Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary !!!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014 05:18 Newborn
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save your athenaThis is much more of a "I'm back from the dead" post. Lately things have been a little wacky in my life. But hey, New year, new goals, and my goal is to update this site more often. But, that aside, The New Saint Seiya movie is now finally going to be released this year. After all this waiting, fans can rejoice (I know i did). I know i'm late on the bandwagon, but the trailer and website are already on the internet. The website is in japanese but offers other language links that will only lead to a page with only the intro, synopsis, and character info (In whichever language you clicked of course). On a good note, They refer to the Saints as "Saints" and not "Knights". Which kinda gets you thinking, will we be seeing a North American release? Or will it be like the SS video games that get a full English translation and never see the light of day here in America?


Official Website for the movie

Official English page

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