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This is about the character from The Lost Canvas series. For info on the Bennu Surplice, click here.





Date of Birth

August 12




Bennu Surplice






Heavenly Star


Savage Star

Manga Debut

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - The Myth of Hades - Chapter 10: The Castle of Evil

Anime Debut

The Holy War Begins

Japanese Voice

Jun Fukuyama

English Voice

Bennu Kagaho (Tenbōsei Benuu no Kagaho, 天暴星ベヌウの輝火) is a major character from Shiori Teshirogi's anime/manga series, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. His power lies within the Heavenly Savage Star (天暴星), and is one of the few exceptional powerful spectres among the Underworld.


Personality & Background


Kagaho was born to Japanese decent along with his younger brother Sui, but they became orphaned at a young age and came to live on the streets. Kagaho often fought to protect his little brother but in the end Sui committed suicide as he felt he was constantly troubling his older brother. Eventually the grief stricken Kagaho would be sought out by the Savage Star and the Bennu Surplice and transformed into one of the god Hades' 108 warriors, the Specters. He remembered his oath to Hades and journeyed to the Underworld where most of his brethren were.


While seeking a purpose to his life he ended up at the fellow Specter Atavaka in the Underworld. During his stay the Gold Saint of Virgo, Asmita came down to the Underworld to aid a soul. The Gold Saint fought of one of Atavaka's Specters, Kageboshi so the Specter ordered Kagaho to deal with him. Kagaho sneered at him to not give him orders, and thought that his way lied in the martial arts instead of spiritual, and as such he set out to face the Gold Saint.[1] He found the Gold Saint accompanied by a soul conversing to each others, so Kagaho decided to get their attention by burning all the corpses around them with his black flames. He looked down on the Saint and had expected him to be more, but now he seemed to be just another weakling. He mocked the Saint for being a weakling that only saved weak souls, but the Saint replied that he had saved none, and countered by saying that the Specters were going astray themselves. Kagaho angrily replied that he was a mere hobby for him and launched his "Corona Blast" technique at the Saint. Kagaho kept attack the Saint who blocked each attack with a barrier but the Specter continued. Asmita told him that the savagery of his flames would one day make it so that Kagaho would one day be devoured by Nihilism. Kagaho kept striking at the Saint until eventually his Bennu Surplice started to break and he lost his posture and the Gold Saint left to save the soul once more.[2]


The Gold Saint had started to battle with Atavaka, and Kagaho arrived while they were conversing about theology. Kagaho used his flames to break them up and told them to stop talking and for Atavaka to leave as the Saint was his prey. Atavaka had revealed that he planned to control the God of the Underworld and Kagaho called him a fool for it. Atavaka left the Saint to Kagaho and disappeared. The Bennu Specter turned his attention to Asmita and said that the Saint's companion soul was also a fool, as the dead could only be seen in your dreams. The Saint disgusted him, and decided to use his "Crucify Ankh" technique to burn him to ashes. Suddenly the Saint disappeared, disappointing Kagaho who thought he had wasted his time. There was no way to bring back the dead he said to himself. Suddenly a young voice said that he agreed with him, his brother. Kagaho became shocked as his little brother Sui stood in front of him. The boy asked him if he was hurting people again, even though it was wrong. Kagaho realized it must be some kind of illusion and commended the Gold Saint, but suddenly his Surplice disappeared. The boy continued to talk of how he was hurt when Kagaho hurt others and asked why he continued to live like that. Kagaho became irritated and snapped at the Virgo Saint to stop, which he did and commented on how Kagaho was feeling guilty for his brother. The Bennu Specter became furious and told him to shut up, but Asmita continued to ask if he became a Specter to avoid the pain. The Saint would make him return from the path of Samara and used his "Om" technique and the continued with his "Tenma Kofuku" technique which devastated Kagaho and his Surplice and sent him flying into the distance while he cursed the Gold Saint.[3]

As he awoke he was lying in the rocky terrain of the Underworld and remembered how the Gold Saint had struck him. Feeling restless he started to wander, until he eventually came upon a boy holding a puppy. The boy resembled his little brother Sui, but the boy was called Alone and was the new host to the Specter's leader, Hades. Kagaho had found what he had been looking for.[4]


