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"I went Super Saiyan before Goku even got to Namek..."
Pegasus Bronze Cloth
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Seiya, Tenma, Kouga






Sanctuary (arc), Poseidon (arc), Hades (arc), The Lost Canvas, Next Dimension, Omega

The Pegasus Bronze Cloth is the Cloth of the main characters of Saint Seiya, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, and Saint Seiya: Omega. It is of the lowest class of the Cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Bronze Cloth.


Cloth History

Mythology: Pegasus, Winged Horse of Myth

According to one myth, the version used in Saint Seiya, Pegasus was born when the hero Perseus decapitated the monster gorgon Medusa. Pegasus came from the blood of the gorgon, a winged horse. He eventually soared to the Heavens, and became a constellation.

Saint Seiya: Pegasus Dares to Defy Gods?!

More than one Bronze Pegasus Saint has dared to attack other gods for Athena in the course of a Holy War. At least two of the Bronze Saints of the Pegasus constellation have fought against Hades. The first was Tenma, whose friend Alone had become Hades. The second was Seiya, who's friend Shun had become Hades, but he was forced to leave that body, and return to his original. It is unclear as to how long Hades and the Pegasus Saints have fought, but with Hades' death, the cycle appears to be broken; Pegasus Kouga of Saint Seiya: Omega has not fought Hades, and likely never will. That said, he came to be known as the God-Slayer due to his defeating and killing of Mars and Abzu.

Classic: Sanctuary's Cloth

The Pegasus Bronze Cloth was originally kept in Sanctuary, which is located in Greece. A tournament was held to decide who would wield the Cloth, which came down to Greece's Cassios and Japan's Seiya. Seiya proved himself to be the true Pegasus Saint when he defeated Cassios. Seiya would prove to be a gifted Saint, being involved in many fights, most of them to the death. His hotblooded nature proved to be too much for the original Pegasus Bronze Cloth, so it had to be repaired several times throughout the series, as he went from fighting Bronze Saints to Black Saints, Silver Saints, Gold Saints, Mariners, and even Specters. The Pegasus Cloth went from simple Bronze Cloth to the Cloth of Athena's greatest Saint.

Episode G: Saint-In-Training

During the events of Saint Seiya: Episode G, Seiya was training with Eagle Marin to be a Saint, and therefore, still years from gaining his Cloth from the Pope. Any appearances of the Cloth wouldn't have been during the events of the story's fights.

Lost Canvas/Next Dimension: Previous War

In both The Lost Canvas and Next Dimension, Tenma is the Pegasus Saint. Both versions are friends with Alone, who becomes Hades, or at least, his human host. In Next Dimension, he teams up with Shun to save Athena from a traitorous Pope, while his former master, Suikyo, chases them as the new Garuda Specter. The appearance of the Pegasus Bronze Cloth in Next Dimension appears close to the Hades Version, though it's not clear why. In The Lost Canvas, Tenma's many battles have lead him to be one of the few remaining Saints left, still in pursuit of Alone, despite having to deal with his parents, Partita and Youma. Initially, his Cloth appeared to be the same it did in the beginning of the Original Anime, but changed when he got the blood of Virgo Asmita, and again, when he seemed to turn his Cloth into a God Cloth.

Next Dimension: Comatose, but Not Forgotten

Seiya's first appearance in Saint Seiya: Next Dimension showed that, back in 1990, after the battle with Hades, his injuries had left him comatose, his body seeming to be a hollow shell. Athena reveals that even with Hades' fall, the injury from Hades' Sword has cursed him, leaving him to die in three days unless they can reverse the effects. Seiya is left at Sanctuary while Athena and Shun left to find a way to save him. He is attacked by the Angel Touma, but protected by both Eagle Marin, and Cygnus Hyoga. It is presumable that his Cloth is being kept at Sanctuary along with his body.

Omega: Elements? What Is This, Naruto?

