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This is about the character from the classic "Saint Seiya" series. For Balron René in The Lost Canvas, click here. For info on the Balron Surplice, click here.

Balron René



183 cm


70 kg

Date of Birth

December 24






Balron Surplice


Fire Whip, Reincarnation






Heavenly Star


Hero Star

Manga Debut

The Tribunal Of Silence

Anime Debut

The Tribunal Of Silence

Japanese Voice

Susumu Chiba

English Voice

Balron René Ten'eisei Baruron no Rune (天英星バルロンのルネ) is a minor character from Masami Kurumada's classic anime/manga series, Saint Seiya. His power lies within the Heavenly Hero Star (天英星), and he is the guardian of the 2nd prison of the Underworld as well as one of Griffon Minos subordinates.



Shura might be jealous

243 years had passed since the last holy war between Athena and Hades in the 18th century so Athena's seal on the 108 Specters had withered and was released. The Hero Star and the Balron Surplice sought René out and transformed him into one of Hades 108 warriors. After swearing an oath to Hades he travelled to the Underworld and joined his fellow Specters under Griffon Minos command. Minos ordered him to fill in for the judge in the 1st Prison where the souls of the dead were judge while he dealt with Athena's threat. Hades had not awakened in his chosen vessel of this holy war, but his soul was still conscious enough to give out orders. The god had managed to persuade several of Athena's Saints to take the goddess' life in exchange of getting their lives back. The Saints had been bluffing, but Athena had nevertheless been killed by her own hand. When the revived Saint presented Athena's body to Hades' servant Pandora, the body had mysteriously disappeared. Gemini Saga suggested that the goddess might have gone to the Underworld to personally defeat Hades. Pandora did not like that possibility and ordered their stronghold on Earth, Hades' Castle to be destroyed and all remaining Specters to withdraw to the Underworld. Several Saints managed however to infiltrate the Underworld. [1]


When the Saints was invading the Underworld, René was performing his duties as the judge of the dead and preferred it in a quiet fashion. But he started to hear several persons being noisy to his dismay. It kept getting noisier and eventually they were in the 1st prison court. René could not take it any more and yelled demanding for silence. The noisy one had been Marchino one of the Skeletons, so René reminded him of how many times he had said he wanted silence in court. He had heard their ruckus all the way from his chambers, and was appalled by the sneezing, screeching and farting that he had heard. Marchino screeched that it was not he who had done it, but René cut him of by slamming his mallet and demanding silence. He told the skeleton that he was dismissed and that his life would be forfeit if he ever raised his voice again. The judge could now focus on the two persons that had accompanied the skeleton into his court. The Balron informed them that he would now investigate the sins they made when they were alive so that he could sentence them to the appropriate hell, and the they would now have to speak up their names and recount their sins. The two replied that they were Seiya and Shun and that they had not performed any great sins. The Specter told them to speak in hushed voices and even though they might be terrified it was useless to lie because he could look them up in his ledger. But to his surprise he could not find any of their sins recorded and asked for their names again. Seiya told him to listen careful this time and took a deep breath and with a loud voice he yelled that he was Pegasus Seiya and his partner was Andromeda Shun and that they had come to defeat Hades. René said that he understood and rose up at the same time as Marchino barged in yelling that Athena's Saints had infiltrated the first prison. Angered by his misbehaviour, René lashed out his whip that wrapped around the skeleton. He questioned the minor Specter of how many times he must warn him, and then he pulled the whip back to himself. Marchino was left standing with deep marks from the whip and suddenly burst into bits as the blood spewed.[2]

This is René dealing with an emergency situation.