Hades launched his first attack which was his vessel Alone's former village that lay nearby the Forest Cathedral. Kagaho followed his master but kept his distance as it was a personal matter for the god. Several of Athena's Saints had arrived to defend the town but was seemingly helpless against the god. The Pegasus Saint, Tenma was an old friend of the boy Alone and was personally slain by Alone as a ritual in becoming the God of the Underworld. Another Saint, Libra Dohko tried to strike at Hades in retaliation, so Kagaho leapt out with his black flames and informed that he would not let him touch his lord Hades. The Libra Saint attacked nevertheless, so Kagaho unleashed his "Corona Blast" which cancelled both attacks. Another Saint came and pulled the Libra Saint in a tactical retreat, which was unexpected for the Bennu. Hades was pleased as they had accomplished their goals and he did not like unnecessary problems. With that he raised the Forest Cathedral high up on a mountain peak to become their new base of operations.[5]

To commemorate his "ascension", Hades held an audience with all of his 108 Specters, but Kagaho did not like such events so he did not participate and stood on the roof of the Cathedral instead. After the audience, Kagaho decided to check up on his lord from the previous battle, and went to his chambers. Hades wondered where he had gone to as he had not seen the Specter, Kagaho told the truth and the god replied that it was just like him to do. The Bennu Specter then asked to see his right arm, and he had indeed received a cut from the battle which angered Kagaho. He realized that it was the Libra Saint's attack that had done it and would not forgive the Saint for his "sin". Griffon Minos had earlier been ordered to perform the first strike on Athena's Sanctuary and Kagaho noted his troops moving from their base. He decided to follow them as he might stumble into the Libra Saint.[6]

Minos' invasion would fail however, and along with his subordinates he would be killed. Kagaho was scouting the outskirts of the Sanctuary for Libra Dohko when he encountered the Gold Saint of Taurus, Aldebaran. He landed in front of the Saint an demanded the location of the Libra Saint, but the Taurus Saint grinned and said that he would have to teach the Specter some manners.[7] Kagaho had however no intentions of fighting someone like the Taurus Saint, and while walking past him he told him to get lost and stay out of his way. Aldebaran grabbed him by his should and said that he had decided to teach him some manners and would do so. Kagaho became irritated and enveloped his shoulder in black flames, but the Saint surprisingly held firm of his shoulder despite the power of the black flames. The Saint if he thought those flames would make him retreat and called him a fool as he smashed hi straight into the ground. Kagaho became furious, but the Saint continued to talk that he first had to bow your head as in apologizing and smashed the Specters head into the ground. Kagaho became furious and jumped away and decided to fight the Taurus Saint. They introduced themselves to each others, which the Saint admitted that he had not expected the Specter to do so and said it was time for the second lesson. Kagaho became irritated and shot back, asking who the rude one was now.[8]

The Taurus Saint crossed his arms and stood firm, almost mockingly. He said the battle would only take a few minutes, but Kagaho retorted, asking if it would be amusing when the Saint was dead. He launched his "Corona Blast" technique at the Saint which swirled around him like a tunnel and asked if he could overcome them. Aldebaran then used his "Great Horn" technique which sent Kagaho flying into a nearby cliff wall. Kagaho became furious and was determined to destroy the Saint. Aldebaran admitted that his flames were strong, filled with hatred, but he did not understand the Specters. Kagaho angrily retorted that he was not himself, and not just any Specter. The Saint told him to look around at the devastation he had caused and asked if this really was Kagaho's reason to live. The Bennu Specter said that it was none of the Saint's concern, the only one that held meaning to him was Hades. He punched the Saint several times, and eventually asked why he did not try to evade them. Aldebaran said that wanted to confirm his true intentions as Kagaho held no hostility in him, so he would set him straight.[9]

