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This is about the character of the classic "Saint Seiya" series. For Queen Alraune in "Lost Canvas", click here. For info on the Alraune Surplice, click here.

Alraune Queen



171 cm


56 kg

Date of Birth

April 15




Freiburg, Black Forest, Germany


Alraune Surplice


Blood Flower Scissors






Heavenly Star


Magic Star

Manga Debut

Awaken! The Eight Sense

Anime Debut

The Deadly Battle to Elysion

Japanese Voice

Yūsei Oda

English Voice

Alraune Queen Tenmasei Aruraune no Kwīn (天魔星アルラウネのクィーン) is a minor character from Masami Kurumada's classic anime/manga series, Saint Seiya. His power lies within the Heavenly Magic Star (天魔星), and he is one of the few exceptional powerful Spectres among the Underworld. He is mostly seen with his companions Harpy Valentine, Minotaurus Gordon, and Basilisk Sylphid who all are subordinates to Wyvern Rhadamanthys.



It IS a man

Queen was once a normal human that lived his daily life on Earth, but when the seal on the 108 Demon Stars was broken, he was turned into one of Hades' Specters. The Heavenly Devil Star and the Alraune Surplice had sought him out and awakened the Specters soul that was sleeping inside of him. When he remembered his oath to the Lord of the Underworld, Queen travelled to Hades' Castle where he joined his fellow Specters as a subordinate under Wyvern Rhadamanthys. Even though Hades had been reborn into a human host, he had not yet been fully awakened. But this did not stop him from commandeering his troops in the Holy War against Athena. The god revived several of Athena's Gold Saints by offering them new life if they took their goddess' life within the next twelve hours. The Saints had of course been bluffing, yet Athena had killed herself by committing suicide when they reached her. When the revived Saints ventured to Hades' Castle to get their reward, Athena's body had vanished during their journey. They suggested to Hades' servant, Pandora that Athena might have gone into the Underworld personally to defeat Hades. Pandora did not like that possibility at all so she ordered the castle to be destroyed and the Specters stationed on Earth to retreat to the Underworld.[1]


Rhadamanthys encountered several Bronze Saints when he was about to depart, and it was then that Queen along with Basilisk Sylphid, Minotaurus Gordon, Harpy valentine and the rest of the Wyvern's subordinates presented themselves to their master. Valentine said they would not move without the Specter Magnate's orders, even if they were threatened with execution. Rhadamanthys then ordered them to not fall behind the Specters of Garuda Aiacos and Griffon Minos because Athena might have snuck into the Underworld and they need to protect Hades. They all agreed with their master as one, but the Pegasus Saint intervened saying that they were going to take him to the Underworld. Valentine stepped forward and told his master that he did not need to sully his hands and that he could get rid of him and knocked him flying into the air. The other three Bronze Saints started to move when they saw their comrade hurt, so Queen, Gordon and Sylphid jumped out and attacked the Saints from behind. They then saw it clear to return to the Underworld but their master was pondering if the Bronze Saints might pose a threat. He changed his mind soon and they all departed for the Underworld, last was Queen and the other three. The Pegasus Saint told them to wait, yet the Harpy Specter told him that they did not have the time yet if he wanted to fight them he could seek them out in the Underworld. Before they set out down the abyss leading to the realm of the dead they all stated their names to the Saint. But the Pegasus Saint did not give up and grabbed a hold of Valentine right above Queen as they were descending. But he came to loose his grip eventually.[2]

When Queen and the others were in the Underworld they were ordered to take any intruding Saint to the harshest prison possible after killing them. Yet the Alraune Specter did not come to encounter any of the Saints until the latter had broken through the Wall of Lamentations. As they were about to head into the hole in the wall they were stopped by Dragon Shiryu who told them he would not let them go any further to protect his friends. Queen told the Saint that they would not let anyone reach Elysion that lay behind the Wall of Lamentations. Shiryu replied that they would have to defeat him first, so all three of the Specters attacked him calling him a fool for taking them all on. Queen said the Saint was wasting their time, but suddenly his Surplice helmet was hit straight on by an unknown force.The Dragon Saint had used his Excalibur technique to cut all three helmets and told them they had inherited many things from the Gold Saints. The Specters then realized he might be planning to which he replied that he had always been prepared to die and readied himself to counter attack with his ultimate technique.[3]

Unfortunately they didn't crack.

The Specters attacked the Saint again and told him to move away, but the Dragon Saint repeated that they had to take him down first. Gordon was appalled by the Saint but Queen interjected and told Shiryu if he really wanted to die that badly, he would grant his wish and chop his head of. Queen used his Blood Flowers Scissors technique and decapitated the Saint or so it looked but the Saint had only received a shallow cut while had had counter attacked with Excalibur. Queen did not notice this and told his companions that they should leave, but he suddenly received a gash in his neck that knocked his helmet of. Queen questioned in disbelief how Shiryu had managed to draw his Excalibur technique and slip past his Blood Flower Scissors technique. Gordon stormed in and attacked Shiryu with his own Grand Axe Crusher technique and managed to injure the Saint's arm, yet the Dragon Saint did not rest and hit the Minotaurus Specters with his powerful Rozan Shoryu Ha technique. Sylphid then stepped forward and commented how a foe prepared to die was more fearsome than ever and attacked him with his Annihilation Flap technique. The Dragon Saint persisted and counter attacked with his Rozan Ryu Hisho technique which sent Sylphid flying. Shiryu told them they would have to be all three to take him down.[4]

The Basilisk said they would gladly end his life, and as one they would combine their powers. Shiryu stood tall and told them to come at him since he only had strength for one more move. All three of them charged at the Dragon Saint as Queen used his Blood Flower Scissors technique, Sylphid his Annihilation Flap, and Gordon his Grand Axe Crusher. Shiryu used his ultimate Rozan Hyakuryu Ha technique which decimated the Specters, and killed both Gordon and Queen in an instant. Sylphid came to survive a little longer.[5]

Concept & Creation

Queen was created by Masami Kurumada for the classic Saint Seiya series. In the anime adaptation, Queen, Basilisk Sylphid, Harpy Valentine and Minotarus Gordon did not appear in Hades Castle but appeared later as they should at the Wall of Lamentations. The scenes were a bit changed as the three did not get their helmets knocked of but cut in half in Shiryu's initial strike with Excalibur. The Alraune Surplice sported two colorings in the anime adaptation, the first one visible in the opening sequence for each episode is prominently dark grey with purple features. Number two in the Elysion chapter is more prominently maroon and sports dark grey features. If these changes affected the color of Queen himself is unknown. Alraune Queen appeared in The Lost Canvas series, and looks identical to the one from the original series. In The Lost Canvas he puts great weight onto the Specter's pride and even goes as far to decapitate Gordon just because Libra Dohko had humiliated the latter in battle..

Special Techniques

"Blood Flower Scissors"

Queen raises his arms while an illusion of a guillotine with surrounding flowers appears behind him. He then strikes his arms downwards as the blade of the guillotine falls, mimicking a decapitation move.


Notes and References

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