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Re: Aries Shion Chap 6!
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TLC Gaiden: Shion Chapter 06 - Raws A4S


Thanks to SS Zone


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Re: Aries Shion Chap 6!
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Wow, thanks Saga-san.


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Re: Aries Shion Chap 6!
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Translated from French:,3620.msg590297.html#msg590297

Spanish scans:


Aries Chapter 6: Those Who Resist



Teneo: You say that the Sanctuary we are working to rebuild is now sealed in a temporal prison?
Teneo: All because of a selfish person like you?
Teneo: I will not let you-
Kairos: Oh, you’ll let me do it!
Kairos: Because…
Kairos: ...I am a god after all.



Teneo: Guah!
Kairos: Well, I need to go and welcome someone.
Kairos: My adorable kid Tenma!


Dohko: The… Cloth of Libra started to resonate…
Dohko: And I can feel from a distant space-time…
Dohko: ...cosmos that are familiar to me…


Dohko: Shion.
Dohko: What’s happening at Sanctuary?
Dohko: Can my voice still reach you?
Shion: Yes.  I hear you well, Dohko.
Shion: The Cloths here have also begun to stir.


Shion: They have all felt it.
Shion: Felt their two cosmos.
Shion: The last time was that day.
Dohko: Yes, at that final battle in the Holy War.
Shion: These cosmos so familiar…!
Dohko: Yes...
Dohko: I had always hoped they survived…


Dohko: We didn’t know what happened to them after the Holy War, but…
Dohko: ...Tenma and the goddess Athena are now trying to return to Sanctuary!


Dohko: Tenma told me that we would meet again on Earth, then he disappeared, as if he had died.
Dohko: I had hoped that those three would be able to live a peaceful life if they had been able to survive.
Shion: Yes...
Shion: They had suffered enormously and lost too much during that Holy War.
Shion: But now everything is clear.
Shion: I understand why this demon chose to come back now to Sanctuary.
Shion: His objective is Pegasus Tenma, who will return to Sanctuary after his disappearance!
Shion: He is planning to capture Pegasus, the killer of gods bearing a God Cloth, and to manipulate him!


Dohko: !? Eh?  What do you mean?
Shion: Numerous Cloths have allowed me to learn his history.
Shion: He was expelled from Heaven and is therefore a being half-human and half-god who wanders the Earth.  He masterminded a plan to avenge himself on Heaven and Chronos, who banished him.
Shion: And as part of this plan, he made sure to give birth to Tenma.
Shion: To manipulate him at will and use the god-killer that he is to sow chaos in the skies!
Dohko: What...


Shion: He does not seek to lead a Holy War like Hades or the Giants.
Shion: He wants a conflict between gods involving even Zeus and Chronos in Heaven.  And if such a thing happens…
Shion: ...the Earth will probably be destroyed.
Dohko: ...
Dohko: Shion!


Shion: It’s alright, Dohko.
Shion: Do not move from there!  Do not forget your duty!
Dohko: How can I stay here and do nothing?
Dohko: This one wants to play with the Earth, the Heavens, and the fate of Tenma!
Shion: ...
Shion: I know, it is unforgivable.
Shion: But you have your own mission.
Shion: And my duty is to protect Sanctuary and Pegasus.


Shion: I will not allow the future to be destroyed.
Shion: Just like I did during the Holy War.
Dohko: (Shion’s cosmos disappeared...)
Dohko: ...



Teneo: My...
Teneo: ...Cloth is resonating.
Teneo: (And I feel familiar cosmos approaching…)
Teneo: (Could it be that…)
Teneo: !


Teneo: Guh...
Teneo: Ah...
Kairos: Hey kid, no need to try to get up if you’re looking elsewhere.
Kairos: Like I said, I came rushing up here to find my little Tenma.
Teneo: Shut up!
Teneo: I will no longer let you defile the name of Tenma with that mouth!
Teneo: You want to use Tenma to wreak havoc in Heaven?
Teneo: Do you not understand how all the death he saw during the Holy War tormented him?


Teneo: I...
Teneo: ...will not let you make him suffer more!
Kairos: Oulàlà!
Kairos: N'hahahahaha!
Kairos: You say some interesting stuff!
Kairos: Humans are born and die like mere insects, right?
Kairos: Torments?  Suffering?


Kairos: It’s just that Tenma hasn’t seen how entertaining it all is!
Kairos: Why should I care about that?
Teneo: ...
Teneo: So this is the logic of a god…?