In Saint Seiya: Omega, Kouga is the one who became the Pegasus Saint. Raised by Athena and trained by Ophiuchus Shaina, Kouga became the Pegasus Saint when Mars attacked, taking Athena away. After meeting Lionet Souma, he was taken to the Palaestra, to learn how to be a Saint. As he learns, Elements are important to Saints of this era. Pegasus Kouga learns his Element is Light, and begins coming to his own as a Saint, even learning the Ryu Sei Ken. This training is cut short, however, when Capricorn Ionia proves to be a traitor, and turns the Palaestra into a prison for Saints. They head to Sanctuary, now the Tower of Babel, and save Aria. She leads them to the Elemental Ruins, to stop them from sucking the Earth dry of Cosmo, to feed Babel. They destroyed all but the Lightning Ruins when Kouga is defeated by Orion Eden. Cygnus Hypga helps Kouga overcome his self doubt, and he decides to save Aria with renewed vigor. Despite their resolve, Aria dies after we learn of Kouga's Darkness Cosmo, and they are sent by her dying power to the new Sanctuary, where the Pegasus Bronze Cloth is repaired and improved. The battles continue throughout the new Sanctuary, where all the Cloths take extensive damage. After all 12 Gold Saints, Mars' four main subordinates, and both Mars and Abzu, the God of Darkness, are dealt with, the Pegasus Bronze Cloth was massively damaged. After the Pallasites under the goddess Pallas attack, Kouga is able to revive his Cloth into a form that is much like the old form, in the Cloth Box. Extensive fights against the Pallasites has caused the Cloth to be fairly damaged.

Cloth Design: The Only Saint More Undying Than The Phoenix

Classic Manga: More Evolutions Than Digimon and Pokemon Combined

First Cloth Form: Pride of Sanctuary
Armor? It barely covers anything!

This is the form the Pegasus Bronze Cloth takes when it is first seen. Seiya narrowly won it in the tournament, but several guards from Sanctuary didn't like the idea of a Japanese man taking the Cloth from Greece. With his cosmo burning through the Cloth, he was able to do his first Ryu Sei Ken faster than the speed of sound. Like most Bronze Cloths' original form, it offers very little coverage. It seems to actively lack any sort of special attribute to make it special among other Cloths. Among the first of the Cloths we get to see, the first form of the Pegasus Bronze Cloth is very rough in design. It lacks real symmetry, with the gloves not matching and the chest piece focusing on the left side of the body (perhaps to protect the heart). Despite the small amount of the Cloth and the simplistic design, it does have a few detailed portions, like the right glove's arm portion, or the ornate belt. Overall, not a bad design for Kurumada's first attempt, and it fits the level of defense one would expect for a Bronze Cloth. The Cloth was last seen having taken extensive damage during the battle between Seiya and Shiryu. Mu repaired it and the Dragon Bronze Cloth using Shiryu's blood, changing their forms.

Second Cloth Form: Dragon Blood
Finally, something that actually protects Seiya...but what's with the Majin Buu ears?

After Seiya's battle with Dragon Shiryu, the Cloth was damaged beyond self repair. Shiryu took his and Seiya's cloths to Jamil, where Mu repaired his Cloth. The effect was three-fold for the Pegasus Bronze Cloth: not only was the Cloth restored from the dead, it was also greatly strengthened to the point of withstanding several battles with Silver Saints without being destroyed, but it also massively changed the design, allowing more of the body to be covered. Kurumada upped his game for the main character's Cloth returning. The pieces of armor that remained were all changed to provide more coverage; the helmet, the gloves, the belt, the chest piece, the knees. On top of all of that, leg armor was added to the Cloth. Seiya lost the helmet after fighting Ikki on Mount Fuji, and after extensive damage fighting a large number of Silver Saints, Aries Mu repaired all the Cloths. This was the last time this variation of the Cloth was seen, as Mu had to replace the lost helmet from the preexisting Cloth.

