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Sagittarius Gold Cloth
Cloth Rank

Gold Cloth


Sagittarius (Archer)


Aiolos, Gestalt, Sisyphus, Seiya, Kouga (briefly)






Sanctuary (arc), Poseidon (arc), Hades (arc), Episode G, The Lost Canvas, The Lost Canvas - Anecdotes, Next Dimension, Omega

The Sagittarius Gold Cloth is the Cloth of the Saints Aiolos in Saint Seiya and Saint Seiya: Episode G, Sisyphus in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, and by Seiya (who briefly wore it in the Original Series) and by Kouga briefly in Saint Seiya: Omega. It is of the highest class of the Cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Gold Cloths.


Cloth History

It must be weird for Aiolia, seeing some kid he knew wearing his dead brother's old Cloth...

Mythology: Half Horse-Half Archer

The Sagittarius constellation was based on the centaur, Chiron, born of Cronus in the form of a horse and the nymph Philyra, was a legendary Centaur, a healer, a teacher, and notably, an Archer. He was poisoned by one of Heracles' Hydra-poisoned arrows, and could not cure himself, nor die due to immortality. Rather than live on with the pain, he gave up his immortality to take Prometheus' place in Tartarus, in sacrifice. In recognition of this, Zeus placed him in the sky as a constellation.

Classic: Golden Archer

Aiolos trained to be a Saint in Sanctuary, years before the birth of the modern Athena, by an unknown master. The Cloth was likely kept in Sanctuary until a Saint worthy of wearing it was found. Aiolos first appeared in volume 6 of the manga, in a flashback where he took the baby Athena and his Gold Cloth away from Sanctuary, while dying. After a fatal blow from Shura's Excalibur while fleeing, he had found Mitsumasa Kido and gave him the Cloth and baby, before dying. He briefly appeared as a spirit when Leo Aiolia fought Seiya, while he wore the Sagittarius Gold Cloth. His Cloth would assist them several more times, revealing his message in The House of the Archer and to defend Seiya while he fought Poseidon. He returned from the dead in his Cloth, and the other Gold Saints combined their power into his arrow to destroy the Wall of Lamentations, which ended up killing him. When the Sagittarius Gold Cloth was sent to Elyseum by Poseidon, Seiya donned the Cloth, until Thanatos shattered it.

Lost Canvas: Previous War

Sagittarius Sisyphus was the Guardian of the House of the Archer in The Lost Canvas. Sisyphus is the one who brought Sasha to Sanctuary to become their Athena, building a bond with her in the process. During some mission, he discovers about the Dream Gods while trying to learn of Thanatos and Hypnos. When Hades invaded Sanctuary, Sisyphus shot an arrow at him, but it was reflected, piercing his chest. On top of that, his Cosmo was sealed, and the Dream Gods trapped his soul in the Dream World. He is awakened by Athena when El Cid and Tenma fight Oneiros. He shot an arrow towards them from Sanctuary after waking up, in a last ditch shot at helping the fight. He would later take the lead of the Saints. He would later fight Garuda Aiacos to defend their ship to the Lost Canvas. He gouged out his eyes during the fight, and was able to reach the Eighth Sense, his Cosmo rising as well due to the loss of sight. He was able to beat Aiacos because of the growth of his power. Weakened and injured, he offers his heart to Sphinx Pharaoh, proves his purity, and kills the Specter. Dying from the injury, he combines his powers with Leo Regulus and Aries Shion to do the Athena Exclamation, forcing the Lost Canvas gates open. He dies afterwards, remembering his devotion to Sasha.

Omega: Upgrading Your Flying Horse to a Flying Centaur

In between the end of the Classic Series and the start of Omega, Seiya was promoted to Sagittarius Gold Saint. Mars appeared before Athena, and injured her, but Seiya came to her rescue, driving Mars away, and disappearing. 13 years later, Seiya appears to the new Pegasus Saint, Kouga, encouraging him as he tries to defend Athena, and yet again, to leave a message to the Bronze Saints, like Aiolos did before him. Seiya had disappeared for a while, but it was revealed that he was sealed on Mars, and was freed in time to fight off an Absu-possessed Kouga, managing to free him, but in the process damaging the Cloth some. With his own Cloth damaged beyond repair, Kouga briefly took possession of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth to fight Absu and save Athena. Having succeeded in his battle, Kouga returned the Cloth to Seiya, who is still in possession of it to this day.

Cloth Design: Greatest Cloth of the Gold

Classic Manga: The Good Die Young

"I stopped training for Olympic Archery for this?...Damn right I did."

This is the form the Sagittarius Gold Cloth takes during the original Saint Seiya series' manga. Aiolos earned the Cloth in Sanctuary, and it was first seen when Tatsumi revealed the cloth box to the press in volume 1, but it's true form wasn't revealed until volume 7. Like most Gold Cloth's original forms, it covers most of the body in a golden armor. Kurumada's design of the Cloth proves to be highly detailed, matching the other Gold Cloths in having a high detail via raised portions of metal that bring in a variety of patterns all throughout the armor. The body has several distinguishing features, such as a raised chestplate with some sort of symbol on it, a very detailed skirt portion, and golden wings, that could potentially allow the Saint to fly. The bow and arrow are also stored on the body, with the bow stuck on the skirt in a compressed form, while the arrow is shrunk by pushing the bulk of it's length inward, and stored in the sizable shoulder guard. The arms and legs have standard coverage for a Gold Cloth, and are well detailed, while the helmet offers little defense compared to some Gold Cloths, but has some distinct patterns, and a cool visual aesthetic. The special trait of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth is the Golden Bow, which fires a Golden Arrow, that Aiolos can charge with his Cosmo. The Cloth was last seen in the Hades Arc, one of the five Gold Cloths send to Elyseum by Poseidon. Thanatos destroyed it and the other four Gold Cloths to show them that they weren't going to be saved by the Gold Cloths again.

