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Welcome, dear visitors! This is my screenshot archive that features my favourite kawaii male anime characters.

Pic of Aquarius Camus
Pic of Cancer DeathMask
Pic of Metalface
Pic of Kunzite
Pic of Hokuto
Pic of Zoisite
Pic of Fou Lafine
Pic of Dark Schneider
Pic of Sa Sakujun
Pic of Virgo Shaka
Pic of Hiko Seijuurou
Pic of Shi Seiran
Pic of Scorpio Milo
Pic of Gemini Kanon
Pic of Shi Ryuuki
Pic of Pisces Aphrodite
Pic of Cygnus Hyoga
Pic of Jadeite

Screenshot Archives

Here you will find all the characters of the respective series that I like. There are more than in the above list of my favourite bishounen!

Old Archives (Download Only)

Due to the low quality of the old screenshots I took the old archives down. If you are interested in them anyway, feel free to download the full archives as zip packages from These archives are not written in validated HTML, though.

By the way, if you wish to use those pictures on your page, feel free to do so under the following conditions:

  1. I'd like you to give me credit for shooting the pics and put a link to my Bishounen Gallery at, my Saint Seiya Archive at, or the Dark Kingdom Home at somewhere on your page (well, take which of the above links suits your page best :).
  2. Please download the pictures and keep them locally on your website. You can't hotlink any pictures from my site anyway.
  3. Please tell me where you have put them! If you have an anime related page, I'd love to add you to my link lists!

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