Barlon René stepped down the stairs from his desk and said that he understood now that they were Saints and that they were not in the ledger because they were not dead yet. He would now pry out their sins and condemn them to the appropriate hell. Seiya objected that they had never done anything to deserve punishment, but René did not believe him and used his Reincarnation technique. The Specter could now see several sins the boy had committed, and asked if the Saint could really say he had not done anything because the Saint had also lived a violent life and committed the biggest sins of all by taking human lives. The Pegasus Saint object saying that he had done it for justice, but René called it hubris that a mere mortal could pass judgement on others. The Specter informed him that there was a suitable hell for those who had lived lives in violence and bloodshed, and sent him to the first valley of the sixth prison. The first valley of the sixth prison was the lakes of blood and the ones condemned there would bath in boiling blood the Specter said. But suddenly Seiya was pulled back from the prison and René's technique was interrupted. Andromeda Shun had used his chains to cross the dimensional rift to which René asked how it was possible. He replied that chains could fly several light years and that he would let him throw Seiya in a hell. The Andromeda Saint was suddenly giving the Specter an intense look which gave the Specter a familiar feeling and thought for a second that the Saint might be Hades. But he changed his mind when he noted Shun's hair colour was different, even though he was of the same spitting image. He corrected himself and proceeded with his duties and said that the Andromeda Saint had taken many lives and that his Balron whip will measure the gravity of his sins. René lashed out his whip at Shun who ensnared it with his chains. The Saint said that he had certainly killed people in the name of justice and that he would accept his punishment when he died but wondered if it was truly possible to live a life without performing any sorts of sin. He asked René if only living was then a sin to which he replied that only the gods could answer that and that his job was to follow the laws of the Underworld. The Specter asked if the Saint was innocent or guilty because if he had come to his court he could not be innocent and lashed out his Fire Whip technique at Shun. The Saint tried to protect himself but was ensnared by René's Whip of Judgement that nothing could defend against. The Whip had ensnared the Saint several times and meant therefore that he had performed a great many heavy sins. The Balron Specter asked if the Saint still considered his battle just, to which Shun replied that he was ready to die if it meant people would not be hurt. René thought it was excellent that he had resigned himself to death and told him to go with Seiya to the sixth prison and proceeded to slice to bits with his whip.[3]

You found a new one?

The Balron Specter considered it a pity because they had such pure hearts but that they deserved hell for opposing Hades. His eyes turned on Shun's decapitated head which he felt resembled Hades more and more. He therefore decided that it might be better to bury it and lifted it up, but suddenly Shun's eyes opened and was yelling a dark voice of how René would dare decapitate him and demanded him to be returned to his body. René started to panic and started to look around for the body but it was nowhere to be seen so he started to get even more frustrated. He started to run towards the back of the court where outside was a black valley where the body might have blown into. He panicked and screamed that he had committed a terrible sin and yelled for someone to help him find the body. Suddenly Wyver Rhadamanthys grabbed his shoulder and asked what was wrong. But when the Balron was to show the decapitated head he was holding his own helmet. He then realized it had been an illusion and cursed the crafty Andromeda Saint, but Rhadmanthys was convince it was someone more powerful. René realized the enemy must had already been in his court when he attacked Andromeda and wondered if it was Libra Dohko. The Wyvern said it had a much younger Cosmo and that he was close by them now. René was angered that the Saint had dared to toyed with them in the Underworld, and suddenly spotted him. He lashed out his whip at the enemy who revealed himself to be Gemini Kanon. The Saint said he had hoped René would lead him to Hades and that it was too bad the Wyvern had interfered, but maybe the Specter Magnate could be of further use. Rene´became furious and called him a fool for not realizing that was about to be shredded to pieces. The Saint wondered what he meant as he sent out a golden sparkle on the whip that travelled towards the Specter and disintegrated the whip. René could not believe it as his whip became disintegrated and then it continued unto his Surplice until he himself exploded into tiny pieces. Kanon commented that this might be his own punishment for passing judgement on mortals, just like he said to Seiya and Shun.[4]

Concept & Creation

René was created by Masami Kurumada for the classic Saint Seiya series. His name is a debated topic, because there is three possibilities of it being either Rune, Lune or René. The name René is written as Rune in Japanese and is therefore what the official translations have accepted. The whip that René uses is actually part of the Balron Surplice, even though the myths say that the whip that was used to judge people was Minos' alone. In the anime adaptation, the scenes involving the whip ripping through Marchino and Shun is censored and involves no blood. In The Lost Canvas the character of René was granted his job as a judge because had the ability to look into peoples souls from objects.[5]

Special Techniques

"Fire Whip"

For this technique, René requires the use of his whip. He lashes the whip at his enemy and lets it encircle the foe, it is then pulled away right through the victim at an unnoticeable speed. The victim is the left to fall into slices.


René sends out a blob of energy that when it strikes the opponent plays up all the foe's committed sins, to both himself and René.


Rene merch 01.png
Rene merch 02.png

Balron René was released as a Myth Cloth figure in June, 2017 and came in two versions. The first version was the regular release with René and his Surplice and cost 9,720 Japanese Yen.[6] The second version cost 15,120 Japanese Yen and included the regular version plus accessories such as a desk, judge's hammer, a chair, a book that collects people's sins, and a robe. All in order to recreate his appearance as a judge in the underworld courthouse from the Saint Seiya: Hades Chapter - Inferno episodes.[7]



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