Saint Seiya Omega ep.1 *Now on Crunchyroll*

Monday, 02 April 2012 04:25 Newborn
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Well folks, SS omega has finally aired in japan and we now have a RAW in our hands thanks to Zero-Raws. Upon seeing the episode myself i have come to the conclusion that this series will not be as bad as i expected it to be. Fight scenes are nice, animation is superb and definitely has that SS feel to it. A torrent for this can be found on Nyaatorrents. Oh and if you want to watch an english translation and can't wait for crunchyroll to get it up, you can watch it here. Please keep in mind it would be preferable to watch it on crunchyroll when it does become available since it's supports the industry. 'til next time!

EDIT: Episode is now on crunchyroll. so it'd be wise to pay whatever it is they charge so you can view the eps as soon as they air.

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