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This is about the character of the classic "Saint Seiya" series. For Cyclops Gigant in "Lost Canvas", click here. For info on the Cyclops Surplice, click here.

Cyclops Gigant
Cyclops Gigant



197 cm


108 kg

Date of Birth

February 21






Cyclops Surplice


Giant Hold, Big Knuckle






Earthly Star


Violence Star

Manga Debut

Faery, the Butterfly of the Death World

Anime Debut

The Herd of Black Cloaks

Japanese Voice

Hisao Egawa

English Voice

Cyclops Gigant(Chibōsei Saikuropusu no Giganto (地暴星サイクロプスのギガント?) is a minor character from Masami Kurumada's classic anime/manga series, Saint Seiya. His power lies within the Earthly Violence Star (地暴星), and is one of Wyvern Rhadamanthys' subordinates. He is the group leader of the Specters that invade Athena's Sanctuary in 1990.



Cool entrance

When the seal on 108 Specters were lifted in 1990, Gigant was transformed into a Specter. A Specter soul and the Cyclops Surplice sought him out and made him one of Hades' warriors. Shortly afterwards he joined his fellow Specters at Hades' Castle to abide by their lord. Hades first command was however not to mobilize the Specters, but several revived Saints that had been offered life again if they took Athena's life. The Specter magnate Wyvern Rhadamanthys was not so fond of the idea and did not trust the Saints to complete their mission. After failed attempt to convince Pandora to send him instead, he ordered Frog Zelos to send a group of Specters to Athena's Sanctuary to keep an eye on the revived Saints.[1] Gigant was nominated the squad leader and lead his squad to the Sanctuary, where they managed to stay undetected and follow Gemini Saga, Aquarius Camus and Capricorn Shura through several of the twelve temples. They left Deep Niobe in the Taurus Temple to deal with Taurus Aldebaran and any possible pursuers. But after Saga and Virgo Shaka had a fierce clash in the Cancer Temple, the Specters lost track of the revived Saints. They remained hidden in the temple until Aries Mu passed through. One of the Specters Papillon Myu wanted to test his strength against the Aries Saint and paralysed him with his telekinetic abilities. Gigant used this opportunity to question the Saint about the whereabouts of the revived Saints but Mu mocked them for losing their trail. The Specter said he would wring it out of him then and punched the Saint right through the pillar he was paralysed against. The Saint refused to say anything so Gigant told him to prepare himself for dying. But as he was to hit the Saint again, Papillon Myu intervened telling him to stop. The others sensed his powerful Cosmo as he told Gigant and the others to leave and head after Saga, Shura and Camus. Gigant objected stating that Mu was his prey, but Myu only asked if he was incapable of taking his orders. Knowing how fearsome the Paipillon could be, Gigant reluctantly took the other Specters and headed for the next temple, saying how unfortunate Mu was for being marked by the Papillon Specter.[2]


When they arrived at the Leo Temple, its guardian Leo Aiolia was waiting for them. Gigant immediately asked where Saga and the others had gone, but Aiolia replied that he would not let an enemy through his temple no matter who they were. Gigant then wondered if they had teleported further through the temples but Aiolia said such a thing was impossible between the twelve Temples. Aiolia commented that they were very concerned about the revived Saints to which Gigant replied that they as true Specters had not trusted them from the beginning and would not let them out of their sight until they had completed their mission. As the Saint called them watchdogs, five of the Specters started dashing towards him while yelling that they would take Athena's head if the revived Saints did not. Aiolia responded quickly and eliminated the five Specters with his Lightning Plasma technique. The Specters sensed the fierce Cosmo that was emanating from the Leo Saint and started to fear that he might kill them. But Gigant stood firm as Worm Raimi stepped forward and called the others pathetic for quivering like that. The Worm Specter ordered the others to move through the temple and to let him deal with Aiolia. Gigant did not get a chance to reply before Raimi burrowed underground. Gigant agreed to leave it to Raimi and ordered the remaining troops to follow him through the temple. As they dashed towards Aiolia, the Saint became distracted for a moment and was caught by Raimi's worm like tentacles. Gigant decided he might show some mercy to the Saint before he was mutilated by Raimi and prepared to attack the Saint, but was interrupted by the Worm Specter. Raimi told him it was his prey and that they should continue ahead. Gigant agreed reluctantly and before leaving said that he should kill him quickly and not toy with him.[3]