Classic Anime: The Good Apparently Age Rapidly in the Anime

"Woo! I'm a Glowing Ghost, Woo!"

The anime followed the manga route and kept the true design of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth secret until the battle at Sanctuary. It would prove to be a frequent help to Seiya, both in the anime, and in several of the movies. It is similar in design to the manga version, however there is the standard lost of detail as all Cloths faced. The gold sheen was much more faded, several details seemed to either be simplified or just disappear, and the textures were almost entirely gone in place of a drawn on appearance. Much like the manga variation, the anime made the focus of the Cloth the arrow; however, the anime added some original moves for the user. The Cloth was last seen in this form as Seiya used it during the fight against Poseidon, aiming to save Athena.

Hades OVA: A Shot in the Dark

"Special move? To defeat you? Lol, no. *shoots arrow into ass of fleeing random encounter*"

Being from a different animation team, in the modern era, the Hades OVA variation was somewhat different. The design is similar in design to the anime version, but with improved shine and more texture. It had a short run, only seeing use at the end of the Hades Elysion OVA, one of the five Gold Cloths send to Elyseum by Poseidon. Thanatos destroyed it and the other four Gold Cloths to show them that they weren't going to be saved by the Gold Cloths again.

Episode G: Sir. Not Appearing in This Manga

"I only get cameos in flashbacks?!"

Even though Aiolos was dead during the events of Saint Seiya: Episode G, the Cloth was redesigned, and saw some use in flashbacks. As was standard of Episode G designs, it has a large amount of ornate detail that the original did not. The new design had more carved in designs, and with several jewels embedded into it. It was also far more slender than other variations.

Lost Canvas Manga: The Depressed Archer

"Ever since I brought Athena here, I've been getting this 'Linkin Park' music from a man called Youma..."

During Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, Sisyphus was the Sagittarius Gold Saint, and held that position proudly (when he wasn't having his mind destroyed by Dream Gods). The Cloth shared similarities in design to Kurumada's own, as Shiori was influenced by his work. The major differences mostly come from her art style, and the design of the wings being less stiff, and more flowing. The Cloth survived the war (albeit damaged), outlasting Sisyphus, who died helping his fellow Saints enter The Lost Canvas.

Lost Canvas Anime: Coma-Man

"Human shield on the main characters!"

The anime followed the manga of The Lost Canvas closely terms of events, Sisyphus still being the Sagittarius Gold Saint. The design is based off the manga version, but simplified for the sake of animation; seeming to be a hybrid of Classic Anime and LC Manga design, it has more dull colors, less textures, more simplified details, and the wings appear stiffer. Sisyphus still lived by the time we made it to the last of the anime.

Omega: Sagittarius Fantasy

Classic: Movin' On Up...
"Promotion rocks! Surely Sanctuary will never have troubles again!...right?"

During the gap between the Original Anime and Saint Seiya: Omega, the Sagittarius Gold Cloth was repaired, and Seiya became the Sagittarius Gold Saint. The design comes from the Original Anime, capturing the original's feel, but in a way that matches Omega's style. It retains many of those same details, but with more shine, and slightly smoothed out. It retained this form until, during a battle with Mars, it was changed due to a strange event before they could finish their enemy.

Modern: Still Saori's Manslave
"Maybe hanging out with Poseidon under the sea would have been less stressful"

Due to an event that occurred between the Classic Anime and Omega, the Cloth came into contact with some sort of cosmic energy, and changed shape, and made Elements important. It is currently unknown which element Seiya has. The design was streamlined; it was smoothed out, the wings became more like cylinders, and a jewel was placed in the center, while even more details were lost. Despite the Golden Bow being a standard feature of all users of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth before now (even Seiya himself), it is not used in this form, begging the question: Does the Golden Bow and Arrow still exist in this form? The Cloth was last seen as Seiya appeared before the Bronze Saints in spirit, seeking to guide them.


Special Abilities of Gold Cloth of Sagittarius

The Sagittarius Gold Cloth has a ranged weapon in the form of a Golden Bow and Arrow, made of the same material as the rest of the Cloth.

Techniques used by Sagittarius Saints

Between Aiolos, Sisyphus, and Seiya, three major techniques are used during the various series, but no techniques are shown in the original manga, outside of Seiya's own.

"Atomic Thunderbolt"

"Atomic Thunderbolt" is an offensive technique used by Sagittarius Aiolos in the Original Anime and by Seiya in Saint Seiya: Omega. The technique involves the Sagittarius Gold Saint thrusting his fist forward, releasing a volley of electrically charged punches, similar to Seiya's Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken.

"Cheiron's Light Impulse"

"Cheiron's Light Impulse" is an offensive technique used by Sagittarius Sisyphus. The technique involves the Sagittarius Gold Saint forming a golden cosmo over his wings, stretched out. He thrusts his hands forward, his wings moving forward, sending a blindingly bright light, using the pressure of his cosmo to force back the foe.

"Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken"

Seiya most famous and basic technique, to which he still retains, even when becoming the Sagittarius Gold Saint in Saint Seiya: Omega. The move is a concentration of cosmos power upon his fists that he rains on his opponent. The attack, which originally only allowed him to throw 85 punches a second, would now be a fury of light-speed punches, given his Gold Saint status.



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