifested all of the power from his cosmos to the 7th sense, and, amazingly, managed to cleanly chop off Shura's hand. Shiryu then immediately latched himself onto the gold saint's back, and launched both men into the sky with a final "Rozan Kou Ryu Ha" technique.

Soaring in the vast reaches of space, Shura understood that Shiryu had performed a kamikaze move where they were sure to meet guaranteed deaths. Shocked, he demanded to know why the bronze saint would do such a thing. Shiryu replied that his devotion to Athena ensured that whatever he did was in the name of love and justice. It was this precise moment that Shura finally realized Shiryu's confidence towards Saori Kido's role as Athena, and the overwhelming dedication he had in her encased his beliefs to be pure. He lamented that he, the one Saint with the reputation as Athena's most loyal warrior, had utterly failed to live up to her trust and thusly did not deserve the prestigious title. Shura regretted that, had he agreed to listen earlier, their current positions would be much different.

In the end, Shura became so overwhelmed by Shiryu's passion towards Athena and her goal of peace that he insisted a man like the Dragon cannot be wasted away in this manner. He removed what was left of the Capricorn cloth and directed it upon Shiryu, then sent the young saint back to Earth. Resigning to his fate, the Capricorn entrusted Athena to the Dragon and left him with one final gift -- the spirit of the Excalibur, resting in his right arm to be summoned whenever it should be needed.

Goats Go To Hell

Would you like to fly through the air, or go through the wall?

Not even death could keep Athena's most loyal soldier away. Approximately a year after his death, Shura returned from the depths of the Underworld with comrades Gemini Saga and Aquarius Camus. Now decked in a darkly shaded yet sinister replica of his old Capricorn armor, the gold saint was apparently resurrected by Hades to fight as an enemy to Athena. The betrayal shocked the surviving saints, particularly Shiryu, the man who he had passed his torch to. While Shura, Camus, and Saga were engaged in a fight with gold saints Aries Mu, Scorpio Milo, and Leo Aiolia, the Dragon Bronze Saint caught up with them and questioned Shura's motives behind this change of alliance. What happened to the proud and noble Capricorn? Where was the loyalty that he had invoked during his final moments in space? Shura could not afford to answer, however -- unbeknownst to everyone else, the three renegade saints were actually working for Athena, and had to disguise themselves as enemies through appearance and action in order to deceive Hades and his men. Along with the Gemini and Aquarius, Shura was heartbroken from the deception that they had do commit to ensure Athena's victory against Hades. This included using the forbidden technique of "Athena's Exclamation" as an unfair advantage to overcome gold saint Virgo Shaka's interrogation of them.

Eventually, the three saints were able to migrate Athena to Hades in a safe manner, and revealed their true intentions to Hades' right hand woman, Pandora. However, it was far too late for any of them -- Hades had only granted them 12 hours to live, and time was drifting away. Shiryu met with Shura one last time, and realized the truth behind his actions. As the Capricorn's physical form disintegrated to dust, Shura once again entrusted Athena and his Excalibur to the Dragon. Shiryu vowed that he would continue the gold saint's legacy with pride and honor.

Beyond the Classic

Episode G

Episode G details Shura's greatest battles against the Titans. He was the man who discovered the truth behind what Gemini Saga had done to the former Grand Pope, but became brainwashed by the gold saint's "Demonic Emperor Fist". Although bound by Saga's will, he would later on battle the giant Phaios Spathe and Krieos, the latter of which felt so impressed by the Capricorn's abilities after the fight that he leaves him with his mythical sword.

Next Dimension

In Next Dimension, the Capricorn of the 1700's was a very powerful man named Izo. He appeared to be good friends with Taurus Ox, and punished fellow gold saints Aries Shion and Libra Dohko for venturing out of Sanctuary without permission.

Lost Canvas

A righteous man named El Cid was Shura's previous reincarnation in Lost Canvas. He was a very capable gold saint, who journeyed to the World of Dreams and teamed up with Pegasus Tenma to do battle with the deity Hypnos' underlings, the Dream Gods Oneiros, Icelus, Phantasos, and Morpheus.

Note & Trivia

  • In the anime, the Capricorn cloth's head set is a clunky helmet that covers Shura's head entirely. In the manga, it is a headpiece. This is "corrected" in the anime adaption of the Hades arc, where Shura dons the surplice version of his Capricorn armor with the headpiece.
  • In outside story, Saga! Prelude of Desire, it adds a tragic element to the Shura/Aiolos confrontation by depicting the two men as close training partners before the imminent clash. In one of the art inserts, Shura is shown to be shedding tears as he laid the final blow of Excalibur that fatally injured Aiolos.
  • Shura is the Saint with the reputation of the most loyal; however, as he himself would tell you, this is not the case in the classic series. Most would agree that the title would go to either Sagittarius Aiolos or Pegasus Seiya.
  • In Saint Seiya: The Next Dimension, the Capricorn Saint of the 1700's is a man named Izo, who wields a spiritual katana that shares the "Excalibur" name but is notably different from the legendary sword. In Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, El Cid is identical to Shura in terms of appearance and manifests the same Excalibur.
  • In Saint Seiya: Tenkai-hen - Overture, Shura was among the twelve gold saints captured and imprisoned by the Olympian Gods for committing the ultimate crime of a human rebelling against the gods.



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