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"...Well, it was nice knowing you Sagittarius Gold Cloth..."
Pegasus God Cloth
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Seiya, Tenma






Hades (arc), Next Dimension, The Lost Canvas

The Pegasus God Cloth is the Cloth of the Saint Seiya in Saint Seiya and Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, and Tenma in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. It is part of a special class of Cloths, which are more powerful than all others: The God Cloths.


Cloth History

Mythology: Pegasus - Not Just In Disney

According to one myth, the version used in Saint Seiya, Pegasus was born when the hero Perseus decapitated the monster gorgon Medusa. Pegasus came from the blood of the gorgon, a winged horse. He eventually soared to the Heavens, and became a constellation. This applies to both the Bronze and God versions.

Classic: Deus ex Equus

Throughout Saint Seiya, Seiya's Cloth continued to be altered as it was repaired, before eventually reaching the peak of a Bronze Cloth's evolution, through Athena's blood. As it turned out, this was one key component to create the God Cloth. When fighting Thanatos, Seiya's cosmo approached the level of a God, which changed his shattered Cloth (which had Athena's blood in it) into a God Cloth. It allowed him to endure and fight at a level above Thanatos. However, it was still below Hades' strength, and the Cloth took massive damage during the battle.

Lost Canvas/Next Dimension:Previous War

In The Lost Canvas, Tenma got his God Cloth in an interesting manner. When his Mother attempted to remove his soul from his body, he was able to transform it, and his Cloth became a God Cloth. In Next Dimension, it's unclear if we will see the Pegasus God Cloth in the previous Holy War or not.

Next Dimension: Gone, But Not Forgotten

Saint Seiya: Next Dimension sees the Pegasus God Cloth in the form of flashbacks, but due to Seiya's comatose state, it is unlikely to see any action in the modern era for some time. For now, the Cloth simply sits and collects dust, waiting for it's master to return.

Cloth Design: Holy Horse!

Classic Manga: Flying Horse God? I'll Stick With Quetzalcoatl, Thank You

"Yeah, no god's going to stop us no-...what are you doing with that sword, Hades?"

When Seiya was pushed beyond the breaking point by Thanatos, his cosmo approached the level of the Gods. His Cloth (which had shattered into dust) reacted to both his cosmo and Athena's blood, evolving into something closer to the gods' Kamui. It was immensely altered, going beyond even the Gold Cloths in power and appearance. Attacks from the lesser god Thanatos left the God Cloth virtually unharmed. Even with this great strength, Hades' attacks proved more effective, even to the mighty God Cloths. The Pegasus God Cloth was beyond any of it's predecessors in appearance, covering almost all of the body in a golden, ornate armor. Every piece of the Cloth contains detailed patterns which stick off of the Cloth like the metal was cut around it. The leggings cover even further up the thighs with flexible regions for movement. The belt and chest have merged into one body piece that covers the entire upperbody, and even provides much needed groin shielding. The gloves now match one another in design, and go all the way up his arms, providing more full protection. The helmet portion is bigger and now covers more of the face and head. The Cloth was last seen as Hades stabbed through it, piercing Seiya's heart, showing it's still not quite enough to face a powerful god.

Hades OVA: Gold Is A Fleeting Color

"Hey, who changed my paint job? I was finally Gold again after losing the Sagittarius Cloth...screw it, I'm becoming the Sagittarius Saint next time!"

The battle with Thanatos destroyed both the Bronze Cloths of Seiya and his fellow Bronze Saints, plus five of the Gold Cloths. In a moment of desperation born from Thanatos' threat on Seika's life, Seiya's emotions fueled his cosmo to the level of a god. This godly cosmo awakened Athena's blood in the shattered remnants of the Pegasus Bronze Cloth, turning it into the Pegasus God Cloth. This version of the Cloth has a level of strength beyond any other level of Cloth seen up to this point. This design is above and beyond it's anime predecessors, with most of the body being covered by detailed, ornate metal. There are obvious traces of the prior design, like the helmet looking similar, but the detail is what makes most of the difference. Unlike in the manga, the Pegasus God Cloth isn't golden, but similar in color to the prior Cloth versions. This version of the Cloth was last seen as Hades took out Seiya, proving the power of a god in his true body.