Kairos: Bouh, I’m afraid!
Kairos: With all the will you put into battle, you could remain for decades without getting bored in this temporal prison!
Kairos: Oh I know, I will send you Athena’s corpse from above.
Kairos: I only need Tenma.
Teneo: Don’t expect to escape!
Kairos: Eh?
Kairos: !


Teneo: Pleiades Nova!
Kairos: Gyaaaah!
Kairos: This is the technique you used before?
Kairos: These balls of light… the Stardust Revolution?
Teneo: No!  But it’s a technique that I created from the teachings of His Holiness Shion!
Teneo: These seven stars accompanied by lightning can split the air according to my will!


Teneo: I will not let a god like you get away like that!
Teneo: It’s out of the question!
Teneo: I will defeat you here and now!


Kairos: Not bad little shit, but…
Kairos: You believe too much in yourself!
Kairos: Huh?
Kairos: Hey...
Kairos: What... ?


Teneo: Titan's Nova!
Kairos: Gyaaaah!
Kairos: Are you a demon or what?


Teneo: Ah...
Teneo: Ah...
Teneo: I got him?
Teneo: ...
Teneo: (My anger is still not appeased.)
Teneo: (So this is a God’s arrogance?  Human lives mean nothing to him…)
Teneo: ...


Teneo: (No...)
Teneo: (I need to regain my composure.  My opponent is a god, I have to stay on guard.)
Teneo: (I need to fight only to protect Sanctuary and all those who are here…)
Teneo: !


Teneo: How?
Teneo: You’re still...!


Kairos: N'hahahaha!
Kairos: Are you feeling better now?
Kairos: I am here naked, without protection!  You could finish me easily!
Kairos: But you know...
Kairos: I do not mind the “Mr. Serious” types like you, who can be read like a book.  After all…


Teneo: (No, he...!)
Kairos:’s easy to have fun with you!


Teneo: Coward!
Kairos: N'hahahahahahaha!  You made it!


Kairos: This kind of trick is a curse for serious guys like you!
Kairos: And now?  These kids carry the future of Sanctuary on their shoulders, right?
Kairos: And didn’t you make a promise to that big cow… Aldebaran, I believe?
Kairos: So go ahead, protect them!
Teneo: Uooooh!


Kairos: Tsst, looks like you got hurt.



Teneo: I will no longer let…
Teneo: ...a god like you do as you please…
Teneo: What had happened that day…
Teneo: ...will not be repeated...


Teneo: This Sanctuary was given to us…
Teneo: His Holiness Shion, by Tenma and by all the others.
Teneo: This is the only place that will stand against a god like you.
Teneo: It is the home to which Tenma… to which we can all return.
Teneo: You will not destroy it… !!!!


Kairos: No, eh?
Kairos: It’s amazing that you’re still conscious.
Kairos: Beautiful.  Very gallant!
Kairos: I want to kill you.
Kairos: But perverting the life of guys like you is more fun than anything.
Kairos: What will happen if I plant shadows in you and leave you with His Holiness Shion?


Kairos: Can you imagine that!
Kairos: WHAT?!!
Kairos: What’s this light?
Kairos: My body’s disappearing!


Shion: Teneo.
Teneo: Pope Shion.
Shion: Sorry to have taken so long.  You’ve done very well to hold that devil.
Teneo: No… I’m still very incompetent.
Teneo: And because of that you are forced to intervene in person…
Shion: Do not worry.
Shion: I have ties to this devil.
Shion: So let me take care of him.


Shion: I...
Shion: ...will protect Sanctuary.


Kairos: !


Kairos: N'hahahaha!
Kairos: You teleported me with Starlight Extinction to protect little Teneo?
Kairos: And to the altar of Athena too, what a great welcome!
Kairos: Isn’t this a wonderful scene…
Kairos: witness the moment of your death!


Shion: You misunderstand, Kairos.
Shion: I brought you here because I am preparing to welcome Tenma and the goddess Athena.


Shion: You have trampled the fate of many people.  And you are the one who pulled the strings of this Holy War.
Shion: You are a person we cannot leave free.
Shion: The time to pay for your crimes has come.
Kairos: Ah yes?  A human like you will do it?
Kairos: You think you can judge a god like me?
Shion: No, it is not I who will judge you.


Kairos: !?
Shion: It is Tenma and the goddess Athena who will judge.
Shion: I have only prepared the site.



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Re: Aries Shion Chap 6!
« Reply #18 on: January 20, 2017, 08:45:17 AM »
Thanks for the hard work of all of you.

I really enjoy the Side Stories of Lost Canvas.

All of them were impressive, I only did not like Sisifo' s.