Author Topic: Ranking your favorite gold saints ( not by power just liking)  (Read 1665 times)


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Re: Ranking your favorite gold saints ( not by power just liking)
« Reply #15 on: February 07, 2017, 08:51:52 AM »
i agree with your list although i would put dohko and shaka higher on it, and yeah saga was probably the strongest of his generation but he probably also was one of the strongest since the age of myth, shaka would also join the list of one of the strongest since the age of myth.

Ok, first of all, this ranking is not by power but by liking and I am here to explain my choices even though I have already given explanations..

But before that let's talk about Saga. He is definitely not one of the strongest since the Age of Myth as we witnessed in ND that Cain/Abel was more powerful than Saga, as stated by Ikki. Also, there's no statement for Saga being that powerful so far. That's that.

Let's talk about why I put Shaka right there. I used to like Shaka, I really did but then I didn't know there was such a big fandom behind him that claims Shaka to be the strongest Gold Saint. Well, a million times no just no. Everyone's claim is that he took on three Clothless Gold Saints (I repeat Clothless) and everyone was like wow he is so powerful and things like that.  Putting him above Saga is ridiculous. And since we are on that subject please tell me, why did Shaka avoided to face Aioria when he could take three at once and one of them was Saga? One more thing for Shaka that I really don't like as I already said before, his false strong of Justice. It's...ridiculous.  Moreover, supposedly Shaka has a very strong insight and he couldn't tell Saga from Shion (Cosmo) which is ridiculous, whereas Mu returned to the Sanctuary and found out that the Cosmo belong to the missing Gemini Saint. His only advantage against Shaka was that he knew Shion's Cosmo very well since he was his master but the difference is, he actually identify the owner of the Cosmo.

Shaka is definitely one of the most powerful Gold Saints since the Age of Myth. Shijima stated that Shaka was the strongest Virgo Saint. Yes, for that it makes him quite powerful but ONLY among the Virgo Saints (I am saying this because there might be a time where a Cancer Saint was more powerful than Shaka if that Cancer Saint was said to be one of the most powerful since the Age of  Myth), in contrast with Shion who is said to be one of the most powerful among the Gold Saints since the Age of  Myth. But in any case, my point is Shaka is nothing to be sneezed about and is overrated in my opinion.

Dohko has done almost nothing like I said and I could not care any less about him. People often said that he is on par with Shion in strength but that is not true. A Clothless Shion succeeding in keeping at bay a Gold Cloth Dohko. Even if it was said in the manga that the two said their powers were equally matched, Dohko was never mentioned to be one of the strongest Gold Saints since the Age of Myth unlike Shion and in a Masami's interview when he was asked why Shion and Dohko are equal in power and  he said "they are?"
But in any case, Dohko was granted Misopethamenos to wait for Hades' return and did not much during the Hades Arc. Shion became Pope lived for 200ish more years with his Cosmo, died, returned and devised a plan to take down Hades's army. Sorry, it's all in favor of Shion.

That's all folks...

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