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This is about the character of the "Saint Seiya: Jashin Eris" movie. For info on the Orion constellation, click here. For info on the Orion Silver Cloth, click here.

Orion Jäger Violet Badass

  • Techniques: Megaton Meteor Crash
  • Seiyuu: Yuu Mizushima (水島 裕, みずしま ゆう)

Jäger is the Saint of Orion, his class have only been confirmed with a question mark as Silver. Jäger appeared in the first Saint Seiya movie called "Jashin Eris" were he was part of a group of revived Saints called "Ghost Five".

Plot Overview

Said to be one of the most powerful Silver Saints who served Athena with honor.[1] But after he was killed, he held a grudge over being forgotten, and the loneliness that comes with being dead.[2] So he didn't hesitate to accept Eris's offer, and was soon revived with a new body to fight for the destruction of the world.[3] Though as he faced Phoenix Ikki, he found his foe's strength to be almost equal to his. When Ikki explained the meaning of friendship the Saints had, Jäger hesitated, but still continued to fight Ikki. Jäger was interrupted when Pegasus Seiya obtained the Sagitarius Gold Cloth, and after having his strongest attack blocked by Seiya, he was defeated by him. In his last words, he confirmed that Seiya and the others really were true Saints. [4]

Concept & Creation

  • With the success of the Saint Seiya franchise in both anime & manga form, a movie was proposed by Toei. Masami Kurumada participated in the production and after 3 months he contributed with the new Saints. Jäger is named after the german word for hunter, as Orion was.
  • As the Lyra & Sagitta Cloths was created by Kurumada for the movie and later appeared in the original story, many assume the Orion Cloth will too.


  1. Time: 29:01/ Seiya: Jäger, you where once one of the strongest Saints, but now...
  2. Time: 29:10/Jäger: You have absolutely no idea of how it feels to be left alone in eternal darkness.
  3. Time: 26:50/Ikki:You mean that your bones were revived from your grave?/Orpheus: No, not our bones. Eris called us back and gave us new bodies.
  4. Time: 39:25/Jäger: Admirable Seiya, you guys really are true Saints as well...

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