All 12 Gold Saints

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Aquarius Camus
Aquarius Camus (480)
Cancer DeathMask
Cancer DeathMask (588)
Scorpio Milo
Scorpio Milo (467)
Virgo Shaka
Virgo Shaka (490)

Pisces Aphrodite
Pisces Aphrodite (398)
Gemini Kanon
Gemini Kanon (141)
Capricorn Shura
Capricorn Shura (301)
Leo Aiolia
Leo Aiolia (526)

Gemini Saga
Gemini Saga (770)
Taurus Aldebaran
Taurus Aldebaran (222)
Sagittarius Aiolos
Sagittarius Aiolos (168)
Libra Dohko
Libra Dohko (155)

Aries Mu
Aries Mu (415)
Aries Shion
Aries Shion (129)
Misc Gold Saints
Misc Goldies (139)
Athena / Kido Saori
Athena (360)

Cygnus Hyoga
Cygnus Hyoga (656)
Andromeda Shun
Andromeda Shun (539)
Phoenix Ikki
Phoenix Ikki (387)
Pegasus Seiya
Pegasus Seiya (59)

Ophiuchus Shaina
Ophiuchus Shaina (381)
Aquila Marin
Aquila Marin (175)
Cepheus Albiore
Cepheus Albiore (57)
Unicorn Jabu
Unicorn Jabu (102)

Polaris Hilda
Polaris Hilda (60)
Freya of Asgard
Freya of Asgard (42)
Poseidon / Julian Solo
Poseidon (79)
Mermaid Thetis
Mermaid Thetis (47)

Hades (8)
Pandora (38)
Wyvern Rhadamanthys
Rhadamanthys (64)
Rune Balrog
Rune Balrog (112)

Gryphon Minos
Gryphon Minos (69)
Misc Spectres
Misc Spectres (272)
Eris (4)
Abel (101)

Corona Saints
Corona Saints (127)
Lucifer (96)
Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels (229)
Saint Seiya Title Screen
Saint Seiya Titles

Currently there are screenshots from the episodes: 36-40, 43, 44, 47-52, 56-63, 65-75, 100; Hades OVA 1-9, 14, 15, 25; Movie 3+4

All 12 Gold Saints

I decided to delete the old Saint Seiya Screenshot archive with its 3842 pictures, but if someone wants to use the lower quality pictures anyway, you can now download the whole archive as a zipped package from

Black Gold Saints

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