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Aries Gold Cloth
Cloth Rank

Gold Cloth


Aries (Ram)


Mu, Shion, Kiki






Sanctuary (arc), Poseidon (arc), Hades (arc), Episode G, The Lost Canvas, The Lost Canvas - Anecdotes, Next Dimension, Omega

The Aries Gold Cloth is the Cloth of the Saint Mu in Saint Seiya and Saint Seiya: Episode G, Shion in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas and Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, and Kiki in Saint Seiya: Omega. It is of the highest class of the Cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Gold Cloths.


Cloth History

"Oh, didn't I tell you I was one of the most powerful saints and could have killed the silvers, much to their horror? Sorry."

Mythology: Aries, the Ram-Skin Bedsheets

The Aries constellation was based on the golden ram who rescued Phrixos and was sacrificed to Zeus to make the legendary Golden Fleece, which Jason and the Argonauts would pursue.

Classic: Rams- Good At Fixing Crap

Mu trained to be a Saint in Jamir years before the birth of the modern Athena by the previous wielder of the Aries Gold Cloth, Shion. The Cloth was likely kept in Sanctuary until a Saint worthy of wearing it was found. Both Mu and Shion before him were capable of repairing Cloths. This doesn't seem to be a specific trait of the Cloth so much as passed on training. Mu proved to be a valuable ally to the Bronzes, having fixed their Cloths, and helped defend Sanctuary from the invading Specters. Mu was trapped in Hell along with Aiolia and Miro, but awakened by Athena's Cosmo, and rejoined the Gold Saints, to add his power to theirs, at the cost of his life. Shion died by the betrayal of Saga, who killed him on Star Hill, and took his place.

Episode G: Teenage Hermit

In Saint Seiya: Episode G, Aries Mu had already left Sanctuary to work in Jamir as the repairer of Cloths. Like Libra Dohko, he knew there was a corruption in Sanctuary, and stayed away because of it. When Leo Aiolia came to Mu to get his Cloth repaired, Mu initially refused, but was convinced by Aiolia to help him out and fight with him.

Lost Canvas/Next Dimension: Previous War

The Saints of Aries and Libra, Shion and Dohko, traveled together in Next Dimension, attempting to stop Hades from being reborn in the world, but failed due to Pegasus Tenma stopping them. Their newly received Gold Cloths weren't enough, though, as the barrier weakened them as the Judges appeared. Shion learned via the Crateris Cloth that he is destined to be the future Master of Sanctuary. He eventually had to face his old friend Suikyo as a Specter, and was overpowered, being saved by the appearance of Ikki. In The Lost Canvas, Shion primarily serves as the one who repairs the Cloths. His big fight came against Balron Rune, who had tempted him to abandon the Cloths, and share in the power of the book he used to judge men. Shion defeated Rune, leaving himself as one of the few surviving Saints as the Holy War approaches its end. It is known that he survives both The Lost Canvas and Next Dimension, becoming the next Pope.

Omega: Filling Big Cloths

Saint Seiya Omega sees Kiki, the former apprentice of Mu, become the Gold Saint of Aries. At his first appearance, he is simply having his assistant Raki gather Stardust Sand to repair Cloths. Later on, he appears at the newly rebuilt Sanctuary, wearing his Gold Cloth, and seemingly gathering to Mars' side. When the Bronze Saints began to assault the new Sanctuary, Kiki waited for them in the House of the Aries. He warned them of Mars' plan, and repaired their Cloths, draining his Cosmo in the process. He sent them along, preparing to fight the army of Martians that sought to take him out for betraying Mars. After Mars' fall, he remains as a Gold Saint, as the new threat of Pallas arrives.

Cloth Design: Golden Horns

Classic Manga: You Think He'd Notice Someone Killed His Mentor

"Athena made no teleporting between Gold Saint Temples just to upset me..."

This is the form the Aries Gold Cloth takes during the original Saint Seiya series' manga. Mu earned the Cloth in Jamir, and it was first seen when Mu came to help Dohko fight Deathmask. Like most Gold Cloths done by Kurumada, the Aries Gold Cloth has a large amount of detail and texture to it, with engravings, rather than painted on details. The body is mostly a solid piece going from the neck to groin, with shoulder pad attachments, and a front plate added on. The head of the Aries attached to the back of the body, giving the front the distinctive horns that protect the sides of the neck. The gauntlets cover from the top of the fingers all the way up to the majority of the arm. The leggings cover everything from the foot up to the bottom half of the thighs; the shoes in the leggings appear to be high heels. The helmet provides full head protection, with wing like protrusions to the sides, a sharp section sticking up from the middle, and a pattern on the front of it. The Cloth was last seen in Hell, not among the five Gold Cloths send to Elyseum by Poseidon.

Classic Anime: Bruce Wayne, and His Young Ward Dick Grayson...

Even in fixing cloths, child labor is used...

In the anime adaptation of Saint Seiya, while Mu remained the Gold Saint of Aries, the design did take some changes when being adapted from manga to anime. While the basic design was kept, many of the details were drastically simplified for the sake of animation; the jewel on the forehead was turned to a simple color, while the arms, legs, and torso lost several of their distinctive patterns. The horns of the Aries in particular lost their familiar stripes that stood out in the manga design. The shapes of the pelvic covering and the helmet's front design also change somewhat, going from more grandiose to simplified shapes that would be easy to recreate. Despite being the Cloth of such an important Gold Saint, it saw little action during the original anime, as Mu rarely fought during the Sanctuary and Poseidon arcs.

Hades OVA: Stardust in the Wind...