Aldebaran used his "Great Horn" technique once more, but Kagaho easily avoided it and mocked the Saint. The Specter explained that he could see every part of the Saint's technique now, but Aldebaran said he wast the fastest of Athena's Saints and the Specter had not seen his limits. Kagaho laughed at the Saint, as he had not seen his strength as well, because amongst the Specters he was also known as the fastest. He asked if they should test which was fastest, his flames or Aldebaran's fists. Kagaho, flew against Aldebaran in a high velocity and started to punch him. He kept hammering the Saint with countless of punches, each more powerful than the other one until the Saint lowered his stance. Kagaho mocked him for saying that he would teach the Specter and punched him yet again.[10]

Kagaho's attacks had successfully burned Aldebaran's arms so that he would be unable to fold them, and Kagaho mocked him for it. Aldebaran laughed, and commented the Specter for having a greater attack speed than him, but his punches did not have any effect on him as they lacked strength and the weight behind them. Kagaho glared and said that his flames would take more than the Saints' arms and attacked him once more. He kept punching the Saint but realized his Cosmo was not wavering, and the Saint eventually roared that his attacks were not effective. Aldebaran said that despite what Kagaho said, the Specter did not fight only others but also himself. The Specter would burn everyone he fought and protected until he isolated himself, Aldebaran continued to say that Kagaho did not even know what he was fighting for. Kagaho became more and more furious until he charged at the Saint once more. Aldebaran said he was like a child throwing a tantrum and smashed the Specter into the cliff wall. Kagaho shouted that he was tired of the Saint's lectures and would smash his mouth until it could not move. He unleashed his "Crucify Ankh" technique which crucified the Saint on black flames, shaped like an ankh. The attack would pin him, making him unable to move so that he could not evade his "Corona Blast" techniques, taking one of Aldebaran's eyes in the progress.[11]

Libra Dohko arrived at that moment, shouting Kagaho's name charging at the Specter. Kagaho told him he had to wait for his turn as the black flames had to finish turning Aldebaran's body to ash. The Saint would not stand for Kagaho's mocking and decided to attack him, with the Specter gladly accepting it. Suddenly they heard Aldebaran telling them to wait, as he would finish the fight. Dohko asked how he would do that, but he reminded him that Saints fought battles one on one. Aldebaran shook himself free from the black flames which surprised Kagaho. Kagaho said he would destroy him this time, but suddenly the disciples of the Taurus Saint appeared. The Saint told them to stay, but one of them said they did not want the Gold Saint to die which sparked a memory in Kagaho. His little brother Sui had once said that he did not want to see Kagaho hurt. The Saints kept talking until Kagaho asked if Aldebaran had said his farewells. He asked if they were the reason why the Taurus Saint would not give up, which was a reason Kagaho had not expected. Kagaho was tired of the Saint's lecture and said that he would finish him this time by pulverizing him.[12]

Kagaho launched three of his "Corona Blast" technique at Aldebaran and said that it would be his end. But the Saint used his "Titan's Nova" technique which wrecked the whole surrounding battleground and repelled Kagho's attacks. It also engulfed Kagaho himself and wrecked his Bennu Surplice. Kagaho walked up to the Saint while bleeding and demanded to know why the Saint had stopped his attack. Aldebaran said calmly that it was because Kagaho had no malice in him. He did not understand why he chose Hades' army as the Specter had only found hostility with the person he wanted to protect. Kagaho clenched his fist as he became furious and told the Saint to stop his lectures, as he was the only who decided his actions, and he had decided to kill them all. With that said he flew away to recuperate, and cried out in frustration.[13]

Some time later, Kagaho tried seeking the Taurus Saint out, but was just in time to witness an assassination atempt on Pegasus Tenma as well as the death of Aldebaran. Frog Zelos was kicking and punching the lifeless body of the Saint, which irked Kagaho. He stepped on the Specter and demanded to know who had ordered them to assassinate the Saint. The little Specter refused as he would not let his credit be taken from him, but with another step the Specter eagerly revealed that it was Pandora, Hades' right hand that had ordered it. He asked if Hades had allowed to which Zelos replied that the deity was preoccupied in painting the Lost Canvas. Pandora was dubious to if the God had really awakened in the vessel called Alone, and were therefore issuing her own orders. The Frog Specter then made the foul offer of forming a team with Kagaho, but the Bennu Specter stomped him into the ground and said that he would obey no one but Hades himself. The Pegasus Saint awoke at that moment and was devastated by the loss of Aldebaran, Kagaho commented that the Gold Saint had done an admirable job and was an untameable man, even in death. The Bronze Saint tried to attack him but he easily repelled him and said that it was regrettable that he had not killed the Taurus Saint himself. Kagaho pulled Tenma closer by the throat and told him to listen, because they would now send assassins solely after the Saint. He then left after informing the Saint that Pandora was pulling the strings now, and if he wanted to know more he would have to find out for himself.[14]

