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"I lose to who now?!"

The Bear Bronze Cloth is the cloth of the Bronze Saint Geki in the Original Series, and Douglas in The Lost Canvas. It is of the lowest class of the cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Bronze Cloths.


Cloth History

Ursa Major, Fate of Jealousy

According to one myth, Hera transforms Callisto, a nymph of Artemis, into a bear due to jealousy over her husband's, Zeus', lust towards her. Her son, Arcas, attempts to slay her, unaware of her identity, and Zeus takes both into the sky, forming the constellation of Ursa Major.

Rocky Mountain Training

The Bear Bronze Cloth was kept in the Rocky Mountains, specifically the portion residing in Canada. The training to earn the cloth involved strangling large Grizzly Bears. Geki was the man who ended up succeeding, able to crush bears with his bare hands. After years of training, his strength was his proof to earn his cloth, though all Geki seemed to have was physical strength, and not the strength of cosmo. During The Lost Canvas, Douglas is the Saint who receives the Bear Bronze Cloth. It is not revealed where he got his cloth, having had it since the beginning of the series.

Previous War

While the Bear Bronze Cloth wasn't seen often in the original Saint Seiya series, Douglas proves himself important in the restoration and re-awakening of an ancient ship, which the Saints wish to use to go to The Lost Canvas, dying in the process. It is unknown what happens to the cloth between the series' latest chapter and the beginning of the original series, after Douglas' death.

Mountain Cloth

Just about the most covered protection of any cloth, yet as strong as glass in an F5 Tornado...

This is the form of the Bear Bronze Cloth during the series Saint Seiya. Geki earned this cloth and the title of Saint by breaking the necks of many Grizzly Bears during his training in the Rocky Mountains. Though he holds the title of Saint, and even wields a Bronze Cloth, he never shows the ability to use cosmo. Though it does cover more than most Bronze Cloths, Geki's lack of cosmo control seems to make it weaker than the others. It seems to actively lack any sort of special attribute to make it special among other cloths.


Special Abilities of Bronze Cloth of Bear

While the Bear Bronze Cloth is used by a particularly strong man, it never shows any particular special ability. Not extreme durability, regeneration, a unique weapon, or differing defense, perhaps due to a lack of cosmo control in any way, shape, or form.

Techniques used by Bear Saints

Bronze Saint Geki uses one major attack during his battles, all two of them.

"Hanging Bear"

During the assault on Sanctuary by Seiya and his closest Bronze Saint allies, Athena was surrounded by Sanctuary's grunt soldiers. The five Bronze Saints who didn't join the others arrived after training/repairing their cloths, and fought to defend Athena. The attack that Geki unveiled was called the "Hanging Bear", and was likely a crushing grasp attack to the body, similar to what Geki did to Seiya during their match at the Galaxian Tournament.



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