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Leo Gold Cloth
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Leo (Lion)


Aiolia, Regulus, Ilias, Kaiser, Mycenae, Ikki(briefly)






Sanctuary (arc), Poseidon (arc), Hades (arc), Episode G, The Lost Canvas, The Lost Canvas - Anecdotes, Next Dimension, Omega

The Leo Gold Cloth is the Cloth of the Saint Aiolia in Saint Seiya and Saint Seiya: Episode G (and briefly worn by Ikki in the Original Series), by Regulus and Ilias in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, by Kaiser in Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, and by Mycenae in Saint Seiya: Omega. It is of the highest class of the Cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Gold Cloths.


Cloth History

"Yes, you're about to die...and stop that screaming, or it'll only get worse...good."

Mythology: Nemean Lion

The Leo constellation was based on the Nemean Lion that Heracles faced as one of his legendary Twelve Labors. The creature's hide was impervious, so he had to trap it in its cave and strangle it to death, using its claws to skin it. While Heracles was allowed to keep his pelt, the lion found it's place in the sky, as a constellation.

Classic: Sleeping Lion- Awakened by Rage

Aiolia trained to be a Saint in Sanctuary, years before the birth of the modern Athena, by his brother, Sagittarius Aiolos *At least, according to the anime*. The Cloth was likely kept in Sanctuary until a Saint worthy of wearing it was found. Aiolia was ordered to kill the Bronze Saints, but learned of Athena's place at their side and joined them. Saga used his "Phantom Demon Emperor Attack" to control Aiolia, and he fought Seiya until Cassios killed himself to snap Aiolia out of it. Aiolia also fought off and killed many Specters during the Hades Arc. He was eventually trapped in Hell when trying to help the Bronzes get to Hades. He returned from being frozen in Cocytus, and combined his powers with the other Gold Saints to destroy the Wall of Lamentations, dying in the process. When it was sent to Elyseum by Poseidon, Ikki donned the Cloth, until Thanatos shattered it.

Lost Canvas/Next Dimension: Previous War

Regulus was the Guardian of the fifth house of Sanctuary in The Lost Canvas, and the youngest of the Gold Saints during that era. He was called a genius and prodigy for his fast growth and ability to learn a foe's weaknesses and strengths so quickly. Regulus helped defend the ship that the Saints were going to repair to travel to the Lost Canvas, fighting off Behemoth Violate, and defeating her, but falling to Garuda Aiacos. While being defeated, he wasn't killed by Aiacos, just injured, as Sagittarius Sisyphus came to fight. Regulus met his end during the battle with Wyvern Rhadamanthys, who had gained the blood of Hades. He fell after injuring Rhadamanthys greatly, using attacks that should have been impossible. Before he became a Saint, his father Ilias was the Leo Gold Saint, and died fighting Wyvern Rhadamanthys.

During the events of the previous Holy War in Next Dimension, Kaiser was the Leo Gold Saint, guarding the Temple of the Lion during the assault on Sanctuary by the Specters. Upon arrival at the fifth temple, Andromeda Shun and Pegasus Tenma found that Garuda Suikyou was defeated by Kaiser's armored sacred lion, Goldie. At first, he was opposed to letting any of them pass, but Goldie eventually showed affection to them all, making Kaiser have his doubts. It didn't take long for Cancer Deathtoll to show up with several Specters. Kaiser questioned his loyalty, as Goldie took care of the Specters. But, the Worm Specter attacked him; Kaiser breaking his hold. After finishing Worm, Deathtoll told Kaiser that Suikyou was going to fight on, and likely die, despite injuries; that he should pity the man. Kaiser let the Bronze Saints go, knowing they would have to go to the Temple of the Maiden next.

Episode G: Dead Traitor Brother Blues

In Saint Seiya: Episode G, Aiolia is a younger, more distant Saint, not trusted by his fellow Gold Saints. A mission to prevent an insane, rejected Saint trainee from blowing up a nuclear reactor is the start of events that would change his life. Making new friends, he ends up having to prove himself to the others as the Titans attack Sanctuary, aiming to steal back Cronus' weapon back from them.

Omega: Lyin' Lion

Mycenae is the man who was chosen to be the Leo Gold Saint in Saint Seiya: Omega. First appearing at the Tower of Babel, he was quickly revealed to be loyal to Mars, and for the false Athena taking over. He proved to be too much for the Bronzes, driving them away. Later, he is revealed to be the one who trained Orion Eden. He fought to defend Mars' Sanctuary, but he found himself convinced of the Bronze Saints' position and went to help, but fell to Pisces Amor.

Cloth Design: King of the Cloths

Classic Manga: The Eye of the Lion is Greater Than the Eye of the Tiger

If the power of the wielder doesn't kill you, the damn glare will.

This is the form the Leo Gold Cloth takes during the original Saint Seiya series' manga. Aiolia earned the Cloth in Sanctuary, and it was first seen when Aiolia arrived at the hospital to slay the rogue Bronze Saints. Like most Gold Cloth's original forms, it covers most of the body in a golden armor. The Cloth itself doesn't have any special abilities to differentiate itself from the other Gold Cloths. Kurumada gave us a good design with the Leo Gold Cloth; the attached metal that waved in patterns, the traditional engraved details, the shine that stood out, even in black and white...Kurumada was just starting to get really good at this point in designing armors. The body of the Cloth goes from a full chestplate to shoulder guards and a hip guard. The hip guard comes from the mane of the lion, having wrapped around the torso. The arms and legs are the lion's own limbs; many flexible joints with solid coverage make them effective limb armor. The helmet comes from the hair on the head of the lion, and give the look of a lion to it's wearer. The Cloth was last seen in the Hades Arc, one of the five Gold Cloths send to Elyseum by Poseidon. Thanatos destroyed it and the other four Gold Cloths to show them that they weren't going to be saved by the Gold Cloths again.