The Saints would invade the Forest Cathedral but were no match for Hades himself. Libra Dohko was severely injured by the god and believed to be dead by the other Saints, so Kagaho took it upon himself to take the Libra Saint to Canon Island where he would recover.[15]


The Specters campaign would not go as planned and eventually they had to abandon the Forest Cathedral and place their base of operations in the Evil Stars Temples that lay in the Lost Canvas that was now materialized across the sky. kagaho received an upgrade to his Bennu Surplice and was put as the guardian of the Terra Temple. Many Specters had died during the campaign, and recently the Garuda Specter, Aiacos had been defeated. Hades was unable to finish the Specter of after his failure so Kagaho was tasked with the extermination. When he found Aiacos, he mocked the Specter for being a former Magnate, one of the Underworld's most powerful. The Garuda SPecter asked if he would be the new magnate to which he wondered if that would bother him. But Aiacos laughed as the title meant nothing to him now, and asked Kagaho to finish him of. Kagaho agreed to vanquish Garuda, who was incapable of showing loyalty to Hades, as those were the only ones fit to serve under the God of the Underworld. Kagaho used an inferior version of his "Corona Blast" technique at Aiacos which wrecked the Garuda Surplice. He informed that Aiacos was unfit to be a Specter, but could go back to living his normal life as Suikyo as he did not have long left to live. With that completed he flew of with Aiacos shouting behind him, asking if the Bennu Specter could live as a Specter himself.[16]


Kagaho received a new mission to acquire Athena's Cloth in the case that the Specters that were sent to retrieve it failed. When he arrived in at Athena's Shrine where the Cloth was located, Libra Dohko had just finished the last of the Specters. They both charged at each other, but Kagaho pinned Dohko to the ground. The Saint demanded to know why he had saved him from Hades and why he was there in Sanctuary. Kagaho revealed that he was waiting for the Saint, and Athena's blood that flowed through his veins. The Saint could not believe it and asked on whose orders he were acting. It was Hades of course, and he wanted Athena's Cloth, so Dohko only had to use the blood to awaken the statue of Athena into the Cloth.[15] He noted that Dohko was just a bloody mess so he would use his "Crucify Ankh" technique to extract the blood. He directed the crucified Saint to the statue of Athena and sliced Dohko several times to release the blood. The statue shone with a divine light and shrunk to a hand sized statue. Kagaho was surprised by its size, but it did not matter as he was there to destroy it. But just as he was to unleash his black flames, the Libra Saint swooshed by and grabbed the Cloth. Just as Kagaho was to follow the Saint, a dimensional doorway opened where Gemini Defteros was standing and grabbing Dohko. The Geini Saint said that the Cloth was not for him to play with, but asked if he could deliver a message to Hades that the Gemini and Libra Saints were heading for the Lost Canvas. The portal closed which left Kagaho bitter, but he decided to return to his lord Hades with the news.[17]


The Saints managed to invade the Evil Star Temples, but as they were preoccupied in the Mercury Temple, Hades were gathering most of what remained of his troops except the Guardians. Kagaho was behind a curtain, watching as the gathering unfolded. Hades said that the annihilation of Athena's army was almost imminent, and bring his vision into reality. He asked the Specters if they were willing to throw away their lives for him to which they heartily agreed to. With a gesture all of the Specters died, horrifying Pandora who was also present. He said that death was salvation, which made Pandora realize that it was still Alone in control. They had a small fight, but Pandora was powerless against the semi-god, and was left at the scene while Alone went to his atelier. [18] Pandora was cursing Alone amongst the bodies of the dead Specters when Kagaho stepped forward and asked if she should not join them if she was so lost. With his black flames he burned all of the bodies to dust. Pandora understood now that Kagaho had known that Alone was still in charge, and asked for how long he had known while pointing her spear at him. The Bennu Specter informed her that he had known since the first time he met him. He asked Pandora if she had not felt the love and kindness that Alone had for all beings when she was close to him. Yet she replied that she did not care as he was not her deity Hades, and she would do anything to get him back. She attacked Kagaho who replied that it would be nice to be reunited with your younger brother. He then cleared the way through the flames for her. He said that he did understand what she was going through, and that she should show her sadness to Alone. Pandora then strode away, saying that it would not be a much harsher path then the one she had taken during her life.[19]

