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This is about the character from The Lost Canvas series. For Alraune Queen in "the original series", click here. For info on the Alraune Surplice, click here.

Alraune Queen
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Alraune Queen Tenmasei Aruraune no Kwīn (天魔星アルラウネのクィーン) is a minor character from Shiori Teshirogi's anime/manga series, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. His power lies within the Heavenly Magic Star (天魔星), and he is one of the few exceptional powerful spectres among the Underworld. He is one of the closest subordinates of Wyvern Rhadamanthys alongside his companions Harpy Valentine, Minotaurus Gordon, and Basilisk Sylphid.



Don't wanna mess with that.

Queen lived a normal life in 18th century Earth when the Specter souls started to awake due to Hades' imminent revival. The Heavenly Magic Star and the Alraune Surplice sought him out and transformed him into the Alraune Specter, one of Hades 180 Specters. When he remembered his oath to the Lord of the Underworld he travelled to the Forest Cathedral in "Italy" where he joined his fellow warriors as they awaited the full revival of their god. As customary he became a subordinate of the Specter Magnate Wyvern Rhadamanthys alongside Harpy Valentine and Minotaurus Gordon. During a venture to the Underworld they encountered Basilisk Sylphid who engaged in battle with Rhadamanthys, but as he was defeated he swore his allegiance to the Wyvern and joined as their comrade. Hades had chosen the boy Alone as his vessel for this Holy War with Athena and her Saints but lay dormant inside the boy. It was not until Pandora found him that he was awakened and later upon this event he called for an audience with all of the Specters, including Queen. As the god introduced himself to the Specters he showed them a star map with all of the 88 constellations visible. Each constellation represented a Saint and when a Saint died their corresponding constellation vanished from the map. Griffon Minos was the ordered to sortie and attack Athena's Sanctuary, which was ultimately a failure, but several Saints' lives were taken. Queen was on standby during these events and those that followed, even when Rhadamanthys went to Atlantis he remained. Though when the Saint attacked the Forest Cathedral he had already moved to the Demon Temples in the Lost Canvas up in the sky.[1][2]

His gender might come into question

When Rhadamanthys received new power from Hades they all followed him to the 6th Demon Temple where his new position was. But he was struggling with his new found powers so when Pandora ordered him to find and destroy Athena's Cloth he told the Specters they would have to be his representatives on the battlefield and go Athena's Sanctuary. They obliged and travelled to the Sanctuary where they were met by little resistance due to that the Saint's had left for the final confrontation with Hades in the Lost Canvas. Queen decapitated most of the guards they met on the way too the Pope's Chambers. Gordon and Queen decided to remain to look for Athena's Cloth while Sylphid went further on. It was then that the Gold Saint Libra Dohko arrived, horrified by the gruesomeness that had happened in the Pope's Chambers. When they spotted the Saint, Queen commented that he looked stronger than the guards and that he could then answer their question of the whereabouts of Athena's Cloth. But Dohko was more disgusted that they had committed such horrible acts of killing in the Pope's Chambers and demanded to know who they were. Gordon became irritated and wanted to kill the Saint directly, but Queen stopped him while saying that they had to show manners when they represented the Wyvern. Dohko was even more horrified when they introduced themselves and said they were there to destroy Athena's Cloth. The Gold Saint was in disbelief that the goddess' Cloth actually existed to which Gordon accused him of pretending to be ignorant. Queen saw that the Saint was actually speaking the truth so he informed Dohko that Athena's Cloth indeed exists and that it was in the Sanctuary. The Cloth had been Hades' biggest obstacle since the mythological era, since with the shield and Nike's staff it was a Cloth that always led to victory. He angrily smashed a pillar and said the existence of Athena's Cloth could not be tolerated since it could turn the tide of the Holy War and they therefore had to destroy it. The Gold Saint suddenly calmed himself and positioned himself in a battle stance and said that he know knew what he had to do and that to him the Specter were nothing more than a pair of pathetic thieves. Queen laughed and asked Gordon if he had heard right in that the Saint planned to fight them by himself. Gordon grinned menacing as he said he had heard correct and that the Saint had also called them pathetic thieves. And with that the Minotaurus Specter unleashed several waves of attacks with his "axe" aimed at the Saint. As he used his Grand Axe Crusher technique he created a large crevice in the ceiling with no signs of the Gold Saint. Queen laughed and said he had obliterated him, but that they now had to stop playing and continue their mission. Gordon called the fight a let-down and jumped of on the roof through the hole, while up there he noticed the statue of Athena. He decided to destroy the statue and was just about to send an attack when he was interrupted by Libra Dohko again.[3][4]

To like blood has never been good.
A waste of blood in the Saint Seiya universe? meh.

Queen observed their fight as it progressed from the roof to the back of the Pope's Chambers, but he could not let it be when Dohko broke Gordon's right arm. The right arm was Gordon's axe, and without it he would be dishonoured so Queen saw no other way then to take his comrades life. He decapitated the Minotaurus Specter right in front of the Gold Saint who could not fathom why the Specter had done such a thing. He told Dohko that it was because Gordon would not bear the loss of the axe he had carried with him through his whole life, and that he would now take the Saint's head for humiliating Gordon and for their mission. Feeling the scent of his comrades blood he said they had been comrades in arms, his guillotine and Gordon's axe had taken the lives of many Saints. They had already discussed a situation like this on the battlefield and that it was his gift that his comrade would have a death that would spare his honour. He sensed the scent of Gordon's blood was beginning to fade and looked up to the sky and said farewell to his comrade. But he also sensed the scent of a blood that was neither Gordon's nor Dohko's so he demanded to know what the Saint was hiding. The Gold Saint replied it was none of his business and that the Specter should just take his friend's body and leave. Is that so Queen replied and lashed out with one of the tendrils of his Surplice which almost hit Dohko. After several more lashes he commented that Dohko was an odd fellow for trying to protect his shield so desperately, and used it as an opportunity to wrap around his leg with a tendril. Queen proceeded with his Blood Flowers Scissors technique which made a big gash across Dohko's torso. He said he was disappointed that the attack had not cleaved his head but that it did not matter because he could now see what he desperately tried to hid. He stepped forward and picked up the item which was a vial with blood in it, but as he touched it he could sense the trace of a divine Cosmo. Queen realized it was Athena's blood and started laughing. All of the Saints' Cloths required a tremendous amount of blood to be repaired and Athena's Cloth would need it to be revived. He continued to laugh as he said to Dohko that it was cunning and that they would never have found Athena's Cloth without knowing about the blood. To Dohko's horror, Queen smashed the vial and said that the Cloth would never revive now. The fate of the Holy war was now sealed and all that was left was to avenge Gordon he said as he approached the Gold Saint. He shouted at him to die as he charged towards him, but he was sent hurling backwards by a sudden large burst of Cosmo from Dohko. He could not fathom how a dying man could still hold such power, but he then realized that the Saint might have Athena's blood in his own veins. The Gold Saint then launched his Rozan Hyakuryu Ha technique at Queen who was killed almost instantly.[5][6]

Concept & Creation

Queen was created in the same image as Alraune Queen from the original Saint Seiya series by Masami Kurumada. Queen's name is most likely a reference to the royal title and with his guillotine it might be a reference to madam guillotine.

Special Techniques

"Blood Flower Scissors"

For this technique he uses the tendrils of his Cloth to create a razor sharp movement that can cut through humans with ease. He raises his arms upwards and as he strikes them down, there is an illusion of a guillotine that falls down.



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