Classic Anime: Not One You Survive Pissing Off

Your idiocy has only bought you seconds before he punches your head off while roaring like a lunatic.

Naturally, when it came time to adapt Saint Seiya into an anime, the Leo Gold Cloth was going to join it's brethren. The design was simplified for the sake of making animation more practical; an addition was made to color part of his helmet and his gem on his Cloth as a dark green. Other than that, the standard rule of making designs seem more sketched on than as a physical piece of material sticking outward. It saw it's last use briefly during the Poseidon Arc, while Aiolia argued that they should go help the Bronze Saints.

Hades OVA: Sleep Fighting

You can't even beat him in his dreams, because he'll just punch you out.

Returning to the fight years later, the Hades OVAs covered the missing portion of the series than the anime missed. The Leo Gold Cloth returned with Aiolia, keeping the previous alterations that the anime took, but changing the style of the coloring, and making the textures slightly more solid than the prior anime did. The Cloth changed hands from Aiolia to Ikki at the end of the series. Making it to the Hades Elyseum OVA, it was send to Elyseum by Poseidon, along with four others to help the Bronze Saints. Thanatos destroyed the five Gold Cloths the Bronze Saints used, trying to show them the futility of their fight.

Episode G: Red Hair? It Just Doesn't Work For Aiolia

Hair dye doesn't change the fact that your brother was stabbed in the kidneys while trying to save Athena.

Saint Seiya: Episode G is where the Leo Gold Cloth truly gets to shine. Aiolia, star of the manga, first appeared at the start of the series, helping a government agent deal with a rejected Saint trainee who wanted to blow up a nuclear reactor; he donned the Gold Cloth to fight for the honor of the dying man. The Leo Gold Cloth was always going to get a highly detailed variation for Episode G, given that Aiolia was the main character. The design was streamlined, with more ornate details through engravings, vs metal sticking out. The design was also slimmed down, fitting the smaller, less muscular Saints. Unlike the anime version of the Cloth, this version uses red for the gem on the Cloth.

Lost Canvas Manga: Prodigy, Genius, Living Deus ex Machina

Few characters have the balls to pull that kind of hax when they're not main characters...

During the previous Holy War of Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas', Regulus was the Leo Gold Saint, following in the footsteps of his father, Leo Illas. Shiori kept true to the traditional design of the Leo Gold Cloth, giving a faithful recreation of the Cloth in her own style. It held up the high detail and shine the Kurumada version was known for, avoiding the coloring choices that the anime had gone with. The Cloth lasted quite a while under Regulus, leaving as he died. Still, he was able to do great damage to Wyvern Rhadamanthys, leaving him weakened.

Next Dimension: I Heard You Like Lions, So I Gave Your Lion a Lion So He Could Lion While He Lions

Lion puns aside, having an actual armored lion makes him the most badass Leo.

Thanks to the time travel shenanigans of Chronos in Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, Shun got to face the Leo Gold Saint of the previous Holy War, Kaiser, and his Sacred Armored Lion, Goldie. For this particular Gold Cloth, Kurumada seemed to remain mostly faithful...yet he seemed to make some changes. While it holds most of the same detail and texture, one thing that stands out in the torso of the armor. The covering of the stomach seems somewhat sharper in the new design when compared to the original version. Plus, it seems to come with a Cloth fitted for a Lion, which is always a bonus for when you need to have your pet fight alongside you.

Omega: Old Man Leo Was The Monster?!

You can't ever trust that creepy old man with the suit of armor, he's always the crazy Black Knight.

Saint Seiya: Omega introduces us to the first villainous Leo Gold Saint, Mycenae. Serving Mars over the true Athena, he attempted to stop our heroes from rescuing their Fake Athena. The event that changed all the Cloths into coming from Clothstones affected the Leo Gold Cloth as well, drastically simplifying and smoothing out the design. With the exception of two chest swirls, and the torso gem, almost all of the original detail seems to have been lost.


Special Abilities of Gold Cloth of Leo

The Leo Gold Cloth, while having all of the strength and endurance of a Gold Cloth, has no special traits that make it stand out as a cloth.

Techniques used by Leo Saints

Between Aiolia, Regulus, Ilias, Kaiser, and Mycenae, four major attacks were shown for the Leo Saints during their battles in the various series.

"Lightning Bolt"

"Lightning Bolt" is an offensive technique used by Leo Gold Saint Aiolia. The attack is the release of a medium-sized ball of light-energy, shot from the hand. It moves at the speed of light, and is very powerful, pressing Seiya back, even though he wore the Sagittarius Gold Cloth.

"Lightning Plasma"

"Lightning Plasma" is an offensive technique used by the Leo Gold Saints. The user punches over one-hundred million times in a second, appearing to be streaks of light so fast they form a net to most who see it. The attack moves at the speed of light, and is very dangerous to anyone who enters its range.

"Athena Exclamation"

The "Athena Exclamation" is an offensive technique used normally by three Gold Saints combining their power; Regulus proves to be an exceptional Gold Saint, and does this technique by himself. The user/users gather an intense amount of power and release it at a single point, recreating the power of the Big Bang.

"Zodiac Exclamation"

The "Zodiac Exclamation" is an offensive technique used created by Regulus, to surpass the power of the "Athena Exclamation" by matching the power of Twelve Gold Saints. The user gather a nigh impossible amount of power and release it as a devastating attack to most any living foe.



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