Third Cloth Form: Battered, But Not Dead
The ears are improved, but that left gauntlet almost screams "Rocket Punch!"

By the time they arrived at the Temple of the Aries, Aries Mu was there to greet the Bronzes, not letting them pass further into Sanctuary due to the massive damage all of their Cloths took. He repaired all of their Cloths, even making a new helmet for the Pegasus Bronze Cloth. This new variation of the Pegasus Bronze Cloth was powerful, even able to take a few attacks from Gold Saints before becoming damaged. It is really close to the second version of the Cloth, with a few changes. The overall Cloth was streamlined from the original; the chest was given more shoulder, the belt was slimmed slightly, the kneepads were smoothed out, and the gloves were refined. The biggest change, however, is the helmet, which returned to the same style the Pegasus Bronze Cloth originally had. It's not clear if Kurumada chose that for personal preference, or if fans simply didn't like the new helmet. The Cloth was last seen, severely damaged, at Athena's Temple, the gauntlet run of Gold Saints having been too much for the Bronze Cloth.

Fourth Cloth Form: Golden Rebirth
Before this upgrade, Seiya ran barefooted, that explains why Sanctuary took so long."

Upon the fall of the corruption plaguing Sanctuary, the damage to the Bronze Cloths were severe, the Cloths died. The remaining Gold Saints offered their blood to revive and repair the Bronze Cloths. When Seiya burned his cosmo to its maximum, his Cloth took on a golden sheen, and grew much more powerful. In addition to the superior defensive abilities, the Cloth took on several changes. The gloves became much more aerodynamic in design, while the belt became slightly more ornate (though not matching the original design). The legs gained foot armor, while the chest became more solid, with less breaks in the armor. The helmet and knees, however maintained a mostly similar design from the previous variations. The Cloth remained the same visually, except for taking on a golden shine when Seiya's cosmo reached the level of a Gold Saint. The Cloth was further strengthened by this, but still did not compare to a Gold Cloth. Poseidon did extreme damaged to the Pegasus Bronze Cloth, nearly destroying it even when his Marine Generals could not do so. The Cloth was last seen as Seiya attempted to get to Athena during the Specter assault on Sanctuary.

Fifth Cloth Form: Restored by Goddess Blood
Covers much more than previous cloth forms, yet still leaves him over to a crotch kick.

Athena sacrificed her life to find Hades. Former Pope Aries Shion used her blood not only to awaken her Cloth, but also to repair the Bronze Cloths. In addition to the usual increase in defensive abilities and increase in covered protection, it also granted them protection when they entered Hades' Barrier and when they passed from Hell to the Elysian Fields. Lastly, it allowed Seiya to sprout wings from his Cloth. Kurumada really made the Pegasus Bronze Cloth feel strong here, covering almost as much as a Gold Cloth would, and making it really sharp in appearance. While having less detail than a Gold Cloth, it was vastly improved by Athena's blood; the leg armor and knee armor combined into one, covering from the foot all the way up to the thighs. The gloves, belt, and chest armor all grew significantly sharper, covering slightly more than the prior design did. The helmet also changed slightly, shrinking the middle piece, and extending the sides. It seems to have lost the ability to turn gold, since it was the blood of a Goddess that repaired them, but her divine protection from barriers and super-dimensional space proved invaluable. During times of need, the Cloth can also sprout wings out of the back, which allowed Seiya to fly. This variation of the Cloth was last seen when Thanatos destroyed it, trying to destroy any hope Seiya might have had.

God Cloth Form: Revived by Cosmo- Nearly a Kamui
Powerful, awesome looking, and protects the crotch: A trifecta!

