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This is about the character from The Lost Canvas series. For Minotaurus Gordon in "the original series", click here. For info on the Minotaurus Surplice, click here.

Minotaurus Gordon
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Minotaurus Gordon Tenrōsei Minotaurosu no Gōdon (天牢星ミノタウロスのゴードン) is a minor character from Shiori Teshirogi's anime/manga series, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. His power lies within the Heavenly Prison Star (天魔星), and he is one of the few exceptional powerful Specters among the Underworld. He is one of the closest subordinates of Wyvern Rhadamanthys alongside his companions Harpy Valentine, Alraune Queen, and Basilisk Sylphid.


Personality & Background

A new subordinate.

Gordon was normal human living on Earth until the day came when the Prison Star and Minotaurus Surplice sought him out and transformed him into one of the god Hades' |108 Specters. As a Specter he remembered his oath to serve Hades and therefore journeyed to the Forest Cathedral in Italy where he joined his fellow Specters. As per usual he came under the command of Rhadamanthys, with his companions Harpy Valentine and Alraune Queen. During a venture to the Underworld they recruited Basilisk Sylphid to their ranks.[1] Hades had not yet awakened so the Specters were taking orders from Pandora, the deities right hand in the meantime. Eventually the god was awakened, and all the Specters were called to participate in an audience with their lord. Gordon and the other Specter fully agreed when the god asked them to paint the world in the colour of darkness for him. They were then shown a depiction of the 88 Constellations in the ceiling of the audience hall. Each represented one of the goddess Athena's warriors, the Saints. When one of them died their respective constellation was erased from the ceiling, as such the Specters were able to keep track of them. Griffon Minos was then ordered to perform the first attack on Athena's Sanctuary, an attack that would fail in the end but not without taking the lives of several Saints.[2]

The Specters campaign would not go as planned and eventually they had to move their base of operations up to the Evil Star Temples that lay in the Lost Canvas, a materialized painting in the sky made by Hades. Gordon followed his master Rhadmanthys to the Evil Star Temples, when the former was promoted to a guardian of the Saturn Temple.[3]


His trusted right arm.

Gordon along with Alraune Queen and Basilisk Sylphid was ordered by their commander Wyvern Rhadamanthys to find and destroy Athena's Cloth in the Sanctuary. The Three Specters set out to the Sanctuary and infiltrated it with ease as all the powerful Saints were not there at the moment. They killed most of the guards that they encountered and reached the Pope's Chambers as well as Athena's Shrine yet they still could not find Athena's Cloth. Sylphid had gone ahead while Gordon and Queen were still in the Pope<s chambers when suddenly the Gold Saint of Libra, Dohko appeared. The two Specters thought he looked a little stronger then the ones they had defeated and demanded to know where Athena's Cloth was hidden. [4]

The Saint demanded to know who they were and how the could have done such horrible acts in the Pope's Chambers. Gordon became irritated by hi and wanted to kill him directly, but Queen stopped him as they had to introduce themselves to uphold Rhadamanthys' honour. As such they introduced themselves and that they had come to destroy Athena's Cloth. The Saint seemed perplexed by the notion of Athena's Cloth, and had doubted its existence. Gordon frowned and called him playing ignorant, but Queen said that he really looked clueless. Queen explained that it really existed and that it had been the greatest thorn in Hades' side since the mythological era. They had to destroy it because its existence could change the course of the Holy War between the two gods.


The Gold Saint suddenly calmed himself and positioned himself in a battle stance. He announced that he knew what to do, and to him they were mere thieves whom he could not allow to continue. The two Specters started to laugh, and mocked the Saint for wanting to fight them. Gordon said that he had hear him and that he called them pathetic thieves. With that he raised his arm, charged it with his Cosmo, and swung his "Axe of the Minotaur" at the Saint. The attack cleaved the floor as well as ceiling of the chambers, catching the Saint of guard. Gordon asked how that was for a pathetic thief and told him to use the weapons of Libra. He wanted to challenge the Saint to see who wielded the strongest weapon as he had heard the Libra Cloth wielded weapons that were able to destroy stars. The Saint procrastinated which irritated Gordon so he used his "Grand Axe Crusher" technique and wrecked the floor once more. The Saint could not be seen any more so Queen laughed said that he had obliterated him, but they had to resume their mission now. Gordon was unhappy at the poor resistance and jumped up on the roof of the chambers where he could view the Shrine of Athena. If the Libra Saint had fallen so easy, the shrine must do the same he thought and prepared his arm. But then a green dragon appeared in front of him and swept through Gordon's arm, and then he realized that it was actually a blade as it cut him. He wondered what was going on until he saw the Gold Saint, still alive and wielding two swords. The Saint angrily said that the weapons should only be used for justice and they had forced him to use them. The Specters were not welcome in the sacred shrine that the Saints protected, and he would not allow them to continue any further.[5]


Gordon was overjoyed that Dohko had unleashed his weapons, and said to his arm that his wish would be fulfilled. During his whole life, Gordon had crushed weapon after weapon that claimed to be the strongest, and if he defeated the weapons of Libra his arm would truly be the strongest in the world. The Saint replied that it would be impossible for him to lose, but if the Specter wanted to break his arm he was free to do so. Gordon retaliated that he was not afraid and would destroy the swords, as such he swung his arm and struck the golden swords. The Gold Saint smirked and asked why he had not crushed him yet to which Gordon replied that he had not had enough yet. Compared to his bloodthirsty axe, the swords were no match he said and pushed the Gold Saint into a pillar. The Specter charged once more and cleaved the pillar straight down to the bottom. He talked while smiling to his arm and said that they might have overdone it as it went so quick. He suddenly sensed an aggressive Cosmo and saw the Gold Saint rise from the rubble while saying that the attack managed to dent the hilt of his swords. Gordon was surprised that the Saint was still alive, who said that he would now take the Specter's "axe" serious. The Specter called him crazy for fighting with a broken Cloth as well as a damaged sword. The Saint smiled and said that he could not just brag about having the most powerful weapons, he actually only needed one to face Gordon. The Specter became furious and swung his arm once more at the Saint, but the Saint struck once at his arm. Dohko said that his powers did not come from his weapons, as such he only needed on sword and proceeded to cut Gordon's arm. Gordon became hysterical as he realized his arm, his precious partner had been crushed. It was then that his head was swooped of by Queen, and act they had decided upon if one of them was about to be dishonoured. As such Gordon had a quick and clean death.[6]

Concept & Creation


Gordon was created by Shiori Teshirogi for Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas as the 18th century incarnation of Minotaurus Gordon from the classic Saint Seiya saga. In The Lost Canvas Gordon is more affectionate to his arm than his classic counterpart and is devastated by the loss of his arm.

Special Techniques

Grand Axe Crusher

Gordon channels his Cosmo through his right arm which he calls the "Minotaurus Axe" and proceeds to swing it at his opponent, destroying and cleaving most objects in the way.



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