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This is about the character of the Classic "Saint Seiya" series. For Garuda Suikyo in "Next Dimension", click here. For Garuda Aiacos in "Lost Canvas", click here. For info on the Garuda Surplice, click here.

Garuda Aiacos
Garuda Aiacos



186 cm


85 kg

Date of Birth

July 6






Garuda Surplice


Garuda Flap, Galactica Illusion






Heavenly Star


Majestic Star

Manga Debut

The Possession of Shun

Anime Debut

Hades! A Surprising Possession

Japanese Voice

Shinichiro Miki

English Voice

Garuda Aiacos (ガルーダのアイアコス) is a fictional character from Masami Kurumada's classic 1980's manga series, Saint Seiya. He was introduced in the Hades chapter, and served as one of the prominent characters throughout the arc. Along with Wyvern Rhadamanthys and Griffon Minos, he is part of a collective known as The 3 Judges of Hell. Aiacos' power stems from the Heavenly Majestic Star (天雄星).


Background & Personality

243 years had passed since the last holy war between Athena and Hades in the 18th century so Athena's seal on the 108 Specters had withered and was released. The Heroic Star and the Garuda Surplice sought Aiacos out and transformed him into one of Hades 108 warriors and one of the three magnates of hell. After swearing an oath to Hades he travelled to the Underworld and took command over his own cadre of Specters. Hades had not awakened in his chosen vessel of this holy war, but his soul was still conscious enough to give out orders. The god had managed to persuade several of Athena's Saints to take the goddess' life in exchange of getting their lives back. The Saints had been bluffing, but Athena had nevertheless been killed by her own hand. When the revived Saint presented Athena's body to Hades' servant Pandora, the body had mysteriously disappeared. Gemini Saga suggested that the goddess might have gone to the Underworld to personally defeat Hades. Pandora did not like that possibility and ordered their stronghold on Earth, Hades' Castle to be destroyed and all remaining Specters to withdraw to the Underworld. Several Saints managed however to infiltrate the Underworld.[1]


Aiacos anime 01.png

Aiacos had been stationed in the Underworld during the commotion in Athena's Sanctuary, and would not be seen until Pandora summoned all three Magnates to listen to a musical performance by Lyra Orphee's in front of their lord Hades. It was however a ploy by the Saint who put all of them except Rhadamanthys to sleep. Rhadamanthys defeated the Lyre Saint but when he was about to strike the Pegasus Saint, the Andromeda Saint finally turned into Hades. Minos and Aiacos awoke to the bizarre situation. Up until now the Magnates had never seen the face of their deity and had a hard time believing a Saint could turn into Hades. Pandora told them to not ask such questions and ordered them all to set out and eliminate all of the invading Saints.[2] Aiacos would not make his move until the invading Saints had reached the Fifth Prison of the Underworld. Along with Griffon Minos, Garuda Aiacos appeared during a fight between Wyvern Rhadamanthys and Gemini Kanon. The Wyvern seemed to have reached his limit when the two stepped in. Kanon mocked them, but Aiacos retaliated with his "Galactica Illusion" techniques but was interfered by Rhadamanthys. Minos continued with his Cosmic Marionation technique and broke one of the Saint's fingers.[3]

Aiacos anime 02.png

Rhadamanthys pleaded with his fellow Magnates that the Saint was his prey, but the two just scoffed at him, remarking how he had almost been defeated. Just as Minos was about to finish Kanon, his technique was stopped by the sudden arrival of Phoenix Ikki. As the two Saints had a small talk it was revealed that the Phoenix Saint's younger brother was Hades chosen vessel of this era. Aiacos remarked on this and said that he was probably with Pandora at Cocyutus. Ikki may be the brother of their lord Hades, but he was still one of Athena's Saints and needed to die as one. Just as he said that, Aiacos sent Ikki flying with one of his attacks. However, to the Magnate's disbelief, the Saint stood up unharmed, and in tears for his little brother. Aiacos started to get annoyed by the Saint's attitude and charged at him, but his helmet was instantly knocked of by the Phoenix Saint. Standing firm, he asked whom of them would be his opponent.[4]

