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This is about the character of the classic "Saint Seiya" series. For Wyvern Rhadamanthys in "Lost Canvas", click here. For info on the Wyvern Surplice, click here.

Wyvern Rhadamanthys
Wyvern Rhadamanthys



189 cm


84 kg

Date of Birth

October 20




Faroe Islands, Denmark


Wyvern Surplice


Greatest Caution






Heavenly Star


Fierce Star

Manga Debut

Fireclock! Ablaze Once Again

Anime Debut

The Shadow of the One Who Struggles

Japanese Voice

Takehito Koyasu

English Voice

Wyvern Rhadamanthys (ワイバーンのラダマンティス) is a character from Saint Seiya, the classic 1980's manga by Masami Kurumada. He was one of the first villains introduced in the prologue of the series' Hades chapter, and is featured prominently throughout the story. Rhadamanthys is one of the infamous "3 Magnates of Hell", with Griffon Minos and Garuda Aiacos sharing his rank. Rhadamanthys' source of power is from the Heavenly Fierce Star (天猛星).


Background & Personality

243 years had passed since the last holy war between Athena and Hades in the 18th century so Athena's seal on the 108 Specters had withered and was released. The Stalwart Star and the Wyvern Surplice sought Minos out and transformed him into one of Hades 108 warriors and one of the three magnates of hell. After swearing an oath to Hades he travelled to the Underworld and took command over his own cadre of Specters. Whereas he was temporarily stationed on Earth at Hades' Castle. Hades had not awakened in his chosen vessel of this holy war, but his soul was still conscious enough to give out orders. The god had managed to persuade several of Athena's Saints to take the goddess' life in exchange of getting their lives back. [1]

As shown various times throughout the arc, Rhadamanthys prefers to take no chances when it comes to securing the victory. Against the orders of Pandora (and, in turn, Hades himself), the Judge ordered several spectres to invade Athena's Sanctuary in secret. While Rhadamanthys was later punished for this act, he has shown to not regret his decision.


Rhadamanthys anime 01.png

Rhadamanthys was not fond of the idea that the former Gold Saints would take Athena's life. He did not trust them att all, and was pleased when two of them returned in failure. Cancer Deathmask and Pisces Aphrodite had failed in their mission to assassinate Athena, and they opposed their punishment of being sent back to the Underworld in eternal slumber. The pair proved dominate over the Specter guards, but Rhadamanthys looked at them with destain. Deathmask and Aphrodite struck relentlessly at him, but the two began to panic when they realized that their most powerful techniques had no effect on the Magnate. The two Saints abruptly pleaded for mercy, but by now it was too late. The Wyvern had already passed his judgement, and it was death. With just his "Greatest Caution" technique, Rhadamanthys single-handedly sent the two gold saints down to the Underworld.

Rhadamanthys was later summoned by Pandora to discuss the details of the spectre attack on Sanctuary. Rhadamanthys reported that he felt very distrustful of Aries Shion and his group of renegade Gold Saints, and wished to send an army of true Specters to assassinate Athena. Pandora disagreed, and stated that Hades would not like to see any losses from his own side until the war reached a more decisive stage.[2]

Despite Pandora's orders, Rhadamanthys sent a group of Specters under his command, lead by Cyclops Gigant, to attack Sanctuary. One of Pandora's minions, Frog Zelos, offered Rhadamanthys a warning about disrespecting Pandora's commands, but the Specter General refused to reconsider.[2]

Talking about Specter stuff, faeries and such.

After four hours into the skirmish, Rhadamanths became impatient and called on Zelos to see if there had been any messages fro the taskforce of Specters. The Frog Specter had not received any news, so Rhadamanthys thought it was best to eventually to send Papillon Myu, if worst would come to worst. Zelos had however already sent him with the taskforce, so the Specter Magnate's worries was put to ease for the moment, because the Papillon Specter could take down a Gold Saint by himself.[3]

After the battles at Sanctuary, Athena was assumed to be dead, but at the cost of the 17 Specters that Rhadamanthys had dispatched. Frog Zelos once again reminded Wyvern that Pandora would not be pleased when notified of the events, and Rhadamanthys boldly stated that he would take responsibility. True to her words, Pandora summoned the Magnate as soon as she had heard of the events, and punished the spectre accordingly. Rhadamanthys was only shown mercy because of his high rank as a Magnate of the Underworld.[4]

Rhadamanthys anime 02.png

At this time, Gold Saints Leo Aiolia, Aries Mu, and Scorpio Milo invaded Hades' Castle in an attempt to discover a way into the Underworld. Rhadamanthys soon arrived on site, and a 3 vs. 1 battle ensued. Unfortunately for the Gold Saints, their cosmos had been reduced to 10% power due to the effects of Hades' cosmos surrounding the castle -- and neither Aiolia, Milo, nor Mu could put a scratch on the Judge. On the other hand, Rhadamanthys retained all of his power, and expressed disappointment at the Gold Saints' weakness.[5]

