Author Topic: Thoughts about how the Hades arc could have been done differently?  (Read 828 times)

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I just finished watching all three parts and I'm a bit disappointed by the rushed climax from the last two. Granted it seems they only had a few episodes to resolve certain things and a schedule to push but I can't help to run over in my head all the possibilities they missed out on. So wishful thinking on my part but if it were somehow possible (and if the arc was actually longer) what would you have done differently?

Also I haven't read the manga so I don't know how close the OVA was to it or how accurate.

My thoughts:

- I'm curious as to how it would have turned out, had Pandora and the underlings knew Shun was Hades all along. Would she have prepared beforehand by setting up for Shun to be kidnapped when the right time came? Would she simply wait, knowing he would likely visit the underworld himself anyway? Would they had made it easier for Shun and Seiya to arrive? (After all, Shun was nearly killed many times and they can't have him die on them. The judge was very quick to react once he thought he had mutilated "Hades's" body into tiny little pieces) Either way it makes more sense than Pandora not realizing it was him despite the necklace she made him for that specific purpose.

- Once Shun becomes Hades, a whole separate arc of them trying to get him back and maybe Hades (Shun) messing around with them before doing that whole end of the world thing. Sending minions after them, seeing how they react to certain things, ect. I'm also very disappointed that only Seiya and Ikki saw him in that form while the other bronze knights were friggin. still. running. And on that note it's a bit comical that once Hyoga and Shiryu arrived to see Shun back to normal, they literally didn't seem to care about being told Shun 'betrayed' them earlier.

(Missing scene: "Hey Shun, they told us you're Hades? WTF is up with that man??")

- Shun goes back to the status quo of being a damsel in distress despite the fact that he was literally a chosen vessel for Hades. First one to achieve God Cloth aside from Seiya and he immediately face plants, leading to Hyoga and Shiryu saving him.  -_-  So just. One. Just one epic battle where he achieves something new and he has his moment. Also would of been interesting for Hades to have a personal vendetta against Shun for eventually rejecting him and pushing him out.

- This is more of a nitpick but the specters don't seem nearly as loyal as the Lost Canvas counterparts.

That's about it for my thoughts. Does anyone have their own ideas perhaps? :0


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I think that the OAV was kinda accurate and that rushed wtf ending with unconscious Seiya is in the manga as well.
It's just ''let's go'', the end. Even the faux anime ending of Poseidon arc had some narrative closure.
Even Dragon Ball Z didn't got proper closure from TOEI thanks to the GT, as the manga had narrative ending with Dragon Balls flying in the sky and new edition had extended one with Goku's succesor and Vegeta's comment.