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This is about the character of the classic "Saint Seiya" series. For Worm Raimi in "Lost Canvas", click here. For info on the Worm Surplice, click here.

Worm Raimi
Worm Raimi



176 cm



Date of Birth

February 1






Worm Surplice


Worm's Bind, Roll Blood






Earthly Star


Concealment Star

Manga Debut

The Golden Lion Bares its Fangs

Anime Debut

An Instant of Hesitation

Japanese Voice

Kazuya Nakai

English Voice

Worm Raimi Chifukusei Wāmu no Raimi, (地伏星ワームのライミ) is a minor character from Masami Kurumada's classic anime/manga series, Saint Seiya. His power lies within the Earthly Concealing Star (地伏星), and is one of Wyvern Rhadamanthys' subordinates.



Bondage again?

The person known as Raimi was awakened when the seal on the 108 Specters' souls were lifted. A Specter soul and the Worm Surplice sought him out and transformed him into on of Hades Specters. He joined his brethren and Pandora in Hades' Castle to wait for Hades' imminent revival. When who they thought was Hades had been awakened, several Saints of Athena were revived and promised life again if they took Athena's life. They accepted the offer and headed for Athena's Sanctuary with a time limit of twelve hours. Wyvern Rhadamanthys did however not trust the Saint, and after failing to convince Pandora to send him instead, he ordered Frog Zelos to send several of his personal subordinate Specters to keep tabs on the Saints. Among the 17 chosen Specters was Raimi who among the others journeyed to the Sanctuary and managed to slip into the 12 Temples after the revived Saints Gemini Saga, Aquarius Camus, Capricorn Shura. But as they reached the Cancer Temple, the Saints suddenly disappeared after a violent clash with Virgo Shaka. Not knowing what to do they waited for a short while until Aries Mu appeared, they caught the Aries Saint by surprise and managed to capture him. The leader of the troops, Cyclops Gigant questioned Mu for the whereabouts on the revived Saints. The Aries Saint told him he did not know, but Gigant did not believe him and decided to kill him instead. But he was stopped by Papillon Myu who wanted to fight Aries Mu personally. The Cyclops Specter agreed and took the other Specters with him to the next temple, knowing how fearsome Papillon could be.[1][2]

Fly worm, fly!

When they reached the Leo Temple, Leo Aiolia stood waiting for them. He told them he would not let any enemy through the Leo Temple as long as he lived. Gigant asked where Saga and the others had gone to, but Aiolia did not know and he also told them that teleporting between the temples was impossible so they can only travel on foot. Aiolia asked why they were so concerned about Saga so Giganto informed him of their mission and if Saga failed, the Specters would take Athena's head themselves. Five of the Specters started dashing towards the Saint, shouting at him to get out of their way. Aiolia stood still and performed his Lightning Plasma technique and killed them instantly. Most of the Specters were surprised by his sudden attack, and started to sense Aiolia's strength. it was then that Raimi stepped forward and called them pathetic for quivering like that. Raimi continued to say that he would make Aiolia as powerless as a kitten and that the other Specters could head on.


Before they could answer he buried himself underground, so the Specters knowing Raimi's strength, dashed towards Aiolia. The Leo Saint was disturbed by some of the Specters and hesitated for a moment letting Raimi the chance to sprout his worm tentacles from the from his position underground and bind him with his Worms Bind technique. Aiolia remarked how strong they were and how it felt as if they were tearing his limbs apart. Gigant stopped and said he would end his life now before Raimi had his chance. The latter intervened with one of his worms and told the Cyclops that Aiolia was his. Gigant agreed but told him before leaving that he should not toy with the Saint but kill him quickly. The Leo Saint tried to use all of his strength to break free from the bindings but the Specter told him it was useless. Normally he would squeeze him to death, but since he had been ordered to kill him quickly he decided to pierce the Saint's heart. Aiolia managed to dodge the tentacle which shot straight through one of the temple columns. Furious that a single worm thought he could defeat the Leo Saint, Aiolia started to burn his Cosmo so that he snapped and burst free from all the tentacles. Raimi became enraged and decided to tear through him with his worms, but Aiolia grabbed a hold of one and to the Specters' surprise pulled him up through the ground. Aiolia stepped on him and said that worm's belong in the dirt and stomped the Specter right through the floor. The Worm Specter fled underground again and appeared behind the Saint saying that the worms regenerate and that he would kill him for sure this time. He launched his Worm's Bind technique but was immediately countered by Aiolia's Lightning Plasma which tore the Specters to pieces. As he was laying on the floor, his dying words was that he foiled.[3]

Concept & Creation

Raimi was created by Masami Kurumada for the classic Saint Seiya series. The fight with Aiolia play out a little different in the anime adaptation. Aiolia does not stomps Raimi through the ground but try to attack with a Lightning Plasma, but misses. Raimi still manages to burrow underground and attack Aiolia from behind. But he does not say anything when he dies.[4]

Special Techniques

They are coming!
"Worm's Bind"

This technique utilizes the Worm Surplice's worm like tentacles. They ensnare their victim and can either squeeze the opponent to death or use the mandibles on the worms to tear through.

"Blood Roll"

This technique was listed in the encyclopaedia in the 28th Saint Seiya volume, but it has never been shown before.



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