When Seiya was pushed beyond the breaking point by Thanatos, his cosmo approached the level of the gods. His Cloth (which had shattered into dust) reacted to both his cosmo and Athena's blood, evolving into something closer to the gods' Kamui. It was immensely altered, going beyond even the Gold Cloths in power and appearance. Attacks from the lesser god Thanatos left the God Cloth virtually unharmed. Even with this great strength, Hades' attacks proved more effective, even to the mighty God Cloths. The Pegasus God Cloth was beyond any of it's predecessors in appearance, covering almost all of the body in a golden, ornate armor. Every piece of the Cloth contains detailed patterns which stick off of the Cloth like the metal was cut around it. The leggings cover even further up the thighs with flexible regions for movement. The belt and chest have merged into one body piece that covers the entire upperbody, and even provides much needed groin shielding. The gloves now match one another in design, and go all the way up his arms, providing more full protection. The helmet portion is bigger and now covers more of the face and head. The Cloth was last seen as Hades stabbed through it, piercing Seiya's heart, showing it's still not quite enough to face a powerful god.

Classic Anime: Lead Actor

Sanctuary: Stubborn Horse-Headed Teen
"The Furry Helmet is a bit much."

In the anime adaptation of Saint Seiya, the Pegasus Bronze Cloth takes a number of changes from the original manga adaptation. Still having obtained the Cloth from Sanctuary during a tournament, this form would stick around through the whole of the Sanctuary Arc, replacing three different designs from the manga. The shoulder pads and chest armor remain the same between the two versions, while the belt is extended to a kilt-like armor. The gloves lose some of the details that made the first form distinctive, whereas the legs go from simple knee cap armor, to full leg coverage that wouldn't be seen in manga until the the Hades Arc. The biggest change is the helmet, which is simply the head of the Pegasus as the helmet piece. The arms, belt, and shoulder pads also take on a red trim. The Cloth is last seen in Athena's Temple, as Seiya fought off Saga.

Asgard/Poseidon/Hades Sanctuary: Frosty the Bronze Saint
"...Why couldn't I be a Gold Saint right now..."

After the intense battles in Sanctuary, the Pegasus Bronze Cloth needed to be repaired, and took this form, which would be kept through the Asgard Arc, Poseidon Arc, and most of the Hades Sanctuary OVA. Like it's manga counterpart, this Cloth could turn golden, if Seiya raised his cosmo to the level of a Gold Saint; for some reason, they were unable to reach this state until the Poseidon Arc. This version of the Cloth is more accurate to the manga variation of the time, which makes it look like a downgrade in some respects. The leg armor covers less, as does the helmet and belt. The chest armor covers more, however, and the gloves have more detail to them than the original anime design. This variation of the Pegasus Bronze Cloth is last seen in the Hades Sanctuary OVA, damaged from the fight with Poseidon.

Hades OVA: Pegasus Rides Again

Hades Sanctuary/Inferno/Elyseum: Helluva Cloth
"Blood Drive FTW!"

Shion's return from the dead proved to be crucial to the Bronze Saints and their mission to help Athena in Hell. He restored their Cloths to a whole new level of strength. Unlike the manga equivalent, this one could turn golden when Seiya burned his cosmo to his maximum. The improvements to this variation of the Pegasus Bronze Cloth are clear; the legs are now fully covered, and the chest and belt cover slightly more when compared to the prior version. This form of the Cloth is last seen as Thanatos destroys it, aiming to remove all hope from Seiya before killing him.

Hades Elyseum: God Damn!
"...Yes, you will die..."

The battle with Thanatos destroyed both the Bronze Cloths of Seiya and his fellow Bronze Saints, plus five of the Gold Cloths. In a moment of desperation born from Thanatos' threat on Seika's life, Seiya's emotions fueled his cosmo to the level of a God. This godly cosmo awakened Athena's blood in the shattered remnants of the Pegasus Bronze Cloth, turning it into the Pegasus God Cloth. This version of the Cloth has a level of strength beyond any other level of Cloth seen up to this point. This design is above and beyond it's anime predecessors, with most of the body being covered by detailed, ornate metal. There are obvious traces of the prior design, like the helmet looking similar, but the detail is what makes most of the difference. Unlike in the manga, the Pegasus God Cloth isn't golden, but similar in color to the prior Cloth versions. This version of the Cloth was last seen as Hades took out Seiya, proving the power of a God in his true body.

