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*Status: Unknown
*Status: Unknown
*Versions: 5
*Versions: 5
*Sagas: [[Sanctuary (arc)]]. [[Poseidon (arc)]], [[Hades (arc)]], [[Saint_Seiya:_Omega|Saint Seiya: Omega]]
*Sagas: [[Sanctuary (arc)]]. [[Poseidon (arc)]], [[Hades (arc)]], [[Saint_Seiya:_Omega|Omega]]
The ''Dragon Bronze Cloth'' is a cloth given to [[Shiryu]] by [[Dohko|Roshi]] of the Rozan Goroho (Five Peaks) in [[Saint_Seiya|Saint Seiya]] and is also worn by Shiryu's son [[Ryūhō]] in [[Saint_Seiya:_Omega|Saint Seiya: Omega]]. It is of the lowest class of the cloths that [[Saori Kido|Athena's]] Saints wield, the [[Bronze Cloths|Bronze Cloth]].  
The ''Dragon Bronze Cloth'' is a cloth given to [[Shiryu]] by [[Dohko|Roshi]] of the Rozan Goroho (Five Peaks) in [[Saint_Seiya|Saint Seiya]] and is also worn by Shiryu's son [[Ryūhō]] in [[Saint_Seiya:_Omega|Saint Seiya: Omega]]. It is of the lowest class of the cloths that [[Saori Kido|Athena's]] Saints wield, the [[Bronze Cloths|Bronze Cloth]].  

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The Cloth's ultimate power...CG Dragon to scare foes away!

The Dragon Bronze Cloth is a cloth given to Shiryu by Roshi of the Rozan Goroho (Five Peaks) in Saint Seiya and is also worn by Shiryu's son Ryūhō in Saint Seiya: Omega. It is of the lowest class of the cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Bronze Cloth.


Cloth History

Ladon, Dragon Guardian

According to one myth, Ladon was the Dragon who guarded the Golden Apples in the Garden of the Hesperides. In one of Heracles' Labors, he was supposed to get a golden apple, but couldn't overcome the Dragon on his own, so he held the sky for Atlas, the Titan, and had him retrieve the golden apples for him, succeeding through deception. Another version had Heracles slaying the Dragon to take the apples.

Dragon's Resting Place

The Dragon Bronze Cloth was kept underneath the great waterfalls of Rozan, said to be the flow of the Milky Way, where the remains of stars flowed. It had bathed under the water for many centuries, gaining a hardness surpassing Diamonds. It had gained the invincible shield that became the signature of the cloth.

Dragon Shield's Weakness

The Dragon Bronze Cloth's Dragon Shield had taken a lot of abuse for Shiryu in his many battles, but only in a few instances has it been damaged or destroyed. In a moment of Invincible Shield meets Unstoppable Spear, Shiryu shattered his own gauntlet and shield due to a ploy by Seiya. Another noteworthy moment was during Shiryu's battle with Capricorn Shura, in which the Gold Saint used his Excalibur technique to slice the shield right in half, like nothing had ever done before. Chrysaor Krishna, one of Poseidon's Marina Generals pierced through Shiryu's Dragon Shield with his Golden Lance, though, when his cosmo was burned to its max, and it took on the sheen of the Golden Cloths, the Golden Spear couldn't pierce the Dragon Shield. These are not including times when the whole cloth was completely destroyed.

Previous War

While the Cloth exists in the previous era, wearers of the cloth have not been seen in the past.

Evolution of the Cloth

First Cloth Form-Ultimate Shield
He'll regret all that time he chose to keep his eyes closed soon...

This is the form the Dragon Bronze Cloth takes when it is first seen. Shiryu was given this cloth after he demonstrated to his master, Roshi, that he could burn his cosmo, and reverse the flow of Rozan's Great Waterfall.

Second Cloth Form-Sacrifice
The most obvious change here is the open eyes. Mu ripped Shiryu off.

After Shiryu's battle with Pegasus Seiya, the cloth was damaged beyond self repair. Shiryu took his and Seiya's cloths to Jamil, where Mu repaired his cloth, increasing its endurance, reviving it from death, and slightly altering the design.

Third Cloth Form-Revived by Golden Blood
The shin guards and heel braces would have been handy running up Sanctuary...

Upon the fall of the corruption plaguing Sanctuary, the damage to the Bronze's cloths were severe, the cloths died. The remaining Gold Saints offered their blood to revive and repair the Bronze Cloths. When Shiryu burned his cosmo to its maximum, his cloth took on a golden sheen, and grew much more powerful. The Dragon Shield's legendary toughness grew even higher, as after he let it reach its golden form, even Chrysaor's Golden Spear couldn't pierce it.

