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This is about the character of the Classic "Saint Seiya" series. For Aries Shion in "Lost Canvas", click here. For info on the Aries constellation, click here. For info on the Aries Gold Cloth, click here.

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1.85 m


77kg (169.75 lbs)

Date of Birth

March 30th








Aries Gold Cloth


Restriction, Scarlet Needle






Gold Saint



Manga Debut

The Pegasus Cloth

Anime Debut

OVA 1: The Start of a New Holy War

Japanese Voice

Nobuo Tobita

English Voice

Aries Shion (牡羊座のシオン) is a character from the anime/manga series, Saint Seiya. In the classic series, Shion is the original Grand Pope of Sanctuary, as well as one of the remaining survivors of the Holy War from the 1700's. He also served as the master of Aries Mu, who would eventually become the successor to the Gold Cloth of Aries slightly prior to his death.


War of The 1700's

Dohko and Shion, circa 1700's

Under the guidance of Athena, various saints of all ranks set out to initiate an invasion of Hades' various domains, from the Elysium on Earth, to the World of the Dead. Much of the war ended in bloodshed and annihilation, with the saints having to resort to utilizing the weapons of Libra -- a move that Athena herself normally frowned upon. There were no doubt many casualties in this war -- both saints and spectres alike. The last two survivors of this struggle were Shion, the Gold Saint of Aries, and Dohko, the Gold Saint of Libra.

After the war, Dohko would be assigned with the task of watching over the seal on the souls of Hades' 108 spectres, while Shion went on to become the new Grand Pope of the Sanctuary, with the main duty of preparing new blood for the next Holy War.

The Grand Pope

In the 1980's, after Athena had once again reincarnated into a human infant, Shion began preparations for the inevitable Holy War. He understood that, with old age, his own time would soon be up, and therefore needed to choose a successor for the throne of the Grand Pope. With the exception of Sagittarius Aiolos and Gemini Saga, all of the gold saints were too young and inexperienced to take up the responsibilities. After a lengthy time of consideration, Shion settled on the Gold Saint of Sagittarius. While Aiolos was not as powerful as Saga, Shion felt confident in his choice because he knew of Aiolos' undying loyalty to Athena.

Unfortunately, Shion was confronted by Saga in regards to his decision shortly after the announcement. Saga felt discontent with the decision, and demanded an explanation for it. Shion revealed that, while he acknowledged Saga's heavenly reputation and that he was the more powerful of the two, he could not help but sense something terrifyingly dark within the Gemini Saint. It is at this point that Saga confirmed Shion's suspicions, and assaulted the aging Pope with a deathblow.

The Last Order

Shion returns with a youthful body and a dark version of the Aries cloth

Not even death could keep Shion away from assisting Athena in her latest Holy War against Hades. Years after his assassination, Shion returned from death to aid the goddess and the current saints with a way to get into the World of the Dead. Originally, it was assumed that Shion, along with other deceased saints Gemini Saga, Capricorn Shura, Aquarius Camus, Cancer Deathmask, and Pisces Aphrodite, had sold their soul to Hades and returned to Sanctuary to kill Athena. It turns out that this was a grand scheme by the former Pope and the dead saints in order to get a message to Athena -- that she must commit suicide and consequently awaken the 8th sense if she hoped to successfully defeat Hades within his domain.

After the message had been delivered, Shion met with Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Cygnus Hyoga, and Andromeda Shun to inform them of the truth of what had taken place with the former gold saints and Athena. Perhaps as a nod to his apprentice's talents for armor reparation, Shion instantly restored all four saints' individual cloths using the blood of Athena. Finally, with his last act as the Grand Pope, Shion commanded the young bronze saints to invade the World of the Dead -- they shall not stop until every spectre has been defeated, and Hades himself is on his knees.

In the manga, it is at this point that Shion's restored body gave way and the former Aries perished into dust. In the anime, Shion lasted until near sun rise; prior to disappearing for good, Shion once more united with old friend Dohko to share past times.

Legacy of Aries

While serving as the leader of Sanctuary under Athena's temporary absence, Shion had taken the time to train an apprentice for the Aries Cloth. This was Mu, an extraordinary child with a natural talent for cloth reparation. Mu eventually became the new Saint of Aries, earning the gold cloth at a young age and mastering every one of his tutor's techniques.

Mu was depicted to have a strong sense of respect towards his teacher for being both his mentor, and the Grand Pope of Sanctuary. When Shion reappeared as an enemy in a later story arc and revealed his cosmos to Mu, the latter quickly bowed down on one knee to denote his tremendous respect for the elder Aries Saint. This was a rare display of capitulation from the phlegmatic Mu.

Beyond the Classic

Next Dimension

Promoted to the Gold Saint of Aries at the beginning stages of the Holy War against Hades, Shion caught up with his partner Dohko, who had also just became the Gold Saint of Libra, and the two men immediately invaded the Elysium Fields on Earth. They were unable to reach very far before being interrupted by various guards and spectres, including Griffon Vermeer, one of the three Judges of the Underworld. The Saint of Pegasus, Tenma, also found his way to the fields while searching for his friend, Alone - the current reincarnation of Hades. A short battle between the Saints and Spectres occurred, with the former overwhelmed due to the crippling barrier surrounding Hades Castle on Elysium.

