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Saint Seiya Omega ep.3 RAW + subs

Saturday, 14 April 2012 20:57 Newborn
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It's saturday again folks, and with it a new saint seiya omega ep. Well, the guys finally get to palaestra. What awaits them there? download the torrent to find out. Some nifty thing i noticed was that the opening had sound effects added to it. translation should come soon so keep coming back to check!

EDIT: Omega has been subbed by burning Cosmo and is available on their website in both torrent ans script.

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Saint Seiya Episode 57 by Burning Cosmo.

Saturday, 14 April 2012 02:10 Newborn
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If you haven't heard yet this group by the name "Burning Cosmo" is picking up the translation of SS where Aznanime left off. (remember? that old group that used to fansub saint seiya? The one i was once leader of?) Anywho go check out their site as they have episodes as well as scripts if you have a trusty RAW. Their eps are in high quality so it's worth a download. No more horrible HK translations! 'til next time!

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Saint Seiya Omega ep.1 *Now on Crunchyroll*

Monday, 02 April 2012 04:25 Newborn
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Well folks, SS omega has finally aired in japan and we now have a RAW in our hands thanks to Zero-Raws. Upon seeing the episode myself i have come to the conclusion that this series will not be as bad as i expected it to be. Fight scenes are nice, animation is superb and definitely has that SS feel to it. A torrent for this can be found on Nyaatorrents. Oh and if you want to watch an english translation and can't wait for crunchyroll to get it up, you can watch it here. Please keep in mind it would be preferable to watch it on crunchyroll when it does become available since it's supports the industry. 'til next time!

EDIT: Episode is now on crunchyroll. so it'd be wise to pay whatever it is they charge so you can view the eps as soon as they air.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 April 2012 14:38 )

Saint Seiya Omega ep.2 RAW + subs

Sunday, 08 April 2012 05:34 Newborn
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well, episode 2 has aired. Crunchyroll seems to have delayed the "simulcast" by a few days. SO for now, this RAW thanks to Zero-Raws (torrent). You'll find that Souma is the Lionet saint (big spoiler huh?). A lil less "pizazz" from the first one in my opinion. Still Good nontheless. For once in the series the Bronze Saints actually look their age. Subs should come soon. keep checkin'!

EDIT: I took the liberty to translate this ep from spanish (and some of my jap knowledge. which is only above average). translation isn't horrible so don't worry. anywho here is the .ASS and the .SRT (some of you might have to right click and save it). they're basically the same. The .ass just looks neater. oh, you might want this font for the .ass. If you dont, fine. the player will pick a font for you. 'til next time!

NOTE: the files are synced with the RAW by Zero-Raws. you can edit them to your liking with a subtitle editing program like aegisub. Don't forget to name both the video file and the sub file the same!

2nd EDIT: Check out Hot Blood and Burning Cosmo. They're subbing the original SS Series as Well As Omega. Show them some Support!




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Saint Seiya Omega Premiere

Friday, 30 March 2012 22:20 Newborn
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As you all know by now the premiere of omega was set to be aired at this "seiya night" in many countries. A lot of lucky people have gone and brought back some valuable info. Apparently the animation is just as good as Elysium. which isn't good. but we'll see. With the right technique animation can do wonders with a limited budget. you can read the commentaries here. SS Omega airs in less than 24 hours from this post!


Last Updated ( Friday, 30 March 2012 22:29 )

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