Tenkai-Hen Overture: Comatose Nightmare

God Cloth: Cameo Cloth
Never bring a fist to a sword fight...

To say this was the shortest lived variation of the Pegasus Cloth would be an understatement. Saint Seiya: Tenkai-Hen Overture showed us what their version of a God Cloth would look like for about...2 seconds before moving on. Given that they hadn't reached that point in the Hades OVA, it's somewhat understandable, but still, this design is never seen again after this point. In terms of design, it does seem much closer in detail to the manga version, with many of the details kept, and even seems to have some of the depth that the original version had, but one major distinction is the color choice; while the manga went for a pure gold, Tenkai-Hen went more for a pure silver.

New Cloth: After Credits Insanity
...No, I don't know what this is.

Saint Seiya: Tenkai-Hen Overture saw the first attempt at continuing the story of Saint Seiya, in the form of a movie. The movie deviated from Kurumada's plans so drastically, he never allowed them to do another, and started his own new manga. This version of the Pegasus Bronze Cloth appears at the end of the credits, as Seiya goes to punch Apollo before disappearing. Visually, it looks like a hybrid between the Hades Arc version and the Pegasus God Cloth. Most of the body is similar to the Hades Arc version, but with designs on the body that remind of the God Cloth. The helmet is in the shape of the God Cloth version, but without the details that made it more notable. This is the first and only time this variation of the Pegasus Cloth is seen.

Episode G: Pre-Release Pegasus

Sadly, even Seiya during the time of Episode G shouldn't be this scrawny...

Saint Seiya: Episode G is the story of the Gold Saints before the events of the Original Series; starring Leo Aiolia as the main character. Despite this story occurring years before Seiya became the Bronze Saint of Pegasus, Okada couldn't resist a scene or two of drawing the Pegasus Bronze Cloth. Judging by the chest and belt, this design is closest to resembling the Pegasus Bronze Cloth as it was in the Hades Arc after Shion repaired it. Despite this resemblance, the change in art style and altered details do affect how the Cloth ends up coming out.

Lost Canvas Manga: God Slayer

First Cloth Form: Homage
He won't be smiling too much longer...

This is the first form that the Pegasus Bronze Cloth takes during the series Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas' manga. Tenma earned this Cloth in Sanctuary, after training with Libra Dohko. The Cloth seems to hold standard Bronze Cloth levels of defense, though covering more than the original manga depiction. The design is Shiori's version of the Pegasus Bronze Cloth seems to be a mix of the manga and anime versions: The body seems mostly like the anime design with the shoulders, gloves, chest, and leggings, but the helmet is the version used in the original manga, likely an aesthetic choice. Alone, who had awakened as Hades, easily shattered it, attempting to kill Tenma to show that his ties had been severed. Tenma proved stubborn and lucky, managing to live to see Jamir. The Cloth was last seen as Hakurei used Virgo Asmita's blood to repair the dead Pegasus Bronze Cloth.

Second Cloth Form: His Cloth's a Virgo
"Thanks Asmita! Now I can go recklessly attack Specters like a Silver Saint, instead of hiding in a corner like Yato!" "H-Hey!"

Thanks to Sasha's garland of flowers, Tenma was able to escape death and meet Virgo Asmita, who would be the one to give blood to revive the dead Pegasus Bronze Cloth. This stronger Cloth proved to be one of Tenma's greatest assets for many fights, enduring Specter attacks. This version of the Pegasus Bronze Cloth is very similar to the one Seiya wore during the Hades Arc, albeit in Shiori's style. It is an obvious upgrade from the prior version, with much more chest coverage and better gloves, but the leggings, and head armor are similar to the previous version, and the belt seems to cover less. The Cloth saw it's end as Hades awoke more fully, leaving Tenma little choice but to train on Kanon Island.