Aiacos anime 03.png

Aiacos rose to the occasion and said that it would be him. The Sint charged at him, but Aiaco continuously evaded the attacks with ease, remarking that the Saint was too slow. And with that he knocked the Saint to the ground, lifted him by his head and threw him into the air to use his "Garuda Flap" technique. Ikki was hurled up so far that he could not be seen any more, and in the meantime Aiacos drew a cross on the ground which he said would be point of impact by he Saint. With a big crash the Phoenix Saint smashed into the ground, but he was still alive. Aiacos remarked that he was a resilient creature, just like his namesake the Phoenix. In a second attempt he hurled Ikki upwards with his Garuda Flap technique, and drew a cross on the ground. This time however, the Saint did not come down again. The Garuda Specter stared up in disbelief and wondered if the Saint had sprouted wings. Suddenly Minos shouted at him to watch out, but it was too late as Aiacos was struck in the back and toppled to the ground. The Phoenix Saint stood unscathed and commented on the irony that Aiacos had marked his own grave site. The same attack does not work twice on a Saint he said and asked the other Specters who would be next. Minos remarked that Aiacos had not yet been defeated. The Garuda Magnate was impressed by the Saint and attacked him with a surprise blow. He commented that he had never thought he would meet a Bronze Saint like Ikki, and if he wanted a real attack he would show him one. With a sweeping motion he launched his Galactica Illusion technique which sent the Saint flying into the ground. Aiacos turned his attention toward Kanon again, but the Gold Saint remarked that Ikki was not defeated yet as he would come back stronger every time.[5]

Aiacos anime 04.png

Aiacos questioned Kanon's comment and decided that he would stop him from coming back by attacking the Phoenix Saint again. But the Saint evaded all of his punches, much to the Specter's chagrin. He wondered how the Saint could avoid his attacks to which he replied that he only needed to exceed his attack velocity. Suddenly the Phoenix Saint hit him with what seemed like a mosquito bite. Aiacos mocked Ikki for such a weak attack and launched his Galactica Illusion technique at the Saint. Nothing happened to the Saint however, who commented that he had already seen that attack and that he should probably have a taste of it himself. Aiacos was ripped to pieces, limb from limb in an instant. Suddenly he found himself on the ground, still in piece while breathing heavily. He wondered what had happened until Ikki informed him that it was an illusion. Aiacos became furious at him, but was told by the Saint to stand down as he did not have enough strength. The Magnate did not like being mocked, and said with anger that it would be impossible for someone of his calibre to be beaten by a mere Bronze Saint. The Phoenix Saint then said calmly that he had no choice to finish the fight quickly as he had more urgent business to attend to. With a sudden burst of Cosmo, Ikki launched his "Hoyoku Tensho" technique at Aiacos who was knocked into the air and straight into the ground, instantly killing him.[6]

Concept & Creation

Aiacos was created by Masami Kurumada to act as one of the three Magnates of the Underworld. His name Aiacos (アイアコス) is taken from "Aeacus", the son of Zeus and Aegina (or Zeus and Europa in other accounts) in Greek mythology. It is unknown if Aiacos events would have transpired differently, had Kurumada been allowed to continue the Hades chapter as planned. His anime appearance differs in minor parts of his surplice being in yellow and grey colors.

Aiacos, the last Judge to be introduced in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, proved far more tenacious than his Classic counterpart. Brutal and ruthless, the Garuda Specter waged a battle between the Ship of Hope and his own armoured vessel. It would take all the might of Sisyphos, the Sagittarius Gold Saint, to defeat him. And the affection of Behemoth Violate, his Second-in-Command to remember the man he once was.

Like most characters in The Lost Canvas, Aiacos exhibited a new technique, the "Galactica Death Bring".


Aiacos anime 05.JPG
"Garuda Flap"

The "Garuda Flap" is a two part attack: Aiacos first expels a gust of wind through his arms, sending the opponent soaring miles into the air at top speed. The spectre then crosses an "X" on the ground with his feet and begins a 3 second countdown. At the end of it, the opponent is knocked back down to the ground, usually crashing onto the "X" as marked.

"Galactic Illusion"

"Galactic Illusion" is the Garuda Specter's strongest technique. At its most basic, it is a more powerful version of the "Garuda Flap", minus the countdown. Grand illusions of demonic eyes are seen flashing in the background as Aiacos unleashes a high speed air current at his opponent through crossed arms.


Aiacos merch 01.png

Garuda Aiacos was released as a Myth Cloth figure in May, 2006 and cost 4,725 Japanese Yen. It was the second of the Specter Magnates that were released as Myth Cloths. It contained 2 sets of different hands, a removable two-part hair piece and a structure to mount the Cloth to form its Object mode.[7] in April, 2006 Aiacos was released as a Saint Seiya Cloth Up figure in series 1, where he came with a stand and removable helmet. Aiacos was also released as a figure in the Tamashii Super Model Saint Seiya Part II series in September 2006, where he was one of 12 random characters from the series. In February 2007 he was released as a Mini Big Head figure in the Saint Seiya - Hades Sanctuary and Inferno Chapters series.



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