"I hope you like your ticket to Hell fancy, because you've just got a first class seat back to Hades...

The Aries Gold Cloth finally saw action in the Hades OVAs, as Mu fought to protect the House of the Aries from the invading Specters. Much of the design from the original anime was retained for the Hades OVAs, but slightly altered. In this case, many of the designs were more clearly shown with a different shade of gold. Other than that, there wasn't any major change from the anime to the OVAs. The Cloth saw a lot of action, and joined with the other Gold Cloths for one last attack against the Wall of Lamentations, before all the Gold Saints died, leaving the Aries Gold Cloth intact but without an owner.

Episode G: Low on RAM

His love with the hermit life is getting a bit least he's not keeping a little kid around...

Saint Seiya: Episode G saw a younger Mu as the Aries Gold Saint. Having left Sanctuary after uncovering the truth, he repairs the Cloths in Jamir. The Episode G style of armor design is in full force here, with with the design being altered to the standard that all Cloths do under Okada's pen. While the general shape and the chest horns are kept, the Cloth is greatly slimmed down from Kurumada's original design. Also, most of the details from the original design are replaced by original, more miniature details spread throughout the design. The Cloth would remain with Mu for the duration of the series, as he distanced himself from Sanctuary.

Lost Canvas Manga: Too Important To Die

"The only thing I have to fear is being underused, as I know my character survives this prequel..."

This is the form the Aries Gold Cloth takes during Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas' manga. We first get to see the Cloth when Shion leads an assault to find Hades in the Holy War of the 1700s. Shiori's design, following the example of Kurumada's original Aries Gold Cloth, retains many of the iconic details that make it stand out as a Cloth, faithfully recreated in her distinct style. Despite being the Cloth of the future Pope, it rarely sees any action in The Lost Canvas. This is in no doubt a part of Shiori trying to keep Shion alive long enough to make it to the future. Shion and the Cloth survive the Holy War, Shion getting promoted to the role of Pope.

Lost Canvas Anime: Mr. Deeds Does Nothing

Seriously, for being such an important character, he only gets a few moments to shine...

In Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas' anime, this is the form that the Aries Gold Cloth takes. Shion remains the one to wear the Aries Gold Cloth during the previous Holy War, fighting alongside Libra Dohko and his other fellow Saints. Like many anime adaptations, the manga variation is used as the base design, and simplified for the sake of a cheaper animation budget. Many of the elements Shiori used for her design (and going further back to Kurumada's own design) are retained, but with lessened details and texture. Unlike the Original Anime's design, this version does retain details like the rings on the horns.

Next Dimension: Promotion Just Before a War? Sound Strategy!

He really doesn't look confident...though, considering the assbeating that's about to occur, that's no surprise.

Kurumada finally got to bring back the Aries Gold Cloth in Saint Seiya: Next Dimension. Shion, the Aries Saint of the 1700s, earned the Cloth at the start of the series, and it was first seen when the Pope gave both Shion and Dohko their Gold Cloths. Kurumada kept the traditional design of the Cloth that he had created all those years ago, but added color to it. Initially, the design looked rough, as Kurumada was just getting back to the series. Eventually, all the designs did improve; the Aries Gold Cloth was no exception to this. The Cloth was last seen as Ikki left Shion at his temple, the Gold Saint injured from his fight with Garuda Suikyou.

Omega: Loyal Ol' Goat

Best choice for Pope? Better than Mars...

The Aries Gold Cloth is altered some time in the future by a Meteor, taking on the form seen in Saint Seiya: Omega. Mu's apprentice Kiki took over as the new Gold Saint of Aries and as the repairer of Cloths. The design of the Aries Gold Cloth had changed fairly drastically due to the Meteor; the pattern at the collar and the horns over the shoulders are two of a very few number of details retained from the original Kurumada design. Thus far, the Cloth is intact, as Kiki continues to serve Athena against Pallas.


Special Abilities of Gold Cloth of Aries

The Aries Gold Cloth while having all of the power, life, and defensive abilities of a Gold Cloth, does not seem to have an ability that exclusively requires the Cloth itself to do.

Techniques used by Aries Saints

Between Mu, Shion, and Kiki, several major attacks were shown for the Aries Saint during their battles in the various series. These do not include their abilities to teleport or to use telekinetic abilities (to move things with their minds).

"Crystal Wall"

"Crystal Wall" is a defensive technique that creates a transparent, glass-like barrier between Mu and an object. The wall is very durable, and has been shown to shield Mu against everything from normal Cosmo attacks to poison scent. The strength of the wall is dependent on Mu's Cosmo level; at 100% of his power, it was unbreakable to almost all but Mu's mentor, Shion. Reduced to 10% of his power, however, the wall becomes far less useful; it failed to withstand against Wyvern Rhadamanthys' "Greatest Caution" attack.

"Crystal Net"

"Crystal Net" is a defensive technique used against Papillon Myu. Mu created a net which captured both Myu and his Hell Butterflies.

"Starlight Extinction"

"Starlight Extinction" is a psychic-based offensive technique. On its own, it is a fairly powerful move that damaged even Gold Saints such as Pisces Aphrodite and Cancer Deathmask. However, it can also be used to teleport an opponent out of sight; when Mu used it against Pegasus Seiya, he was able to send the Bronze Saint to a location of his choosing.

"Stardust Revolution"

"Stardust Revolution" is Mu's most powerful move. Like "Crystal Wall", it is an attack that was handed down by his mentor Shion. The attack summons stardust from stars and galaxies, and obliterates an enemy with raw cosmos power.



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