Third Cloth Form: Double-Gold Blood? Does That Even Work?

Tenma's training with Defteros proved fruitful, as did the restoration of his Cloth. With a second Gold Saint's blood in his Cloth, it proved even more potent in power, at one point even turning golden, during his battle with Owl Partita. Shiori's most original Pegasus Bronze Cloth design, this appears to be an evolved design from the original Hades Arc design, with more rounded leggings, an alternate belt design with more thigh guarding, more stomach covering with the chest armor, and altered, more bulky arm guards, with more sharp points. This design saw it's end after Partita did major damage to it, and tried to force out Tenma's soul.

God Cloth Form: My God-Cloth
"My soul became a piece of armor?...This is awesome!"

First appearing in the dream realm of Morphia, before formally appearing after Tenma took back his soul from Partita, the Pegasus God Cloth is the final form that Tenma's Cloth takes during Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas' manga. This incarnation of the Cloth proves to worthy to the name as an enduring armor able to take abuse. Shiori brings in her own touches to a classic Kurumada design, the armor gleaming with light and detail; the Cloth covers far more than past incarnations, functioning as a full body armor. One of the places Shiori's style comes to life is the wings, which spread out more like actual wings than Kurumada's more still, metallic wings. This version of the Pegasus God Cloth takes Tenma to the end of the Holy War and his final fate.

Modern Hades Form: Future Teasing
"Coma work doesn't pay!"

Shiori was a long time fan of Saint Seiya, and she couldn't pass up a chance to draw Pegasus Seiya. The design itself is a back shot of the Cloth from the Hades Arc, and matches quite well to the original Kurumada from what is seen. Outside of a shot or two of Seiya from the future thanks to Mephistopheles Youma and a teasing group shot or two of the future Bronze Saints, he doesn't actually do anything in the manga, and such shots are little more than fan nods to future continuity.

Lost Canvas Anime: Return To The Boob Tube

First Cloth Form: Prelude to Pain
He's got the whole world/bloodbath ahead of him.

Tenma earned the Pegasus Bronze Cloth in Sanctuary during Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas' anime after training with Libra Dohko. It seems to be similar to most Bronze Cloths in appearance and durability, having a mildly short lifespan. It appears to be very similar to the Shiori design, which drew mostly from the original anime design, outside of the manga-inspired helmet. Unlike the original, very little seems to differ from manga to anime adaptation, outside of the manga variation being more shiny. This version of the Cloth was last seen as Tenma was taken to Jamir, after his Cloth was severely damaged, and needed repair.

Second Cloth Form: Lost Virginity
You say losing Virgo early is symbolic, I say hax.

After the damage his Cloth took, Tenma needed it repaired, and Virgo Asmita was willing to give his blood for this cause, as he already knew his time drew short. The Cloth grew stronger, and more protective thanks to the golden blood, though it never allowed him to turn his Cloth gold. The design in question is a good adaptation of Shiori's own variation of this particular Pegasus Bronze Cloth. The chest armor grows significantly, now covering the full chest instead of just over the heart. The gloves gain sharp side pieces that make them slightly more bulky, and the belt slims down, but is more decorative. The legs are comparable in amount of skin covered, though slightly different in design. The helmet, meanwhile, stays mostly the same, despite the other changes (mostly just the middle of the headpiece getting more bulky). This design sees Tenma through to the end of the OVA, after many extensive battles.

God Cloth Form: I Dream of Pegasus
Most guys just dream of beautiful women and completing life goals...

