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Dryad Luco




Date of Birth

March 19




Dryad Surplice


Curse of Lily






Heavenly Star


Steadfast Star

Manga Debut

Chapter 2: Child of the Gardens, Child of the Fields

Anime Debut
Japanese Voice

Jurota Kosugi

English Voice

Dryad Luco (バジリスクのシルフィード) is a minor character from Shiori Teshirogi's anime/manga series, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Anecdotes. His power lies within the Heavenly Steadfast Star (天立星), and is also the brother of Pisces Lugonis.



Luco was the second of two children, with Lugonis being his elder brother. Lugonis would however go on to become one of Athena's 88 Saints the Pisces Saint, which also carried the burden of having a poisonous blood that made him unable to come in contact with other humans. Luco was horrified by this and started researching herbs and medicine in order to find a cure fore his brother.[1]

On one day, Luco found an orphaned child in one of the field of herbs and decided to adopt him. He named him Pefko and raised him to be skilled in the arts of healing and medicine.[2]

Although he was becoming more and more frustrating in his search for a cure for Lugonis, Pefko's smile was what kept his spirits up. But Pefko fell ill with a high fever at one time and none of Luco's herbal medicine was effective. As his student lay close to death, Luco fell into despair and called out to Death itself to save him, and that he would do any evil deed it took. Death responded and said he had to continue treating patients with flowers from the underworld. They would turn his patients into the undead, free from any sickness. Death asked what he would do and Luco said yes. Pefko was saved and Luco continued to make Specters out of his patients.[3]

Until one day when Pefko would however run of from the island and go to Athena's Sanctuary in search of help.[2]


Luco noticed a boat from Sanctuary approaching the island and decided to create a whirlpool to deter them from the island. It failed however, and the envoys from Sanctuary came aboard the island. He was in the middle of healing several of the sick people that had come that day when he saw them approaching. He noticed Pefko was with the Gold Saint of Pisces. Luco stepped forward and introduced himself and thanked the Saint for rescuing his pupil.[2]

The Saint did not reply but kept staring at him, prompting Luco to ask if something was wrong. The Saint apologised and introduced himself as Pisces Albafica. Luco guessed he had some form of connection with his brother Lugonis but did not say anything. Instead he thanked him for bringing back his pupil, but that he did not have time to talk with the Saint as patients were waiting. Suddenly a commotion erupted behind them where a plague victim was dragging her body towards them, begging for help. Luco asked Pefko to assist him, and together they grinded herbs into a dew which healed the woman instantly. The crowd cheered on Luco as their saviour, and he proclaimed his life purposing of curing any from poison or disease. As Pefko helped he kept noticing that the boy added other herbs to the mixture, but did not put much thought to it. After the patients were cured, Luco finally had time for Albafica and asked what mischief Pefko had been up to. The Saint revealed that it was not Pefko, but that an evil star, a bad omen was hanging over the island. He was confused now after seeing Luco however, and needed to reassess the situation. Luco decided to ask about who the person he resembled, but Albafica cut him of by saying that a poisonous person like Lugonis had little in common with a healer such as Luco. Luco asked if he meant the abominable blood of Pisces and asked if he should remove it for the Saint. He knew of the poisonous blood and the solitude it came with and offered to let his herbs free him.[4]

Luco explained that his healing techniques came from the white lilies on the island, and that they were the opposite of the demon roses that the Saint grew. He noticed the Saint becoming disoriented by the flowers, and demanded he plead for salvation. Albafica snapped back that this was his path and not someone else to chose his salvation. The healer replied that there was always time to form a white bond between them and reached out with the lily making Albafica faint.[5]

He brought Albafica into his house where he laid him on a bed to wait him out, but did not allow Pefko to join them. He noted Albafica had a nightmare as he awoke from his slumber. He then explained about the white lily's poison neutralizing characteristics. The Saint asked if he had been truthful about being able to remove the poison from his blood to which he replied that it was the reason he had become a healer. He revealed that Lugonis was his brother. While his brother was now dead, he could at least relieve Albafica from the poison but asked him to not rush his answer.[1]

