Saint Seiya Omega ep.2 RAW + subs

Sunday, 08 April 2012 05:34 Newborn
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well, episode 2 has aired. Crunchyroll seems to have delayed the "simulcast" by a few days. SO for now, this RAW thanks to Zero-Raws (torrent). You'll find that Souma is the Lionet saint (big spoiler huh?). A lil less "pizazz" from the first one in my opinion. Still Good nontheless. For once in the series the Bronze Saints actually look their age. Subs should come soon. keep checkin'!

EDIT: I took the liberty to translate this ep from spanish (and some of my jap knowledge. which is only above average). translation isn't horrible so don't worry. anywho here is the .ASS and the .SRT (some of you might have to right click and save it). they're basically the same. The .ass just looks neater. oh, you might want this font for the .ass. If you dont, fine. the player will pick a font for you. 'til next time!

NOTE: the files are synced with the RAW by Zero-Raws. you can edit them to your liking with a subtitle editing program like aegisub. Don't forget to name both the video file and the sub file the same!

2nd EDIT: Check out Hot Blood and Burning Cosmo. They're subbing the original SS Series as Well As Omega. Show them some Support!




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