Tenma was trapped in the dream world of Morphia, with no clear way to escape. During his attempt to fight Modeler Morpheus, one of the four Dream Gods, all of his emotions were stripped from him...but interference from Alone pushed Tenma over the edge, and he was able to create the Pegasus God Cloth in his dreams, letting him kill Morpheus. The Pegasus God Cloth was from a whole different class of Cloth entirely, with strength and defense worthy to take blows from lesser gods easily. The Cloth now covered almost all of the body, with the gloves and leggings now going along the limbs fully. The belt and chest armor merged into one piece that covered all of the body itself. The helmet only covered slightly more, but was an improvement over the original. All of this came alongside ornate decorations all across the body. The Cloth was only seen during this dream sequence, as the Pegasus Bronze Cloth didn't meet the requirements needed to make the change on it's own.

Next Dimension: Past Meets Present, If 1990 Was The Present

Previous Holy War Form: Let's Do The Time Warp Again!
I know I should have listened to Shun about this Temple...

In Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, the Pegasus Saint of the 1700s is Tenma. He was given this Cloth by his master, Crateris Suikyo, and first put it on just before the start of the Holy War. It's unclear if this is the form that the Pegasus Bronze Cloth is meant to look like, or if it's been upgraded prior to this war. Kurumada made this design similar to the Pegasus Bronze Cloth as it was during much of the Hades Arc, prior to becoming a God Cloth. It covers much of Tenma's body in the same way that the previously mentioned design did. The only real major change to the design is that the bottom of the chest armor is much more rounded than the pointy version that inspired it. It could have been designed like this to make Tenma not look bad when compared to Shun or the Gold Saints. The Cloth was last seen as Tenma falls to the ground on the path to the Temple of the Leo from injuries.

God Cloth Form: Not Under Warranty If Broken By A God
"Charging at a sword...bad idea."

During the prologue of Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, we get to see part of the Bronze Saints' fight with Hades. Seiya fights in his God Cloth, determined to protect Athena with his life if need be. The design is similar to the original, albeit during this prologue, Kurumada had been away from his manga for about 15 years, so the work was rough. Still, it covers all of the body, like the original did. At this point, Seiya had lost his helmet, as per Saint Seiya tradition, but the rest of his body was protected. The distinctive, familiar patterns of the Pegasus God Cloth are in full force, as is the depth and texture of the design, but in full color for the first time in manga history, the proper golden color that Kurumada intended. The Pegasus God Cloth was only seen thus far in flashbacks and the prologue, Seiya currently being stuck in a coma.

Omega: Clothstone Cowboy

Classic: Pegasus Flashback Cloth
Sanctuary Version: Pilot Edition
"Somehow, I can't shake the feeling I've done this before..."

Prior to the major changes the Cloths went through in Saint Seiya Omega, this is how the Pegasus Bronze Cloth originally looked. It comes from the first anime design, as this was from a flashback to the start of the Original Anime. It is roughly the same design, but in the style used for Omega. Of course, this design would change several times during the course of the series, before being changed into the Clothstone version.

Hades Version: Fireproof Boots For Kicking Ass In Hell? Priceless
You think your flame-retardant longjohns will work? I had to get a goddess' blood just to be allowed in the door!

Saint Seiya Omega followed the events of the Original Anime and the Hades OVAs, so it was only natural that it eventually reached this form at some time in the past. Only seen in the form of a flashback, it looks similar to the Hades OVA version, albeit less metallic, and a lighter color than the OVA variant. It is unclear as to what form this Cloth took prior to changing, as Seiya had become the Sagittarius Gold Saint before fighting Mars.

Modern: Cosmic Energy- Good For Makeovers
Beginning of Omega: Magical Boy Pegasus
I think after seeing this design, Seiya agreed to that Sagittarius Promotion...

