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Saint Seiya Live Action
« on: April 09, 2015, 03:04:33 PM »
Saint Seiya Rebirth (aka Saint Seiya Live Action) is the first world series in live action, inspired from the famous anime Saint Seiya.
This product is no profit, and made by a group of fans in Italy, lead by me, Simon Gamal, an italian television author that start for fun this adventure, and by Carlo Trevisan, an italian director wich succesfull is growing, thank you also to this series.

The series take place just after the last Hades war, and count 8 episodes. A second season, after many fans request is upcoming but it hard to work with zero budget so we'll see what will happen.

One thing that surprised us and at the same time honored us, is that in the Omega series, many things from Rebirth were considered like part of the continuity, who's interested can see in this page (is in italian but we'll translate soon)

To understand better where is Rebirth collocated, we've created this timeline

An extra thing, is that the series is all dubbed by the original voice actors of the italian original dubbing, like Ivo De Palma and Danja Cericola.
I would like to post here, and invited people who'd like, to do it, stuff about this series.

So let's start with the first episode, with english subtitles:
Seiya still in coma and Shun is searching for June.
But something linked to the past is coming...