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This is about the character from The Lost Canvas series. For Balron René in "the original series", click here. For info on the Balron Surplice, click here.

Balron René
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The Holy War Begins

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Balron René Ten'eisei Baruron no Rune (天英星バルロンのルネ) is a minor character from Shiori Teshirogi's anime/manga series, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. His power lies within the Heavenly Hero Star (天英星), and he is the guardian of the 2nd prison of the Underworld as well as one of Griffon Minos subordinates. He has the ability to into souls through inanimate objects.



Pale and trenchcoat, hm...

Like all the Specters, René became one of Hades' warriors when his Specter soul sought him out due to Hades imminent awakening. The soul and the Balron Surplice and transformed him into the Balron Specter. Some time after being awakened, René journeyed to Jamir to meet with Shion. A boy who had the same power of looking through objects as he did. He found the boy inside of a cave where he had been repairing the Saint Cloths of Athena's army. Shion was in a trance as René entered the cave and catching the boy of guard he commented that it must be fun to indulge in the lives of the old Saints in secret. The boy became embarrassed, but René told him that it was nothing to be ashamed of as it was a privilege bestowed on the elite. He reached out his hand and told the boy that they were the same. He continued by saying that if he came with him he would have the opportunity to see the lives of many humans. The stories of the old Saints were not enough for the boy any more, so the Specter offered him to see the whole human history for eternity. The boy reached for René's hand, but as he did so the Cloths started levitating as in protest. René commented that the armors love the boy a lot, even though he had "raped" them. The Specter asked the boy what he would do, and if he were to follow him he would have to get rid of the Cloths completely. Shion unleashed his desire and hammered a way at the Cloths, smashing them to pieces. But suddenly his hammer was stopped by the Silver Altar Cloth. The boy demanded it to get out of the way, but was drawn away by the memory of the Cloth. René stepped forward and told Shion to not be drawn into the memories and that the ones in charge of recording human history could not have such weakness. Shion asked to be given some time to decide which did not go well with René. The Specter said that hesitation was one of humanity's greatest sins, and lashed his whip at the boy's neck. As Shion lay bleeding on the floor, René walked out while saying that he was a busy man and could not waste time with someone so full of doubt. He would have to record the history Shion's and the rest of humanity's history by himself.[1][2]

Talk about backlash.

He journeyed to "Italy" to await the imminent awakening of Hades and was stationed there in the Forest Cathedral. A group of Silver Saints came to investigate the area after hearing rumors about Specter activity. They stumbled upon several Specters that they defeated and followed a straggler that led them to the Cathedral. As they entered the Cathedral they witnessed the execution of the Specter by the hand of Pandora, who was accompanied by René and Minotaurus Gordon. Several Specters came up behind the Saints in an ambush and blocked their way out. The Specters proceeded then to slaughter the Saints.[3]


After Alone had awakened as Hades, René participated in an audience with the god among all the 108 Specters. It was there that the god of the underworld declared his intentions to defeat Athena and her Saints and asked the Specters to paint the world in the color of darkness. He also showed them a star map of the constellations that when a Saint dies would extinguish their respective constellation.[4]

Guardian of the Venus Temple

The Judge.

As the war with the Holy Saints progressed, Hades formed a special group of Specters that would be guardians of the Demon Palaces in the Lost Canvas. They were to act as a final defence against the Saints when they would be invading his realm in the Lost Canvas. René was chosen to be the guardian of the Venus temple which might have been due to his power and position as a vice judge of the underworld. To his aid he had a great number of Specter servants, who would diligently write the name of the souls that would die when the Lost Canvas was finished. He was present when Wyvern Rhadamanthys became one of the guardians of the Demon Temples.[5]

Eventually the Saints Aries Shion, Leo Regulus, Pegasus Tenma and Athena herself reached his temple. René sat composed at his desk and continued writing in his ledger as he observed the Saints. The newcomers questioned curiously why the servants were writing so intensely and focused, but had not noticed René as he sat at his desk. He revealed his presence by answering them that they were recording the names of the people on the earth that would be "saved" by the Lost Canvas. René asked them to not disturb them since they had a lot of work to do, and continued himself to write. The Pegasus Saint became annoyed that he was ignored and shouted at them but as a reply the servants took out their whips and ensnared the Saints in an instant. René told them to not be noisy and that they should have noticed by the clock outside that once it had made a full revolution the Lost Canvas would be complete. Until then he must have finished writing down the history of every human being, since that was his duty as the Balron Specter. The Pegasus Saint replied that he didn't care because they were in a hurry. René thought of them as rude, but since his Lord Hades was very busy at the moment he would have to deal with them himself. So as he unleashed his Cosmo he prepared to use his Fire Whip technique that would make the whip around the Saint burn through them. The attack was stopped by the intervention of Aries Shion who easily removed the whip from them.[6]

Now strip.

