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This is about the character from the classic "Saint Seiya" series. For Acheron Charon in The Lost Canvas, click here. For info on the Acheron Surplice, click here.

Charon anime 01.png
Acheron Charon



183 cm


65 kg

Date of Birth

October 2




Naples, Italy


Acheron Surplice


Rolling Oar, Eddying Current Crusher






Heavenly Star


Idle Star

Manga Debut

Ford It! The Acheron River

Anime Debut

Ford It! The Acheron River

Japanese Voice

Shirō Saitō

English Voice

Acheron Charon Tenkansei Akerōn no Karon (天間星アケローンのカロン) is a minor character from Masami Kurumada's classic anime/manga series, Saint Seiya. His power lies within the Heavenly Idle Star (天間星), and is the ferryman of the river Acheron in the Underworld.



Shun with his chains and paddles

Charon was once a normal human but when the evil stars of the 108 Specter were released he was transformed into the Acheron Specter by the Acheron Surplice and the Heavenly Idle Star. When he realized his oath to serve the god Hades he journeyed to the Underworld where he took up his position as the ferryman of the Acheron river. Hades had however not completely awakened at this point but was capable of issuing orders for the coming Holy War with Athena and her Saints. The god had resurrected several of Athena's Gold Saints with the promise of eternal life if they managed to take their goddess' head. Even though the Saint were of course bluffing, Athena was killed by her own hands. Hades' current commander, Pandora was suspicious of the goddess' action and withdrew all of Hades' Specters to the Underworld. Several of Athena's Saints did however manage to slip into the Underworld during the Specters' retreat.[1]


Charon was rowing his boat across the Acheron was usual when he suddenly heard two voices on one of the shores. As he approached he saw that it was two boys and one was shouting at the dead souls on the shore. he decided to surprise them and told them without warning that it was useless to talk to the dead since they would never respond. he explained that since they had neither done any good nor evil in their lives they were stuck on the river shores and could not enter neither heaven or hell and was for that condemned to eternal lamentation. There was not anything more disgusting than wasting your life away he added and ordered them two get in the boat. But then the Specter noticed that they were not dead, and demanded to know how living humans could have come through the gates of hell. Only Specters was allowed there and he did not care why they had come there and told them to go home. One of the boy's then jumped and tried to attack him saying that they wanted to get to the other side of the shore. Charon then realized they were Saints to which the boy Seiya concurred and tried to hit the Specter again. The Acheron Specter used his rolling oar technique to deflect of the Pegasus Saint's attack. He told them that in the Underworld humans were as puny as maggots and that he could easily squash them as such. As he was about to whack Seiya with his oar he was stopped by the chain of Andromeda Shun. Charon calls him a whelp and asks the Saint if he really wants to cross that bad. Shun responds that he will cross and that they did not lose hope at the gates of hell. The Specter called the Saint a joke, and that he would smash his chains to smithereens. As he was about to strike the Andromeda Saint he was interrupted by the Pegasus Saint's attacks but deflected with his oar once again. He informed the two boys that he could spin his oar in a mere 1/1000 of a second which no defence or attack could beat.[2]


Charon had become annoyed by the two Saints and decided to let them be and hopped into his boat and asked them casually if they had any money or coins on them. He said he would take the Saints across the river if they could pay for the fare. While the Pegasus Saint objected, Shun asked the Specter if he was telling the truth to which Charon said that it was the rule. The Andromeda Saint decided to give what seemed like a valuable pendant of gold as the toll to Seiya's protests. As he saw it was gold he finally allowed them both to take the fare across the river. Charon sang happily as they crossed the river and about halfway he told the Saint to not be mesmerized by his singing and fall into the river. He also informed them that if they fell in the would be dragged down by the souls of the dead and never come up. And that since they were halfway and on the deepest part of the river it was also the place where the Saint would get of. Charon takes his oar and whacks Seiya out of the boat and explains that the pendant was only worth half the trip. The Andromeda Saint tries to save his brother with his chains but is pinned down by Charon who tells him that the Andromeda Saint paid and can go the whole way but the Pegasus Saint rode for free and deserved to be pushed of. The Saint refused to let go much to Charon's chagrin so he decides to whack him into the river as well, but is interrupted by Seiya once more. The Saint sends another wave of attacks and Charon defends against it again, but this time one of the punches slips by his Rolling Oar technique. The attacks continue much to Charon's surprise until the Pegasus Saint lands a final blow that sends the Specter flying out of the boat.[3]

A vampire after all

Realizing he will die if is not able to get up from the waters he pleas to the Saints to save him because he is the only one who knows the way across the river. The Saints reluctantly decides to save him and he is pulled in to the boat with Shun's chains. He thanks them and remarks that the water in the river is freezing. The Specter ask for his oar back since he cannot row the boat without it after all, so Seiya reluctantly agrees. The Specter takes his chance and yells at them that there is no kindness in hell as he attacks Seiya once more. Charon tells them that his arms are far more powerful than his oar and launches his ultimate technique Eddying Current Crusher on the Pegasus Saint which sends him flying out of the boat. He moves on to the Andromeda Saint and tries to hit him with his oar but the Saint defends himself with his chains. Shun calls him a coward to which he replies that they were fools to trust an enemy and that they will die for their soft hearts. As the Saint apologizes to his comrade Charon sees into the boy's eyes and realizes that he is different from the usual rotten souls that come by. So the Specter decides to let them go and tells Shun that he might be one of those souls that could make it into Elysion, a place where the guardians of Hades such as he cannot enter.[4]

He gives back Shun's pendant and retrieve the unconscious Seiya so that they can continue for the next shore. When the Saint wakes up he informs them that he values his own life more then their but when they get to the other shore he will take their lives and the pendant again. As they arrive, Charon explains about the different prisons in hell and that Athena has probably already been killed by one of the Specters. The Specter yells at the Saints to hold up when they dash out of the boat, and that it was rude to run of without paying. Seiya apologizes and informs the Specter that he has seen all of his moves so Charon's attack will not work on him. Charon chuckles and tells the boy that he will kill him this time. The Specter launches his Eddying Current Crusher technique while Seiya launches his Pegasus Ryusei Ken technique. With a blast the Saint is sent tumbling backwards while Charon remains standing. The Specter laughs as his Surplice cracks into the pieces and reveals his face and comments that the Saint did indeed tell him that the same move would not work twice. He called it a darn luck for the Saint to be right and fell backwards into his boat. The thud pushed the boat out from the shore, and as he lay dying he continued to sing on his little song.[5]

Concept & Creation

Charon was created by Masami Kurumada for the classic Saint Seiya series. His habits are very much like the ferryman Charon in Greek Myth and is very greedy for money. He is also one of the few characters to sing a song in the whole Saint Seiya franchise.

The Ferryman of Hell

I am the ferryman of Hell, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... Once again tonight.. I push into the moonless night... Carrying the dead across...

Special Techniques

"Rolling Oar"

This technique require the oar that is a complement to the Acheron Surplice. When Charon uses the technique he spins the oar at 1/1000th of a second which is faster than Mach 18. Charon himself says that no attack nor defence can beat it.

"Eddying Current Crusher"

With a great force, Charon uses his two arms to hit or shove his opponent from him. At the same time a vortex forms around them which grabs a hold of the opponent and sends him further away.


Charon merch 01.png

Acheron Charon was released as a Myth Cloth figure in January, 2015 and cost 9,504 Japanese Yen. The helmet is moulded with the upper part of the head, and can be removed and interchanged with the accompanying upper half with eyes and hair. Four pairs of interchangeable hands are also included.[6]



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