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His icy attacks will-is that a duck on his head?

The Cygnus Bronze Cloth is a cloth given to Hyoga by Aquarius Camus, who trained him in Siberia. It is of the lowest class of the cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Bronze Cloths.


Cloth History

Orpheus, Swan Song

According to one myth, after the loss of Eurydice and his eventual death, Orpheus was turned into a swan, and placed in the sky along with his Lyre, both as constellations.

Frozen Cloth

The Cygnus Bronze Cloth was kept frozen in the Permanent Glacial Ridge of East Siberia. It was an icy mountainous area unfrozen for thousands of years, implying the cloth hadn't be used in a long period. According to Hyoga's master, Aquarius Camus, despite its home being the Permanent Glacial Ridge, the Cygnus Bronze Cloth's freezing point had never exceeded the regular Bronze Cloth level of -150 C.

Ocular Hazards

During the Poseidon Arc, Hyoga battles with an old friend/rival named Isaac, who became the Kraken Marine General. Having lost an eye saving Hyoga's life, Hyoga returns the favor, damaging his own eye, and then defeating the man. His eye was covered in bandages after that. Recently, in Next Dimension, it was shown that he is no longer covering his eye, during his fight with the Angel Touma.

Previous War

While the Cloth exists in the previous era, wearers of the cloth have not been seen in the past. Though, it is possible that Hyoga might travel back in time to help Athena.

Evolution of the Cloth

First Cloth Form-Flight of the Frost
The headpiece just looks ridiculous. Might as well have had Dumbo ears.

This is the form the Cygnus Bronze Cloth takes when it is first seen. Hyoga was given this cloth's location after he had already been proven a Saint, and was ordered by Sanctuary to kill the other Bronzes for participating in the Galaxy Tournament.

Second Cloth Form-Golden Pity
Seriously, the foot protection would have been handy running up Sanctuary's climb...

Upon the fall of the corruption plaguing Sanctuary, the damage to the Bronze's cloths were severe, the cloths died. The remaining Gold Saints offered their blood to revive and repair the Bronze Cloths. When Hyoga burned his cosmo to its maximum, his cloth took on a golden sheen, and grew much more powerful. Unfortunately, Hyoga had to test this ability on an old friend, Isaac, who had become the Marina General Kraken. He was able to survive Kraken Isaac's attacks and kill his former friend.

Third Cloth Form-Athena on Ice
All the wing-like attachments make it less aerodynamic, but he thought it would let him fly.

Athena sacrificed her life to find Hades. Former Head of Sanctuary, Aries Shion used her blood not only to awaken her cloth, but also to repair the Bronze's cloths. In addition to the usual increase in defensive abilities and increase in covered protection, it also granted them protection when they passed from Hades to the Elysium Fields. The cloth also seems to have lost the ability to go golden when Hyoga burned his cosmo to its maximum.

Fourth Cloth Form-Godly Fowl
One bullet to the face or spear to the top of the head is all it would take to cut his saint career short...

During the battle with Hypnos, Hyoga's cosmo approached infinity, and his cloth, which had shattered into dust, became affected with Athena's blood and evolved into something closer to the gods' Kamui. It was immensely altered, with nearly full body covering, intricate designs, and a bright gleam. While having no clear special ability, his cloth would become among the strongest, and his cold would reach it's lowest temperature. Shiryu and Hyoga were able to defeat Hypnos by combining their attacks in one strike. Though Hades proved to be a greater opponent, able to hurt them, even with their god cloths.


Special Abilities of Bronze Cloth of Cyngus

While the Cygnus Bronze Cloth was used by one of the main characters of the original series, it never shows any particular special ability. Not extreme durability, regeneration, a unique weapon, or differing defense.

Techniques used by Cygnus Saints

During Hyoga's career as a saint, he has learned many techniques relating to ice, and even a Gold Saint attack. Most of his techniques were taught to him by Aquarius Camus, who trained him in East Siberia.

"Diamond Dust"

A windy attack that blasts ice and snow at the opponent in a single, concentrated point. Cosmos energy is frozen to the point of converting all gas into snowflakes, and is then repelled in a straightforward direction. As with all of Hyoga's techniques, the usage of "Diamond Dust" dramatically affects the temperatures of his surroundings, even when performed against traditionally hot spots.

"Kholodnyi Smerch"

A manga exclusive attack that focuses one's cosmo into a tornado and releases the energy in an uppercut. The technique is Hyoga's strongest attack for most of the first arc of the manga. "Kholodnyi Smerch" is Russian for "Cold Tornado", named for the attack's appearance.

"Aurora Thunder Attack"

In the anime, "Kholodnyi Smerch" is substituted with the "Aurora Thunder Attack". This is a move that is, in essence, a more powerful variation of "Diamond Dust." The "Aurora Thunder Attack" clasps both of Hyoga's hands together as he expels snow and ice at the opponent.


This attack is an attack that is used to stun an opponent, the cosmo of the Saint is released into a ring that surrounds the opponent, with the option to strengthen it with many rings. The attack, like "Kholodyni Smerch", is named in Russian. The name means "Ring".

"Aurora Execution"

"Aurora Execution" is a Gold Saint level attack that Aquarius Camus uses. It is the most powerful ice-based attack, requiring the Saint to raise his cosmo to it's highest, in order to get close, or reach Absolute Zero. Later in the series, Bronze Saint Cygnus Hyoga learns "Aurora Execution" directly from battling his master, Camus. "Aurora Execution" is similar to "Aurora Thunder Attack" in terms of execution.

"Freezing Coffin"

"Freezing Coffin" is another Gold Saint level technique first used by Aquarius Camus. It is an attack that completely captures the enemy in a large block of ice of intensely low temperature and hardness. "Freezing Coffin" is infamous for its extreme defensive power: unless they bare the weapons of the Libra Cloth, not even the combined efforts of several gold saints can shatter it.



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