Rhadamanthys returned to Pandora's chambers and stumbled upon Zelos, who was kicking one of the revived Gold Saints that were almost dead. He wondered what the Specter was still doing there as the rest of the guard had left for the Underworld, and told him to leave the Saint. Suddenly he sensed the approaching Cosmo of four other Saints. Four more of Athena's warriors crashed through the glass ceiling, Bronze Saints Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Cygnus Hyoga, and Andromeda Shun. Zelos tried to attack them but was easily swatted away by the four, whom then tended to their comrades before they turned to dust. Rhadamanthys was on his way to the gate to the Underworld, and remarked to Zelos that Pandora's evacuation orders should be followed and that he would not dirty his hand with simple Bronze Saints. As such, Zelos was eventually defeated by Cygnus Hyoga, and the Saints turned their attention towards Rhadamanthys.

Rhadamanthys anime 03.png

Rhadamanthys remarked that he was out of their league, and that he had also defeated the Gold Saints. But the Specter then realized that the Bronze Saints where moving rather freely inside the barrier and theorized they might had received divine blood. The Pegasus Saint suddenly charged at him, but Rhadamanthys easily avoided it and decided to finally kill the Saints. Suddenly, one of Rhadamanthys' servants, Harpy Valentine appeared and attacked the Bronze Saint. Accompanying him was the rest of the Wyvern Specter's personal guard of Specters. As such, Rhadamanthys ordered them to evacuate to the Underworld, so as to not fall behind Minos' and Aiacos' troops.

The Pegasus Saint protested however, and the Harpy Specter told his master that he did not need to dirty his hands with such filth and leave the to him. Alraune Queen, Minotaur Gordon and Basilisk Sylphid, followed suit and dealt with the other Saints. Rhadamanthys was confused by the sudden show of weakness by the Saints, and eventually decided to leave them for his servants. As such he and his servants jumped into the gate that lead down into the Underworld. [6]

Taming The Wyvern

Rhadamanthys anime 04.png

When Rhadamanthys initially returned to the Underworld, he soon discovered the Gold Saint Gemini Kanon sneaking about. Kanon had placed an illusion on fellow Specter Balrog René, and Rhadamanthys was the one to break it. After René was disposed of, Kanon quickly challenged Rhadamanthys to a showdown. The Judge originally felt confident, boasting that he had defeated Aiolia, Mu, and Milo previously. Kanon then proved that he was more than a match when he repelled the "Greatest Caution" technique, and the Wyvern's confidence began to shatter. The Gold Saint was about to secure a decisive victory when Rhadamanthys' warriors suddenly appeared and stopped the fight with a report. Rhadamanthys left his underlings to face Kanon, but they were no match against the power of a Gold Saint -- all of them were easily defeated by Kanon's "Galaxian Explosion" attack.[7]

Lyre, Lyre, Pants On Fire

Aiacos anime 01.png

Seiya and Shun eventually came across the long-lost silver saint Lyra Orphée. Orphée had constructed a plan to assassinate Hades: being the musician of Hades, he could smuggle Seiya and Shun into his court where he played for Hades every 13 days. Orphée would use the power of his music to put Hades and Pandora to sleep, and then have the three of them attack the deity. The Silver Saint managed to hide Seiya and Shun in a giant case of flowers he had gathered, and narrowly avoided having Pandora discover the duo hiding inside.

However, Pandora threw a wench into the mix when she revealed that she had summoned the three Judges together to hear Orphée's music. After playing his song, everyone in the court room was apparently asleep. Orphée thought that this was his chance to sneak attack Hades when the deity was most vulnerable. However, Rhadamanthys intervened and punched a hole through Orphée's chest, stating that he had always suspected Orphée's loyalty. Unlike the other Judges, he did not actually listen to his music and was only pretending to be asleep. Before Rhadamanthys could inflict further damage on Orphée, Seiya and Shun quickly came to the rescue. This time around, Seiya's "Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken" scored enough hits to cause substantial damage to the Wyvern Suplice.

Rhadamanthys anime 05.png

But as Orphée attacked Hades, he was shocked that Hades looked identical to Shun, and that upon striking him with his attack, Hades merely disappeared. Being fatally wounded by Rhadamanthys, Orphée decided to use the strings of his lyre to bind Rhadamanthys and himself in place, and urged Seiya to strike at them both to kill Rhadamanthys. Sadly, Seiya unleashed his "Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken", which struck both of them, killing the Silver Saint.

