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"They look better in plastic than they do in battle..."
Phoenix Black Cloth
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Sanctuary (arc)

The Phoenix Black Cloth is the Cloth of several "shadows" of Ikki in Saint Seiya. It is one of the Black Cloths kept on Death Queen Island, and used by the evil Black Saints. Unlike the other Saints, the Black Saints and their Cloths are not aligned with Athena.


Cloth History

Mythology: There Can Be Only 42?

The Phoenix is a mythological bird that is immortal: Every time it dies, it is reborn from the ashes of the old, to live again. There are many versions of such a creature all over the world, like different types of birds. It is unknown if the Black Saints share constellations with their counterparts, or if it's simply a symbolic gesture to look like other Saints.

Classic: Fodder! Fodder Everywhere!

Ikki's Shadows were trained to be Black Saint on Death Queen Island (like all Black Saints) by an unknown master. The Cloths were likely kept on Death Queen Island until these evil, wicked men proved themselves "worthy" of the Cloths. The Black Phoenix Saints, unlike their master, proved to be more fodder than anything else, and failed to do well, even against injured, unarmed Bronze Saints. The Fodder first appear in volume 3 of the manga, to take the Sagittarius Gold Cloth. These grunts show little aptitude for battling at the level of Seiya and company, and quickly fall, one by one, to the true Saints of Athena.

LC/ND: Previous War

No Black Cloths have been seen in the previous Holy War at this point, and likely won't, as the Black Saints oppose Athena.

Cloth Design: The Laziest Design in Saint History

Classic Manga: The Phoenix Quintet

"Remember to keep the pitch, and don't forget to drink before we start singing dramatically, or your voice will give out!"

This is the form the Phoenix Black Cloth takes during the original Saint Seiya series' manga. Ikki's Shadows "earned" their Cloths on Death Queen Island, and they were first seen when Ikki's Shadows appeared at Ikki's side in volume 3. Like most Black Cloths, it is very close in design to the original versions of the Cloth they were named for (though, far weaker to the true Phoenix Cloth). The Cloth itself shows no real unique traits outside of those given to other Black Cloths. Kurumada didn't put a whole lot of effort into this design, because it's the same design as the Phoenix Bronze Cloth, but black. The Cloth was last seen in Tokyo, when the fodder was defeated, and their Cloths were destroyed.

Classic Anime: Fodder- The Musical

"And now, for our live performance of Cats!"

The Phoenix Black Cloth fared little better in the Anime, following the orders of Ikki, who had took command of them from Django. For better or worse, they share the same Cloth design with Phoenix Ikki, albeit colored black. Naturally, the design changed from the manga, as the Phoenix Bronze Cloth underwent several changes during adaptation. They sadly don't get a long run, as the Bronze Saints make short work of them.


Special Abilities of Black Cloth of Phoenix

The Phoenix Black Cloth, while having all of the strength and endurance of a Black Cloth (supposedly), has no special traits that make it stand out as a Cloth.

Techniques used by Phoenix Black Saints

No techniques are used by those who wear the Phoenix Black Cloth.


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