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Crateris Silver Cloth
Cloth Rank

Silver Cloth


Crater (Cup)


Suikyo, Unknown


Intact in the 1800s, unknown currently




Next Dimension

The Crateris Silver Cloth is the Cloth of the Saint Suikyo in Saint Seiya: Next Dimension. It is of the second class of the Cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Silver Cloths.


Cloth History

Mythology: A Cup Befitting Ambrosia

"This is not what I had in mind when you said to bring a cup into battle..."

The Cup constellation represents myth of the Crow who was sent to retrieve water for Apollo in a Cup, was delayed, and came back with a Water Snake/Hydra as an excuse, which isn't taken. In the manga, it is said to reference the Cup that Athena drinks from in battle, to sate her thirst.

Next Dimension: Apparently, They Don't Have Missing Persons Reports in Hell

Suikyo possibly trained to be a Saint in Sanctuary, Greece by an unknown master. The Cloth was likely kept in Sanctuary until a Saint worthy of wearing it was found. Years ago, he was the friend of the then Bronze Saints Shion and Dohko. They were friends during their Saint training, with Suikyo criticizing Dohko for his rashness. While Shion and Dohko became Bronze Saints, Suikyo became a Silver Saint. At one point, he disappeared from Sactuary for several years, eventually meeting the two boys Tenma and Alone. He saves their lives and trains Tenma in the way of the Saint, before leaving him both his own Cloth, and the Pegasus Bronze Cloth. It is revealed that he left Sanctuary due to his brother, Suisho, who had fallen ill. A mysterious Specter promised him help with his brother, and he joined their side, as the Judge, Garuda Suikyo. He has assaulted the Saints since then, but only killed when he had no other way to continue, even letting Tenma and Shun escape from Gemini Abel. The Cloth was briefly sent to Suikyou to save his life by the infant Athena, and remained in the Twin Sala Garden when Shun and Tenma arrived, Shun being healed with it. The Cloth then spoke to them, asking to be brought along.

Design: Modern Days

"Everybody have a drink on me!"

The exact details of what happened to the Cloth from the previous Holy War to the modern era are unknown, but apparently, it was repaired by the Graad Foundation. Its current appearance is quite inferior to the original version. Though it seems to exist in the modern era, it is not seen once in the original manga, or at all in the future.

Next Dimension: Not Dishwasher Safe

I don't think Athena would drink out of her cup any more if she knew some sweaty guy was wearing it...

Saint Seiya: Next Dimension saw the use of the first new Silver Cloth since that of the Lyra Silver Cloth, the Crateris Silver Cloth. The Crateris Silver Cloth is comparable to other Silver Cloths in terms of coverage. The leggings reach to the thighs, and include designs reminiscent of tridents. The gauntlets extend to the elbows with two half-dishes attached to them. The body armor is divided into two halves; the loin armor is wavy to the sides with the middle seeming to depict Medusa from Athena's Aegis, while the chest armor retains a similar trident design (albeit slightly different) and connects to a pair of double shoulder-pads. The helmet only provides coverage to the face and features symmetrical spikes sticking off of the side. A unique design feature of the Cloth is that the two half-dishes can connect together and hold water. The Cloth, when in constellation form, can also hold water and be drank from, giving strength back to the body, and can be used to see into the future. The Cloth was last seen in the Twin Sala Garden, asking to be taken by Shun and Tenma. This is the first time a Cloth had ever spoken directly to Saints in this manner.



Special Abilities of Silver Cloth of Crateris

The Crateris Silver Cloth has special abilities, when water is placed inside it's constellation form. Looking into the water will reflect your own future, or a future connected to you. Drinking the water can return one's strength to them, and heal wounds. That said, it doesn't appear to restore the drinker's Cosmo

Techniques used by Crateris Saints

Suikyo used one major technique during his various fights.

"Hisô Byakurenge"

"Hisô Byakurenge", Japanese for "White Lotus Ice Lances", is an offensive attack used by Suikyo against Taurus Ox. Suikyo holds his hands out over his head, pointing towards his enemies with open palms. Gathering the Cosmo needed, he throws his hands down, and crosses them, his energy solidifying into numerous solid spears of ice, which are strong enough to even pierce a Gold Cloth. The technique failed again Libra Dohko because he had so little Cosmo left.


Notes and References

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