Due to the effects of some sort of cosmic event, the Pegasus Bronze Cloth had changed into a new form. The Cloth was now stored in a Clothstone, and took on a whole new, slightly magical girl style. The Saint who had earned the new Pegasus Bronze Cloth was Kouga, who was raised by Saori. The change appears to have happened to the final regular form of the Cloth, prior to becoming a God Cloth. The design is far more smooth, and far less detailed; still managing to cover most of the body. The chest armor is now a full body one piece armor with the Clothstone in the center. The leggings appear to have jewel-like knee armor, and the earpieces of the helmet don't seen to connect to the forehead armor. The red trim is reminiscent of the original anime design. This variation of the Pegasus Bronze Cloth is last seen as Kouga and his fellow Bronze Saints arrive at the new Sanctuary, Aries Kiki repairing their damaged Cloths

New Sanctuary: Pimp My Cloth
Kids these days, always adding bling to their ancient Greek armor...

Aries Kiki proved to be the first loyal to Athena over Mars by repairing the damaged Pegasus Bronze Cloth, changing it's form somewhat in the process. While the design is mostly true to the previous version, some slight changes are made to it. In addition to the natural strength increase and damage restoration, the right gauntlet of the Cloth appears somewhat different, gaining a large diamond on the top of the hand, and several red stripes going to the diamond on the fist. The improved endurance of the Cloth is made clear when Kouga proves able to survive several attacks from Taurus Harbinger. Despite these improvements, it could only take so much damage, as an entire Sanctuary assault but fighting several gods took it's toll on the Cloth.

Post-Mars: Back to Cloth Boxes
Because sometimes, asspulls make for the best clothes shopping.

Kouga's Cloth was greatly damaged after the battles with both Mars and Abzu, leaving him with a Cloth he had little faith in. But thanks to some wise words from an old butler during an assault by a Pallasite, he was able to force the Clothstone to shatter, restoring his Cloth to a more traditional form. It even seems to cover less than past versions that Kouga wore. Design-wise, it seems most reminiscent of the Poseidon Arc version, albeit keeping many of the flares of the Omega versions, including the frequent use of the Clothstone shape. In terms of general aesthetic, it looks more Cloth-like than past iterations. The most major changes seem to be the numerous gems added, and the Pegasus head on the chest piece.


Special Abilities of Bronze Cloth of Pegasus

While the Pegasus Bronze Cloth has been used by important characters exclusively in the series', it never shows any particular special ability. Not extreme durability, regeneration, a unique weapon, or differing defense.

Techniques used by Pegasus Saints

Between Seiya, Tenma, and Kouga, four major attacks were shown for the Pegasus Saint during his battles in the various series.

"Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken"

The "Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken" or "Pegasus Meteor Fist" is an offensive technique used by Seiya, Tenma, and Kouga. The "Ryu Sei Ken" is a technique used to inflict many quick strikes on the enemy, to overwhelm them. Initially, the "Ryu Sei Ken" can only manage 85 punches per second, but the number gradually increases throughout the course of the series, even reaching light-speed upon the user awakening the seventh sense, even if only for an instant. For Kouga, this technique is more a finishing move than a basic technique.

"Pegasus Sui Sei Ken"

The "Pegasus Sui Sei Ken" or "Pegasus Comet Fist" is an offensive technique used by Seiya, Tenma, and Kouga. It is a technique he uses to combine all of his power into one strike. Rather than chip away at a foe with his "Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken", it can be used on a more resilient foe to take them out. While more powerful, the technique is used far less often than the signature Pegasus Technique.

"Pegasus Rolling Crush"

The "Pegasus Rolling Crush" is an offensive technique used by Seiya and Kouga. Grabbing his opponent from behind, the user leaps up to an extreme height in the air, before coming back down, slamming his foe's head into the ground. A powerful, risky technique; Seiya very rarely uses it, but it can be a powerful blow if it succeeds.

"Pegasus Senkou Ken"

The "Pegasus Senkou Ken" or "Pegasus Flash Fist" is an offensive technique used by Kouga. An elemental technique, Kouga gathers his light cosmo into his hand, creating a sphere of light above his head. He then strikes his foe with the bright light, doing extensive damage to his foe.



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