René was so surprised that he stopped writing to look at the other newcomer. Shion said that Rene would never change and commented that even on the battlefield he was working. René recognized the voice as the Saint said that the next person in the ledger would be René's. The Specter asked the Saint how many lives he thought were already recorded in his ledger. René answered that it was several million which was nothing compared the amount that had been judged since the beginning of time. Rene´continued by saying that he was the one who was qualified to record the history of every human, just like Shion had at one time been. Just like him, the Saint could have been in charge of all the knowledge in the ledger and that eight years ago, the Saint already had the requirements to carry out the duty. Shion replied that he was no longer the person he once knew, and that that person had been left behind a long time ago thanks to the Saint's master. Both Shion and the Pegasus exclaimed that René would be removed from there and stop being arrogant. The Specter simply raised his hand and demanded silence in a high voice. The Balron Specter went back into his ledger and stated that the Aries Saint had indeed lost his way when he had met Hakurei, the Saint's master. He continued saying that if Shion would come under his guidance he would still be able to reach his destiny. And if he did not, his life would be meaningless he said as he opened a crevice in the middle of the temple. René said that it was hell below, and that was were sinners would go. The Aries Saint had once hold the same power of looking through books, but was no longer interested in that kind of power. Seeing how much the Saint had been corrupted he could not take it and declared that Shion would have to die to be saved. With those words he unleashed his attack that would draw the group into hell, but to his dismay the attack had been stopped by Shion's Crystal Wall technique.[7]

René could not believe that such a defensive technique would stop them from being sucked into hell. René's initial assumption had indeed been correct as the technique had instead formed a bridge over the crevice. Shion replied that he was no longer recording the wounds of the Saint Cloths, since he now had companions to look after. If that was what had corrupted the Saint, he did not care. René sat back to that last remark, which let the Saint discuss that Shion would take on the Specter while the other three went ahead. The Specter called them foolish and swung his whip at the three but was stopped by Aries Shion yet again. René watched through Shion's Crystal Wall as the three intruders exited the temple while smiling at him. He sighed and asked Shion if he was that determined to show how corrupted he had become. He could no longer stand the sight of the Saint and said that he should have killed him during their first encounter six years ago. He exclaimed he would surely do it now and lashed his whip at Shion furiously. His attack clashed with Shion's Stardust Revolution which created a shock-wave. René had used that opportunity to create an illusion where he sat upon a throne amidst tall bookshelves. He told the Saint he should be more careful were he strikes as he might hit the books. The Saint looked on quizzically, and seeing the Saint's look, René confirmed that the books were indeed the recorded history of all human life. There were huge crimes and their sentences with both joy and sadness, all very entertaining and he the Specter was the once chosen for that duty. He looked at the Saint and asked if his heart regretted that he had not stayed with René and be blessed with his duty. René used the Saint's doubt as an opportunity to unleash his Reincarnation technique which would show the Saint's sins and make Shion die in shame. Shion remembered how he had destroyed the Cloths during his last encounter with the Specter and became paralyzed.[7][1]


René rose from his chair and remarked that the scar the Saint had was proof of his sin of hesitation. He continued to ask disdainfully how the Saint could bear to wear a Cloth of Athena. As the Saint didn't answer he remarked that since he was now paralysed from the shame of his sins, all that was left for Shion was to fall into hell and receive his punishment. And with that a crevice erupted in the floor, but Shion held on to a ledge before falling completely. René was in disbelief as the Saint still held on, even more so as the sins disappeared from the Saint. Shion said as he climbed up that his sins would indeed not disappear just like his scar on his neck. A scar on Shion's wrist was then made visible by the Cloth which made René realize that it was the cause of the disappearing sins. Shion revealed that Hakurei had used his own blood to nurse the Saint back to health, and that the blood was now flowing within him. René commented that no matter how miraculous the blood was it only freed one of Shion's arms while the rest of his body was still paralysed. The Specter said that resistance was futile as the Saint continued to fight the bindings of the sins. To René's disbelief the Saint pushed the bindings from his body and freed himself. The Aries Saint said that his scar was a connection to the past and the Specter's records were nothing compared to it.[2][8]

Genki Dama!.
My Collection!.

Suddenly both Shion and several of the dead Saints rose up to the Specter's disbelief. The Saint said calmly and happy that he would make it his mission to be the link to the future. René informed the Saint that he had only been able to get up thanks to the old Saints, and that further resistance would be futile since he knew the weaknesses in his techniques and Cloth. The Saint said he was wrong and that he only knew the past of him. The souls of the dead suddenly started gathering which René speculated was the same that Shion's master had used to defeat Hypnos. The Specter became furious as it was not recorded in the ledger that Shion knew this technique and continued to say that it was a terrible technique that shattered the boundaries in the Underworld and could not be learned by mere observation. Shion said that he might indeed not finish the technique, but his desire to keep on living as he would be the link to the future. The Saint launched a huge condensed ball of souls at him with the Sekishiki Tenryouha technique. The Specter stood firm and exclaimed that it would not be enough to defeat him, but to his amazement his ledger was shattered into pieces. As the impact hit him he was in disbelief that the ledger had been wrong, a book that was supposed to be omniscient. Shion asked the Specter if he could hear the voices of history that he had been ignoring. René didn't understand at first, because the felt the burden was so heavy. But before he died he realized that Shion had since the beginning, the requirements to be a leader.[8][9]

Concept & Creation

René was created in the same image as Balron René from the original Saint Seiya series by Masami Kurumada. René's character is fleshed out more in The Lost Canvas as we get to see his powers more developed and his relationship to Shion. He was given an extra appearance in the first season of the anime adaptation of The Lost Canvas anime adaption. In the scene he is among a group of Specters that ambush a group of Saints that invade the Forest Cathedral. Albeit he does not move in the scene, he has the same coloring as in the Hades Inferno OVA: The Tribunal Of Silence.[10]

Special Techniques

"Fire Whip"

For this technique, René requires the use of his whip. He lashes the whip at his enemy and lets it encircle the foe, it is then pulled away right through the victim at an unnoticeable speed. The victim is then left to fall into slices.

Dohko's mischief.

René sends out a blob of energy that when it strikes the opponent plays up all the foe's committed sins, to both himself and René. In The Lost Canvas the technique is expanded as the sins committed are realized in scripture that envelopes the opponent. These texts weigh enough to paralyze a Gold Saint who is then told to be die of shame.



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