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This is about the God Hades in the "Saint Seiya" universe. For info on Shun, his Classic incarnation, click here. For info on Alone, his previous vessel, click here. For info on Alone, his "Lost Canvas" incarnation, click here. For info on Hades's Surplice, click here.


God of the Underworld


Unknown (mythic)


184 cm


73 kg

Date of Birth

September 9






Hades' Surplice


Greater Eclipse



Manga Debut

Resurrection! Hades' 108 Evil Stars

Anime Debut

The Start of a New Holy War

Japanese Voice

Akio Ōtsuka, Yūta Kasuya (in Shun's body)

English Voice


Background & Personality

In Greek mythology, He is the god of the underworld born to Cronus and Rhea, brother of Zeus, and uncle to Athena. Having been swallowed as an infant by his father Cronus, he came to grow up in there alongside Poseidon, Demeter, Hestia and Hera. Eventually he was rescued by Zeus and a war between the Titans and the six young gods erupted, known as Titanomachy. After the war was over, the three brothers drew lots over which real they would rule and Hades gained the realm of the dead where souls go to the afterlife. He eventually gained his wife Persephone through trickery and kidnapping. Although they were not common traits of Hades, who would usually remain passive in most events. He was however not fond of souls being taken from his realm and would become quite enraged about it.

Sometime later, Zeus would descend further into the heavens and leave the Earth in his daughter Athena's care. Poseidon was amongst those who saw this as an opportunity to take over the realm of the land and started the first Holy War. According to the Hypermyth, Hades might have been a secret key player in the later Holy War between Athena and Ares, where he supposedly supported the God of War. After Ares' defeat in the war, he fled to the underworld and Hades had not been heard of since.

Hades would eventually take a proper interest in the Holy Wars against Athena and created his own army of the 108 Specters. As a precaution he put his own body in a suspended animation in Elysion, and chose to reincarnate in only the purest human that was present for his incarnation. This was however done in two steps whereas his soul was first born through a human and then taken to his vessel.

Hades would however continue to lose the Holy Wars between Athena and himself. In between each war, his soul would be under a seal made by Athena that made him unable to move for about 200 years. These wars kept going for several Millenia and would instill a deep hatred for Athena, and her human warriors known as Saints that fought by her side.



  • In the 18th Century, his vessel was known as Alone. A Painter that lived in Italy and was best friends with the Pegasus Saint, Tenma


  • In the 20th Century, the Saint of Andromeda, Shun was chosen as Hades vessel. A Japanese boy who had previously fought against the god Poseidon.


18th Century

20th Century

Concept & Creation

Hades in reality is neither good nor evil. Masami Kurumada portrayal of him is simply most likely nothing more than to give Athena an opponent.



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