Tenkai-Hen: No Warranty If Stabbed

"No flood damage protection either?! Athena's gotten cheap lately..."

To say this was the shortest lived variation of the Pegasus Cloth would be an understatement. Saint Seiya: Tenkai-Hen Overture showed us what their version of a God Cloth would look like for about...2 seconds before moving on. Given that they hadn't reached that point in the Hades OVA, it's somewhat understandable, but still, this design is never seen again after this point. In terms of design, it does seem much closer in detail to the manga version, with many of the details kept, and even seems to have some of the depth that the original version had, but one major distinction is the color choice; while the manga went for a pure gold, Tenkai-Hen went more for a pure silver.

Lost Canvas Manga: I've Heard of Soul Food...But Soul Armor?

When Tenma was told he was spirited, this wasn't what he had in mind...

First appearing in the dream realm of Morphia, before formally appearing after Tenma took back his soul from Partita, the Pegasus God Cloth is the final form that Tenma's Cloth takes during Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas' manga. This incarnation of the Cloth proves to worthy to the name as an enduring armor able to take abuse. Shiori brings in her own touches to a classic Kurumada design, the armor gleaming with light and detail; the Cloth covers far more than past incarnations, functioning as a full body armor. One of the places Shiori's style comes to life is the wings, which spread out more like actual wings than Kurumada's more still, metallic wings. This version of the Pegasus God Cloth takes Tenma to the end of the Holy War and his final fate.

Lost Canvas Anime: Fantasy Draft

...You know, if it was this easy to dream up power ups, then why would the Dream Gods ever win?

Tenma was trapped in the dream world of Morphia, with no clear way to escape. During his attempt to fight Modeler Morpheus, one of the four Dream Gods, all of his emotions were stripped from him...but interference from Alone pushed Tenma over the edge, and he was able to create the Pegasus God Cloth in his dreams, letting him kill Morpheus. The Pegasus God Cloth was from a whole different class of Cloth entirely, with strength and defense worthy to take blows from lesser gods easily. The Cloth now covered almost all of the body, with the gloves and leggings now going along the limbs fully. The belt and chest armor merged into one piece that covered all of the body itself. The helmet only covered slightly more, but was an improvement over the original. All of this came alongside ornate decorations all across the body. The Cloth was only seen during this dream sequence, as the Pegasus Bronze Cloth didn't meet the requirements needed to make the change on it's own.

Next Dimension: Taking A Stab At Divinity

Seiya was once very hearty...

During the prologue of Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, we get to see part of the Bronze Saints' fight with Hades. Seiya fights in his God Cloth, determined to protect Athena with his life if need be. The design is similar to the original, albeit during this prologue, Kurumada had been away from his manga for about 15 years, so the work was rough. Still, it covers all of the body, like the original did. At this point, Seiya had lost his helmet, as per Saint Seiya tradition, but the rest of his body was protected. The distinctive, familiar patterns of the Pegasus God Cloth are in full force, as is the depth and texture of the design, but in full color for the first time in manga history, the proper golden color that Kurumada intended. The Pegasus God Cloth was only seen thus far in flashbacks and the prologue, Seiya currently being stuck in a coma.


Special Abilities of God Cloth of Pegasus

While the Pegasus God Cloth has been used by important characters exclusively in the series', it never shows any particular special ability beyond that of a regular God Cloth.

Techniques used by Pegasus God Saints

Between Seiya and Tenma, three major attacks were shown for the Pegasus Saint during his battles in the various series.

"Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken"

Seiya most famous and basic technique. The move is a concentration of cosmos power upon his fists that he rains on his opponent. At this level, he's far surpassed the Speed of Light, making the attack hit a devastating number of times.

"Pegasus Sui Sei Ken"

The Bronze Saint's secondary, but more powerful, attack. It is unleashed as a single blow that harvests all of his cosmos onto one point. The Sui Sei Ken is typically dealt as a haymaker. While more powerful, the technique is used far less often.

"Pegasus Rolling Crush"

A move that allows the Saint to grab hold of his opponent from the back, soar miles into the air, then suicide dive head-first into the ground. This technique is usually employed by Seiya as a last resort when all else has failed.


Notes and References

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