Eventually, Suikyou, the former Saint of Crateris, made his presence known on the battleground. An old acquaintance of both Shion and Dohko, he had appeared under the mantle of the Spectre of Garuda. The three friends shared a small exchange before the spectres were recalled into Hades Castle. Shion, Dohko, and Tenma, each still powerless from the effect of the barrier, were left to be killed by the guards. Fortunately, they were saved when Tenma's horse, apparently unaffected by the barrier, comically knocked the guards away. The saints then quickly relocated to a safer location.

Tenma's horse had brought the Silver Cloth of Crateris with it. The armor, in the shape of the holy chalice of which Athena drank, contained sacred water which reflect the future of whomever looked into it. Upon viewing down at his own image, Shion saw his face covered with the Pope's headdress.

Some time later, the three saints were confronted by two of their gold peers, Ox of the Taurus and Izo of the Capricorn. Shion, Dohko, and Seiya were briefly punished for acting on their own during a most important time where unity amongst the Saints were not only necessary, but a strategic advantage.

Later on, Shion returned to his post at the Aries Temple, where he would run into Andromeda Shun, who had traveled to the 1700's with Athena by the might of the deity Chronos. Somewhere along the way, Shun had become separated from Athena, and was attempting to relocate her when he ran to the Aries Temple. Like most of Sanctuary, however, the gold saint did not recognize the Andromeda, and forbid him from passing through. The bronze saint eventually slipped past when Suikyou made his reappearance and engaged in battle with Shion.

Lost Canvas

Shion, along with Dohko and various bronze and silver saints, were responsible for protecting the civilians in a small town located in Italy. Hades had readied himself to be reawakened in a human body, and summoned spectres to attack various locations all over the world. Sources had informed Sanctuary that the host was located within this particular small cottage, and thus, the saints made their way there. The prophecy came to life as the Pegasus Saint, Tenma, witnessed his childhood friend from the orphanage manifest the soul of the Greek god.

Unable to stop Hades from reappearing, Shion and the other saints retreated to Sanctuary. There, he met with the Pope and his other eleven gold peers, where it was decided that Hades and the spectres must be stopped at all costs. With Hades' descent into the world, the war had truly begun.

The Aries Saint aided fellow gold saint Albafica during his battle with Griffon Minos. Believing that the Pisces had fallen, Shion took over the fight and halted Minos from causing further damage to a nearby town with the use of his "Crystal Wall" technique. Albafica, revealed to be still alive moments later, intervened and resumed his battle as Shion respectfully stepped down to observe the final moments of the fight.

Sometime later, Shion was shown to be dedicating much of his energy amending various damaged and dead cloths. He would later provide support to a crew of Saints attempting to break through the Waling Wall of the Underworld, and combined his cosmos with Sagittarius Sisyphus and Leo Regulus to unleash the powerful "Athena's Exclamation" technique. In the Underworld, Shion would go on to fight Balrog Lune, with whom he apparently shared a past history with.

Notes & Trivia

  • For the anime, in the first episode, the Pope who gives the Pegasus Cloth is Shion but there is a lot of confusion about all this because the voice actor of the Pope in that episode was the narrator who also played the voice of Aiolia later. The identity of the Pope was not really revealed until he showed up in Hades Chapter manga. Before that he was simply known as the Pope or the One who fought with Roshi/Dohko in the Previous Holy War. His constellation and his name was kept secret and not mentioned because the anime TV Series ended at the start of Hades Chapter.
  • According to official info, in Anime Special 1, where they point out the differences between the anime vs. manga, the Pope in episode 1 is the dead Pope of the manga. He wasn't killed by Ares (Saga) yet at that time. In fact the first time, the Pope Shion's constellation was acknowledge was in 1991, Saint Paradise, card 36, "Aries Pope." Again, his name and face was kept secret. It was not until 2002, in the Digest episode that was aired before episode 1 of Hades Sanctuary OVA, that the name "Shion" was mentioned. In this Digest episode, it finally confirms for the anime, the dead body on Star Hill discovered by Marin is Ares, Shion's little brother. This is another difference from the manga where, the dead body on Star Hill is Shion. In this Digest episode, it also mentions the Pope (Shion) was killed by Saga when Galaxian Wars was being held. The actual location of Shion's corpse is unknown.
  • In the short novel, "Saga! Prelude of Desire", Shion has a younger silver saint brother named Ares. This character has no relation to the God of War, nor is he the same Ares that would become Pope during the classic anime -- at least, not physically. In the short novel, Ares is secretly killed by Saga after he had accidentally discovered Saga's evil personality. In the classic anime, it was announced that the Grand Pope's "younger brother" had succeeded him -- since Saga had met both Shion and Ares, it can be inferred that he was masquerading as Shion's younger brother, and not the God of War himself. In the manga, Saga continued to use the identity of Shion up until Seiya invaded the Pope's throne room.



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