Kagaho flew up to his Lord's atelier and noted ow the place was filled with peace and tranquillity, all thanks to the one who regained his humanity. As he approached, his lord asked what Kagaho thought of his most recent work's "true colours". The semi-god had become tired of his work but had to finish it as soon as possible. He wondered if Pandora would be able to retrieve her brother Hades or would Tenma and Athena manage to bring back their childhood friend. Kagaho said that he should follow his heart and finish the Lost Canvas, as they would never reach the atelier, not as long as he and the other guardians shared Alone's dream of salvation.[20]


Kagaho would then return to his temple, just in time as the Saints had reached it. He lit an ankh with his black flames and informed that it was the tombstone of where he buried his human emotions.[21]Pegasus Tenma declared that it would be him that defeated the Bennu Specter. Kagaho sneered and said that someone like Tenma who relied on others would never be a worthy opponent. He unleashed his "Crucify Ankh" technique at the Saints, but the goddess Athena who had lost her divine powers were still standing strong. He mocked her for being out of protector, and they would not be able to free themselves from his flames. They were now defenceless as they could only stand as a group, because care, love, friendship and hatred were just a nuisance. He urged on his black flames as he said that he had purged himself of such feelings as strength had no need for such impurities. To his surprise she latched onto his arm despite the flames, while the Specter asked why she would do do such an idiotic thing. Athena said she had lost too many companions and she would not let go of any of her feelings for the Earth, Saint or Specters. She would pick up everything that Kagaho threw away, even what he left in the tombstone. Kagaho glared at her and said condescendingly that she was weak. Just as he was to burn her with his flames, several golden dragons soared in-between them and extinguished the flames. Kagaho realized that it could only be Libra Dohko, who had just arrived at the scene. The Specter commented that the Saint's injuries had healed since their last encounter, the Saint replied that it was nothing and proposed that they would finish the war they had between them. Kagaho had not expected it but would like nothing more.[22]


But Dohko would first deliver Athena's Cloth to his goddess. Athena received it and vowed to wear it in order to end the Holy War between her and Hades. That was something Kagaho could not allow as he would not let them near Alone, and so he sent his flames against them. Dohko said he was under the protection of Athena's blood and deflected the flames which gave the Saints and Athena time to escape. Kagaho launched his "Corona Blast" at them but the technique was also stopped. So if the Libra Saint was under the protection of Athena's blood now, the Bennu Specter would extinguish it. He rose his hand up and used his "Rising Darkness" technique which created a black miniature like sun. The technique turned the surrounding area into a blazing hell which drained the Saint of the water in his body. He told Dohko that the Saint's duty was over now as he would die dehydrated.[23]


Kagaho said as he was walking away that the black sun was like him and would turn everything to ash. But suddenly it started to rain which made Kagaho turn around and see two dragons envelop the sun. the Saint was still alive, and wondered why he had never hated the Bennu Specter. He came to the conclusion that Kagaho had the same sorrowful eyes as his old master who had lost someone important to him at a young age and ended up on a road of violence and rage. For a thousand years he would unleash his rage on anybody and ended up isolated, in the end his rage and loneliness turned him into a dragon. Kagaho was stunned by the year span and revelation, while Dohko continued to say that Kagaho would lose his humanity. The black sun was destroyed and rain started to fall. The Specter asked if he was to lose his humanity and smirked as the rain poured on him. Dohko asked if he never wanted to walk under the sun as he had rejected his humanity and was not a full fledged Specter either. Kagaho replied that he had cast away such foolish desires, he was a monster now that would turn everything around him into ash. He roared that he did not need anything but his fist to protect his master Alone, not even his humanity. He tried to punch the Saint but was stopped him who said that he understood the Specter now and would turn him into a bird that flew in the sun.[24]


