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Saint Seiya Blu-Ray Box I

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 18:00 Newborn
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saint seiya blu-ray box I

This has been out for some time now. SS BD Box I comes with some very nice artwork for covers. Below i will provide some links for viewing images as well as screenshots (another site). Though not 'actual' screenshots you can see the quality is definetly better than the DVDs. The Bluray release of Saint Seiya as you may not know is in fact an upscale from the DVDs. BD Box II is available for pre-order over on amazon.

Source: http://shonen-yo-eien-ni.blogspot.com/

Article: http://shonen-yo-eien-ni.blogspot.com/2014/06/saint-seiya-bluray-box-i.html



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True Saint Seiya Fan

Monday, 30 June 2014 02:36 Newborn
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I know this isn't very SS news related. But seeing as this site shouldn't focus on just news, i decided to include fan videos (among other things) on the front page. As the title suggests this is a true SS fan. Just watch it. I don't care if you have something else to do. This will make your day. Nuff said.

PS. this is what my baby would do if i had one.

2nd Ps: the video is edited but whoever thought of it is a genius.

Link: http://youtu.be/zm9WBJlSl24

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Update June 2014

Wednesday, 18 June 2014 20:34 Newborn
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In the beginning of this year i began something called Saintseiyafan 2014 promising that things would be more updated and junk like that. Some of that was done (yay!), but other things weren't really done (boo!). These past few months of absence I have tried to explore possibilities, such as the site's future and overall functionality. My goal is to make SSF better after all. The way the site is running now it's messy both coding and organization wise.The way the site first ran we had basic html coding and editing the front page wasn't a very easy task so i switched over to CMS software and editing got easier but the software got outdated and everything's just a mess internally (it isn't something you really "see"). The forum on the other hand works great, the only thing is that i want to make it better. Bring it up to the latest software is one of my top priorities. But with updates come consequences which basically just means that the overall layout might have to be replaced. Also i would like a system where you will have one SSF account for the whole site, bridging the forum and the front page.

so tl;dr

The site is gonna undergo some changes soon.

And also The long awaited SS CGI movie will premiere soon. I for one am STOKED!!



Saint Seiya LoS Premiere and spoilers!

Monday, 23 June 2014 14:42 Newborn
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Alright guys The day is here. Over here it is the 23rd meaning that SS LoS has already premiered. Also, announcements that the movie will go overseas to parts of Europe and South America. A little bit of sad news to us English speaking fans but nonetheless the movie will be released on Region A BD eventually and it will be playable on all of the Americas. This of course can't go on without me saying that, yes, we have spoilers. But I won't go into details here. Clips have surfaced and so has the summary. If you would like to view these spoilers please head over to our forum to our dedicated LoS Spoiler thread.


LoS Thread

LoS Spoiler thread

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[APRIL FOOLS JOKE] BREAKING NEWS!! Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary First 15 Minutes leaked!

Monday, 31 March 2014 03:56 Newborn
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saint seiya the lost canvas 15 minute preview

EDIT: This was an April fools joke!!!!!


Hi guys!! Newborn here with some BREAKING NEWS!!!! The First 15 minutes of Saint Seiya Legend of Sanctuary have been leaked online. The video looks like it came from a private screening of the film. Most likely discs that were sent out to notable reviewers. Whatever the case it's here, AND WOW!! All I can say is that one should watch it before it gets taken down. But i'm sure there will be more download links later! Keep Checking Saintseiyafan.com for more info!

Link to video: Click here

Link to Forum Thread: Click here.

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