I think i'm seeing things

As Gigant and his squad approached the Virgo Temple, they noticed that there was no Cosmo emanating from it. They wondered where Shaka was and that he maybe had died when Saga and he clashed. One of the Specters suggested they might as well move on to the next temple then, but something had been bothering Gigant. He said there were enemies among them to the squad's disbelief. He turned and ordered Dullahan Cube to take of his mask, Cube resisted at first but as the other Specters encroached at his back he said that they'll decide if he is a friend or foe when they see his face. But just as he was about to take of the mask, a sudden burst of Cosmo interrupted them. Shaka showed himself to be alive but had been concealing himself in his temple. The Saint told the Specters he would be the last thing they saw before they returned to the underworld. The Specter called him and impudent fool and started to attack him, but their attacks was repelled by a barrier. Gigant guessed that the barrier was how the Saint had been able to hide from them since his clash with Saga. Shaka raised his hand and performed his Tenkuûhaja Chimimôryô technique which sent a great number of evil spirits gushing out from another realm. Gigant and the other Specters were terrified by the horrible beings they were now witnessing, Shaka wondered why as they should be of the same kin. The Saint then showed the Specters a rosary, which had 108 beads that would count the dead Specters. The Specters became confused as to that eleven of them had apparently already died, but had no time to think before Shaka continued his technique. The attack was however stopped by Cube who had placed himself in front of the others. He told Shaka that not all fell for his bluffs, and that he should move aside now. Cube dashed towards the Saint and was joined by Elf Mills and Gorgon Ochs. Gigant realized the three were strangers to him but had no idea who they were. The three Specters launched a respective attack towards Shaka, but his barrier still held. Shaka was scratched by the attack, but told the Specters that they were not to be trifled with when they combined their Gold Saint powers. The Cyclops and the other Specters realized then who they were, as Shaka confirmed it by blasting away the Surplices. Saga, Camus and Shura stood there now to Gigant's anger. He questioned why they had been in disguise and if they then had killed Cube, Mills and Ox and that the oath they made to Hades was a sham after all. As the Cyclops went up to punch Saga he was blasted away by the latter's Cosmo who told him he was no match for Shaka. Being unable to move from Saga's attack, the Saint told him that they would take Athena's head and smacked him away. The Virgo Saint questioned if their intentions were honest to which the replied they were. Shaka surprised them by allowing them to pass and said that he was not foolish to take on three Gold Saint at a time. The revived Saints proceeded by Shaka without delay while the Specters remained baffled. They called the Virgo Saint a joke and they should ignore him and proceed through the temple. But Shaka interjected that Saga had told them to stay away if they valued their lives, and that the six beads for the Specters were now turning black. Gigant and the other felt as if he was mocking them and decided to kill him instead. They would tear through him and force their way through, but Shaka would have none of that and used his Tenma Kôfuku technique. The Specters were mauled and sent flying into different directions. Shaka asked the still alive Gigant if they feared death to which he replied that being in the servitude of Hades came with eternal life. The Gold Saint then informed him that he had had conversations with god since he were little and had never heard of a human that had been granted eternal life. As he died, the Specter started to fear that Hades might have been lying.[4]

Concept & Creation

Me Smash!

Gigant was created by Masami Kurumada for the classic Saint Seiya series. His anime appearance does not differ so much from his original. Except from the obvious different squad mates, the only thin that is different is the intervention of Seiya when Gigant is about to hit Mu through the pillar, and instead he calls Seiya his prey when Papillon stops them.

Special Techniques

None of Gigant's techniques have been shown, but they have been named.

"Giant Hold"

Like the name suggests, this attack might be a "squeeze" attack, where the Cyclops takes a hold around his opponent and then squeezes him until his bone cracks.

"Big Knuckle"

This technique might be possibly similar to how he punched Mu through a pillar. The Specter either hit his opponent straight on or straight down.


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