Although his attack shattered large portions of Rhadamanthys' Surplice, Seiya was shocked to find the Magnate uninjured. Rhadamanthys taunted Seiya, stating that his technique could not damage him at all, and preceded to attack the Bronze Saint. The fight only ended when Shun began to manifest the soul of Hades, and ordered Rhadamanthys to cease his attack. Eventually, Aiacos and Minos awakened as well, and Pandora ordered them to return to their posts while she tended to Hades.[8]

The Wyvern's Defeat

Minos anime 02.png

Kanon and Rhadamanthys would cross paths again a little later. The Wyvern once again used the "Greatest Caution", but the Gemini Saint had tasted the attack before and now understood its mechanics. This time, he was able to block it with merely one hand. Once again, Rhadamanthys found himself in the face of certain doom, until his colleagues Gryphon Minos and Garuda Aiacos made the save. The two Magnates worked over Kanon individually with their own techniques, but the double-team would not last. The Bronze Saint Phoenix Ikki appeared and took over the battle. To the surprise of Rhadamanthys and Minos, the Saint was mysteriously teleported away. Minos left the battle to investigate what had happened with the Phoenix Saint.[9][10]

Rhadamanthys anime 06.png

With Minos, Aiacos, and Ikki out of the way, Rhadamanthys once again fought Kanon for the last time. The Gemini still proved to be the superior of the two, and after a chase between the two Rhadamanthys would not get the upper-hand until Kanon voluntarily stripped off his Gold Cloth. Finally, the Specter was able to damage the Gold Saint with his "Greatest Caution". But by this point, Kanon was no longer looking for a decisive victory; he merely wanted to remove Rhadamanthys from the war altogether, even at the cost of his own life. Utilizing a kamikaze attack, Kanon grabbed Rhadamanthys from the back and launched both bodies into the air. The Magnate of Hell was defeated once and for all, when the pressure of space grind his body into dust.[11]

Concept & Creation

The name "Rhadamanthys" (ラダマンティス) is taken from Rhadamanthus, a King of Greek mythologies and the son of Zeus and Europa. In the ancient myths, King Rhadamanthus would eventually serve as a Judge of the Dead with Aeacus and Minos -- the same duty that Rhadamanthys is bound to with Aiacos and Minos.

His anime appearance differs slightly in bright patches of redish purple being added to his Surplice. Some of the events unfolded differently, such as at Hades' Castle where he fought a climactic battle with the Bronze Saints that practically destroyed the castle. Harpy Valentine, Alraune Queen, Minotaur Gordon and Basilisk Sylphid, did not appear until later in the story. Instead, Seiya attacked Rhadamanthys at Hades Castle and threw both himself and the Judge down to the pit to Hell. After his encounter with Lyra Orphée and Seiya, his surplice was seen to be heavily damaged for the rest of the Hades arc. Kanon's final kamikaze assault against Rhadamanthys is slightly altered in the anime. While launching the Wyvern into space, Kanon begins to unleash the "Galaxian Explosion" with his cosmos. Rhadamanthys attempts to counter this with the "Greatest Caution", but he was one step too late -- before he could even release the energy from the technique, Kanon's attack completely overwhelms to the point of obliteration. Kanon himself then suffers the same fate.

Rhadamanthys made his entrance in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas at Pandora’s side on a mission to Atlantis. For his failure, despite a victory over Scorpio Kardia, he would later be subjected to Sphinx Pharaoh’s Balance of Curse, which found him worthy of a second chance. The Wyvern was saved by the power of Alone’s blood and took his place as Guardian of the Saturnus Temple. There he would make a stand against Regulus, the young Leo Gold Saint; a fated confrontation which he won at great costs. It was Alone who would finally bring the mighty Judge down, for his refusal to follow the boy he now saw as an impostor. Rhadamanthys displays a technique unique to the Lost Canvas series: the "Gliding Roar".

Special Techniques

Rhadamanthys anime 07.png

In mythology, the Wyvern is a giant, lizard-like monster with majestic wings -- and as such, Rhadamanthys, with his surplice based on the creature, utilizes harsh techniques that are wind-based.

"Greatest Caution"

The Wyvern has but one technique he utilizes to destroy the opposition -- the "Greatest Caution". It is a wind-type move that charges up Rhadamanthys' cosmos to the highest point of power, then unleashed at a central point via two opened palms. The opponent becomes helpless as powerful typhoon-like winds blast them into oblivion.


Rhadamanthys merch 01.png

Wyvern Rhadamanthys was released as a Myth Cloth figure in January, 2005 and cost 4,725 Japanese Yen. It was the first of the Specter Magnates that were released as Myth Cloths. It contained 2 sets of different hands, a removable two-part hair piece and a structure to mount the Cloth to form its Object mode.[12] In the autumn of 2003 he was released in the second series of bottle cap figures by Bandai known as Saint Seiya Mini Figure Selection II ~The New Holy War~. In 2004 he was released in the final wave of the Saint Cloth series by Bandai Asia. Rhadamanthys was also released in February, 2006 as a Saint Seiya Cloth Up figure in series 1, where he came with a stand and removable helmet. In April 2006 he was released as a figure in the Tamashii Super Model Saint Seiya Part I. In February 2007 he was released as a Mini Big Head figure in the Saint Seiya - Hades Sanctuary and Inferno Chapters series. In March 2007, Bandai released a Myth Cloth Appendix bust of Rhadamanthys for 1,890 Japanese Yen, with a new face and helmet that could be used on the regular Myth Cloth figure.[12] On April 26, 2014 Rhadamanthys was released as a Myth Cloth EX figure.[13]



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