Kagaho sneered at him and said he did not have a place to return to, because he was no longer human. He started to scream as he burned his Cosmo to cover his Bennu Surplice in the black flames. Kagaho said that nothing mattered, not even himself to protect Alone. He poured all of his rage into his flames and started attacking Dohko, smashing him into the ground. Somehow the Saint managed to glimpse the Specter's past, and stopped Kagaho's fist. Dohko said that he was sure Kagaho was no monster, as he had experienced true pain as a human. The Saint grabbed a hold of him from behind and continued to say that the Specter had carried a heavy burden by chasing after the brother he had once lost. Kagaho became furious, but Dohko said if he continued down that path they would go together.[25]


Libra Dohko used his "Rosan Koryuha" technique which sent them both at a high velocity track into outer space. Kagaho demanded to be released as the friction would destroy both his Surplice and the Saint's Gold Cloth. He asked why the Saint was doing this as he would also die with him, but Dohko smiled and said he would not let go because he had let his master use the same technique and regretted not accompanying him. He would not let Kagaho face it alone, even though he would not be him if he wanted to turn the world into ash, but they could be friends into death. Kagaho snapped back at him and called him crazy for throwing his life away for his enemy. Kagaho said one should not carelessly throw their life away for someone. Dohko interjected that it was just like the Specter had done already, and continued to say that it was okay to be human. As they left the atmosphere Kagaho realized that it might be the longing to protect someone that made them human. He wondered if his little brother Sui thought it was okay that he was human. As he saw the sun rising he thought to himself that he only wanted to protect Sui so hi brother could fulfil his dream. The flames on his Surplice started to change colour into a fiery orange. Kagaho wondered if he really was so pathetic as he would save his enemy. He grabbed Dohko by the throat and was about to throw him down back to Earth.[26]


Dohko asked if the Specter wanted to continue to fight, but Kagaho replied that he would go on until the end, but not with the Saint. He used his "Corona Blast" technique to pry the Saint away and watched as Dohko fell down to Earth while he continued. He thought to himself that it had been a long time since he felt someone else's heartbeat to his back. It was probably Athena's heart who had stopped him from accepting to leave everything behind. He hoped for Athena and the Pegasus Saint to reach and save Alone before it was too late. In his final thoughts he said that if they failed he would rise from the ashes to protect that person once more.[27]

Concept & Creation

Kagaho was created by Shiori Teshirogi for Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas in order to be the more personal protector of Alone, as well as a potential rival for Dohko. It is highly alluded to that he is the former incarnation of Phoenix Ikki in the classic saga. They share similar traits in that they fight to protect their little brother, and their connection to Hades. In the final chapters it becomes more obvious as the Bennu Surplice is covered in orange flames that resemble the Phoenix God Cloth. On the final page of volume 21 Shiori included an image of Kagaho with the "Thank You" messages where he wears half of the bennu Surplice and half of the Phoenix God Cloth.

Special Techniques


Corona Blast (コロナブラスト, Korona Burasuto)

Kagaho uses his Cosmo to create large spheres of black fire that he launches at his opponent, spreading black flames as they travel.

Crucify Ankh ((クラシファイアンク, Kurashifai Anku)

Kagaho uses his Cosmo to create giant Ankh out of his black flames. The opponent is then crucified unto the ankh, and will remain there until he turns to ash.

Rising Darkness (ライジングダークネス, Raijingu Dākunesu)

Kagaho charges his Cosmo into his right hand and creates a black miniature sun that grows to a large size. The black sun then heats up the surrounding area to the degree that every drop of water is evaporated, from the surroundings and his opponent.

Myth Cloth Figure


Kagaho was the second of the "The Lost Canvas" characters to be made into a Myth Cloth figure. It was released on the 21st of November, 2009 and cost 7,875 Japanese Yen, roughly 77 US Dollars. This version is based on the OVA design, therefore the object form is more birdlike to the form.[28]



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