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This is about the character from The Lost Canvas series. For Lycaon Phlegyas in "the original series", click here. For info on the Lycaon Surplice, click here.

Lycaon Phlegyas
Date of Birth

Lycaon Surplice


Howling Inferno






Heavenly Star


Crime Star

Manga Debut


Anime Debut

The Holy War Begins

Japanese Voice

Masayuki Katō

English Voice

Lycaon Phlegias Tenzaisei Ryukaon no Furegiasu (天罪星リュカオンのフレギアス) is a minor character from Shiori Teshirogi's anime/manga series, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. His power lies within the Heavenly Crime Star (天罪星), and is one of the guardians for the fourth prison of the Underworld.



Howling Inferno!.
Friends forever.

Phlegyas was a normal human being in the 18th century until the Heavenly Crime star sought him out and awakened his dormant Specter soul. The Lycaon Surplice came soon after and transformed him into the Lycaon Specter, one of 107 other Specters that served under the god of the Underworld, Hades. When Phlegyas remembered his oath to serve Hades he journeyed to Italy where Pandora and the rest of the Specters were stationed in the Forest Cathedral. He remained there until the boy called Alone was awakened as Hades. He followed his lord to the town next to the cathedral where they wrecked havoc and destruction. After awhile Phlegyas sensed that several of Athena's Saints had arrived so he decided to seek on out. He punched his way through a building wall to find Tenma who was in a state of grief and aggravation. He introduced himself to the Saint and said that he would sacrifice the boy to celebrate the return of Hades. Without further warning he unleashed his Howling Inferno attack at Tenma, but was surprised when the Saint withstood his attack and took a firm grip on his knuckles. Phlegyas could not believe that a mere Bronze Saint had withstood his technique, and suddenly noticed the size of the Saint's Cosmo. The Pegasus Saint replied that he was tired of stories about Hades and how great he was, and that if someone gave such a speech they would be better not born. With a flash the Pegasus Saint unleashed his Pegasus Ryusei Ken technique at Phlegyas, who had little time to react. He died in an instant as he was knocked out from the building.[1]

There and back again.

After Griffon Minos' failed attack on the Sanctuary, Hades decides to start reviving the Specters that die. Phlegyas is among them that gets revived. But is never seen or heard of again.[2][3]

Concept & Creation

Phlegyas was created in the same image as Lycaon Phlegyas from the original Saint Seiya series by Masami Kurumada. His power seems to be less than in the original story as he gets defeated by Tenma in an instant, while he easily overpowers both Dragon Shiryu and Cygnus Hyoga in the original story.[4][1]

Special Techniques

"Howling Inferno"

Phlegyas starts to run while his fists turn into glowing spheres that he strikes his opponent with. Phlegyas only hit Hyoga and Shiryu in the chest with this technique, so if he strikes other areas is currently unknown.



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