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Dragon Black Cloth
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Draco (Dragon)


Black Dragon, Black Dragon's Brother






Sanctuary (arc)

The Dragon Black Cloth is the Cloth of Black Dragon and his Brother in Saint Seiya. It is one of the Black Cloths kept on Death Queen Island, and used by the evil Black Saints. Unlike the other Saints, the Black Saints and their Cloths are not aligned with Athena.


Cloth History

Mythology: Black Dragon, Acid Breath Weapon?

According to one myth, Ladon was the Dragon who guarded the Golden Apples in the Garden of the Hesperides. In one of Heracles' Labors, he was supposed to get a golden apple, but couldn't overcome the Dragon on his own, so he held the sky for Atlas, the Titan, and had him retrieve the golden apples for him, succeeding through deception. Another version had Heracles slaying the Dragon to take the apples. It is unknown if the Black Saints share constellations with their counterparts, or if it's simply a symbolic gesture to look like other Saints.

Classic: Not a Satisfying Pair of Twins

Black Dragon and his Brother trained to be Black Saints on Death Queen Island (like all Black Saints) by an unknown master. The Cloth was likely kept on Death Queen Island until the men strong enough, and wicked enough, to wear it were found. Like all Black Saints, Black Dragon and his Brother were evil men who fought with rather deadly moves, and intense loyalty to Ikki. Black Dragon first appeared in volume 3 of the manga, as the one who takes the breastplate of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth. Black Dragon's Brother first appears in volume 4 of the manga, during the fight with Shiryu. Black Dragon and his Brother eventually fight Shiryu, but both are eventually defeated. They were left half dead from the wounds; the Silver Saints were tricked into killing three of the Black Saints at least.

LC/ND: Previous War

No Black Cloths have been seen in the previous Holy War at this point, and likely won't, as the Black Saints oppose Athena.

Cloth Design: Deuces Wild

Classic Manga: Because Cheating Is Cool!

"Evil, much like your Cloth, is out of date, my twin!"

This is the form the Dragon Black Cloth takes during the original Saint Seiya series' manga (seen against the remade Dragon Bronze Cloth). Black Dragon and his Brother earned their Cloths on Death Queen Island, and they were first seen when Black Dragon appeared at Ikki's side in volume 3. Like most Black Cloths, it is very close in design to the original versions of the Cloth they were named for. The Cloth, unlike its namesake, didn't show that it's shield was all that strong. However, with two Dragon Black Cloths, Black Dragon and his Brother (who was blind) were able to fool and hurt Shiryu for quite some time. Kurumada didn't put a whole lot of effort into this design, because it's the same design that the Dragon Bronze Cloth originally had, but black; with the upgrade the Dragon Bronze Cloth got, the two were easier to tell apart beyond color. The Cloth was last seen on Mt. Fuji, when Shiryu defeated both Black Dragon and his Brother, damaging the Cloths.

Classic Anime: Youngblood's Disease

Because squinting makes you look cool...

One of the biggest differences between the manga and anime versions was that Black Dragon had no brother in the anime. The Dragon Black Cloth was also the same as the anime version of the Dragon Bronze Cloth, since the design didn't change in the anime. Despite the name, the Dragon Black Shield never showed any superior defensive capabilities like the Bronze version did. Much like its manga counterpart, it was last seen after Shiryu defeated Black Dragon, damaging the Cloth.


Special Abilities of Black Cloth of Dragon

The Dragon Black Cloth actually exists as two Cloths, allowing the Blind Brother to help him kill his enemies in the dark with his own defenses.

Techniques used by Dragon Black Saints

Neither Black Dragon nor his Brother used any major techniques during the series.



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