Later in the evening he came upon Pefko and Albafica watching the patients transform into Specters. He heard Pefko reveal that he had known about it and deduced that was why he mixed in other herbs in the recipe. He appeared behind them and informed them of his deduction, and pitied Pefko for betraying him as he was the only one stupid enough to follow him. The boy shouted that he was not gonna do as Luco wanted as he had changed too much. Luco then said there was no other way but to send both of them to hell, as the Dryad Specter and donned his Surplice.[6]

Albafica jumped out into the field with Pefko with Luco following them. Pefko shouted that he wasn't master his any more, to which Luco replied that he would always be his master. He knew how much he had searched for a treatment that would get rid of all deceases. Luco had found the cure in the flowers from the Underworld, which essentially turned the patients into the undead. Albafica said it was neither cure or salvation, and destroying the bond between Pefko and Luco himself was unforgivable. Luco became angry and told the Saint to shut up, especially someone with the filthy Pisces blood, and launched another attack with his branches. Albafica easily deflected the roots with a black rose to Luco's disbelief and said he was stupid to mistake Luco for someone like Lugonis. The Saint told him to apologize in the after life and launched his Pihranian Rose technique at the Specter. Luco used the attack against him and grew the stems of the roses into his root. He used his "Curse of Lily" technique and entangled Albafica in a web of thorns. He told the Saint to stop struggle as the blood might splatter unto Pefko which made the Saint freeze in position. Just as Luco was about to finish him, Pefko jumped in front of the Saint and said that he would protect him. Albafica told the boy to stay back, but Pefko said no as he would not leave an injured person, just as Luco had taught him. Luco was shocked at his pupil who kept reminding him how close they had been and that he knew Luco was a very good man inside. The Dryad boiled up inside and said that the boy should die with the Saint as he launched an attack. The Pisces Saint managed to break free and protect the boy however. He then told Pefko to leave and went to face Luco.[7]

The Saint walked up to Luco and praised him for raising a good student, but demanded to know why he attacked him. Luco laughed as the Saint should worry about himself instead as he had been immobilized by his own roses. Plus the white lilies where they were standing were working against Abafica. There's no salvation for warriors he said as he launched another attack at the Saint. Luco smirked and said a student was nothing more than a teacher's tool. He taunted Albafica by saying he had only been a tool for Lugonis to achieve his goals and that there was no bond. The Dryad then sent more branches to completely engulf the Saint. Suddenly a red mist started to seep out from the branches, withering the tree branches. Luco was in disbelief as his whole garden of lilies started to turn red. The Pisces Saint was still alive and explained that his poisonous blood had won against the lilies, the blood he had inherited from Lugonis. No one would sacrifice themselves for someone who saw them as a tool he said to the Specter. Luco became more frustrated and told him to shut up, but was struck down immediately by Albafica's "Crimson Thorn" technique. As Luco fell to the ground, Pisces said he had learned from Pefko how a student strived after his master as a son.[8]

Luco lay staring up into the night sky as Albafica picked him up in his arms to the Specter's disbelief. The Gold Saint asked what had brought him to do such evil and sat him up against a branch. Luco said he reminded him of his brother in that he would allow him to make peace. He explained how frustrated he had become when searching for a cure for his brother, and how his precious Pefko had fallen ill with a terminal decease. The despair made him make a deal with Death itself in order to cure Pefko. Pefko was crying in disbelief, and had never known all of it had been for him. Luco told him to not worry as it had been his choice, and in the end he had managed to see Lugonis' legacy. As Luco took his last breath the whole field of lilies started to disappear and the Specters were reverting back to human form. In his final thoughts he understood that Lugonis was not unhappy following the path of poison as he had found someone to entrust his whole life to. Pefko ran up to him when he noticed that Luco was disappearing. He told the boy that he would always be with him.[3]

Concept & Creation

Special Techniques

"Curse of Lily"


Notes and References

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