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Welcome to Seiyapedia!

Disappointed by the amount of erroneous data floating around on the web, and frustrated to see their contributions in constant jeopardy at Wiki, the members of the Saint Seiya Fan Forum decided to create their own organized hub of information about the series. As a result, the 'Pedia, as it is affectionately know, was born in 2008 as a Saint Seiya Wiki. Created by the fans for the fans, its goal is to both inform and entertain readers by providing detailed and accurate information with just a touch of spunk. If you wish to join, just go to the forums and ask either Tetsu Aero or any other admin and you will soon get an account. Remember all texts are copyrighted, as we put in a lot of work in writing the articles.

Seiyapedia is an ongoing project and we always welcome new editors. If you would like to contribute, you can consult the User's Guide for information on using the Wiki software. Please register first if you haven't. If you are already a member of the Saint Seiya Fan Forum, you can use that login name and password.

Latest Seiyapedia additions:
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All You Ever Wanted to Know...

The articles in the following categories focus on the official components of the franchise (manga, anime, movies and OVAs as well as companion publications and merchandise). They cover the history of Saint Seiya and provide detailed release information on the various materials, including plot summaries and product descriptions.

Original · Episode. G · Next Dimension · Lost Canvas · LC Side Mangas
TV Series · Movies · OVA
BGM · Songs · Musicals
Outside Stories · Novels
For Manga · For Anime
Saint Cloth Series · Video Games · Saint Cloth Myth · Original Era · Revival Era · New Era
Original Manga · Other Universe

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... And then Some

For more in-depth and illustrated information about the events, characters and armours portrayed in the various Saint Seiya series, you can consult the articles in the following categories:

  • Characters (biography, techniques, notable relationships and events)
Classic · Lost Canvas · Next Dimension · Episode G (upcoming)
  • Armours (history, properties, images and detailed schematics)
Athena's Cloths · Odin's God Robes · Poseidon's Scales · Hades' Surplices (upcoming)

The Legendary Youths - Saint Seiya in a Nutshell

Saint Seiya was created by Masami Kurumada in 1986; the story of Athena's Saints, young men and women who fought for the goddess wearing armour known as Cloths, each one representing a different astral constellation.

The original manga series consisted of 28 volumes, covering three distinct chapters. An anime, based on the manga, was promptly produced, totalling 114 episodes with the addition of five movies. Unfortunately, the anime only covered the original arc and Poseidon arc (flanking the controversial Asgard filler arc). Years after both the manga and anime series had ended, the story's finale, The Hades, was picked up for production as a 31 episode OVA.

Currently, there are three manga series that act as alternative backstories to the original Saint Seiya storyline. These began around the same time as The Hades OVA, and as a result the first two focus heavily on Athena's rivalry with Hades, giving alternative tellings of the previous Holy War two centuries ago; Lost Canvas, and Next Dimension, the latter of which is written and drawn by Kurumada. Episode G on the other hand, tells the tale of the current generation of Gold Saints in their youth, and their battle with the Titans.

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