Fourth Cloth Form-Athena's Sacrifice
"Honestly, we're an almost all male group of warriors...Is it too much to ask for a crotch guard?"

Athena sacrificed her life to find Hades. Former Head of Sanctuary, Aries Shion used her blood not only to awaken her cloth, but also to repair the Bronze's cloths. In addition to the usual increase in defensive abilities and increase in covered protection, it also granted them protection when they passed from Hades to the Elysium Fields. The cloth also seems to have lost the ability to go golden when Shiryu burned his cosmo to its maximum.

Fifth Cloth Form-Infinite Cosmo?!
Dragon-God Cloth, or Dragon God-Cloth. Either way, God Cloth Dragon Shield makes him the Party Tank."

During the battle with Hypnos, Shiryu's cosmo approached infinity, and his cloth, which had shattered into dust, became affected with Athena's blood and evolved into something closer to the gods' Kamui. It was immensely altered, with nearly full body covering, intricate designs, and a bright gleam. His Dragon Shield would truly become among the greatest shields with a cloth, second only to Athena's Aegis. Shiryu and Hyoga were able to defeat Hypnos by combining their attacks in one strike. Though Hades proved to be a greater opponent, able to hurt them, even with their god cloths.


Special Abilities of Bronze Cloth of Dragon

The Dragon Bronze Cloth's special quality revolves around the Dragon Shield. Centuries of reinforcing by the water from Rozan's Great Waterfall had strengthened the Dragon Shield to make it the strongest shield of all of the cloths. Even to Gold Saint attacks, it shows surprising defense for a Bronze Cloth. Each time the cloth is remade, the Dragon Shield becomes even more powerful than before.

Techniques used by Dragon Saints

During Shiryu's career as a saint, he's learned many techniques relating to Dragons, and even a few Gold Saint attacks. Most of his techniques were taught to him by Roshi of Rozan's Goroho.

"Rozan Sho Ryu Ha"

The first/signature attack of the Bronze Dragon Saint Shiryu: "Rozan Sho Ryu Ha." It is a moderately basic uppercut that, if connects, knocks the opponent soaring into the air as an image of a dragon devours him. The power of this technique varies with the cosmo of the user. The technique was made famous by its training, to master it is to reverse the flow of Rozan's Great Waterfall. The technique does have one weakness, the left hand of the user will drop for a millisecond, leaving his heart unprotected. Only three people in the series have noted this: Shiryu's master, Libra Dohko, Bronze Saint Pegasus Seiya, and Gold Saint Capricorn Shura.

"Rozan Ryu Hi Sho"

"Rozan Ryu Hi Sho" is a straight-to-the-point attack where the user charges through his opponents with a single fist. Shiryu used it to plow through an army of dead saints when he attempted to reach Mu early in the series, and revives the technique wheen he takes on 3 spectre during the latter half of the Hades arc. The technique seems most useful on large numbers of enemies in close quarters.

"Rozan Kou Ryu Ha"

A kamikaze technique, "Kou Ryu Ha" is used as a last resort on a foe that can't be beaten otherwise. The attack has the user grasp it's victim from behind and use their cosmo to soar into the sky. Their energy makes it appear that a Dragon is flying towards the Heavens. Either the air friction from the flight, or the lack of air in space kills both the user and his foe. The "Kou Ryu Ha" is something that Dohko had strongly discouraged Shiryu from using, even going as far as putting a ban on its use.


The only attack that the Bronze Dragon Saint called Shiryu that was not Dragon related was called Excalibur. It was a technique Shiryu learned from Gold Saint Capricorn Shura after defeating him. Excalibur is not a literal sword, but the cosmo focused to an extreme, to act like a sharp blade. Although Shiryu's version of the sword was not as defined as Shura's (Shiryu's Excalibur lies only in his left arm, while Shura's can be unleashed from any point of his body), Shiryu later refined it enough to rival Shura's Excalibur.

"Rozan Hyaku Ryu Ha"

The Rozan Hyaku Ryu Ha is an ultimate Dragon technique, first used by Shiryu's master Libra Dohko. In the Hades saga, Shiryu learned the "Rozan Hyaku Ryu Ha" directly from watching his master's battle. It is a technique that appears to be a combination of "Rozan Sho Ryu Ha" and "Rozan Ryu Hi Sho" -- Shiryu's cosmos erupts at its max, and he plows through the enemy with both arms and palms extended. 100 dragons march in the sky as the enemies are destroyed by this energy-based offensive attack.

Notes & Trivia

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