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Super Robot Wars Original Generation
« on: January 05, 2015, 01:37:33 PM »
Any SRW Original Generation fans out here?

I've been fan of SRW games for more than 15 years, I am still playing any released games at least 3 times each!

I am not sure if you are a fan yet I am going to list my fav 20 SRW Originals Mechs & Pilots

Top 20 Original Mechs:
1. Neo Granzon
2. DaiZengar
3. Possessed Zelvoid
4. Seiouki The Insa (Uther's Mech)
5. Possessed Cybuster
6. Jigenshou Gaioh
7. Possessed Granveil
8. Astranagant
9. Aussenseiter
10. Zyflud
11. Valsion
12. Duraxyll
13 Soulgain
14. Vysaga
15. Forte Gigas
16. Shrouga
17. Grungust Kai
18. G Compatible Kaiser
19. SRX
20. RyuKoOh

Top 20 Original Pilots:
1. Shu
2. Elzam
3. Ingram
4. Zengar
5. Gilliam
6. Iran
7. Axel Almar
8. King Uther
9. Asakim Dowen
10. Yan Long
11. Mekibos
12. Cobray
13. Gaen
14. Lamia
15. Crowe
16. Irm
17. Rai
18. Viletta
19. Kyosuke
20. Wodan Ymir


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Re: Super Robot Wars Original Generation
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2015, 05:13:31 PM »
I'm a fan, though I only played the GBA ones. I have no idea what happens after they defeat Stern Regisseur. I picked my username after Wodan's mech, after all.


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Re: Super Robot Wars Original Generation
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2015, 05:49:02 PM »
Love 'em.  Need to get back to the second one on the GBA.  I think I was halfway through; I got distracted by some of the non-OG SRW games.  Anyway, that just leaves OGG and OG 2nd after that, right?  Does Dark Prison count as part of the OG series? 

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Re: Super Robot Wars Original Generation
« Reply #3 on: June 03, 2015, 05:23:08 AM »
I've been a fan of the franchise for two years now. I originally found SRW due to its incredible music - I ended up loving it so much that I bought the OG soundtrack and pre-ordered the OG2 one (got it in the summer of 2013). I decided to look up the games and anime, and haven't looked back since~ I'm really REALLY hoping the PS2 games get English releases (with Japanese voices) because I want to play them so bad. ...I've actually played the GBA games, but I want mine with the voices... XD (I can't get past a certain early scenario in the first game. Elzam keeps killing all my units, including Sänger in his Grungust Type-0.)

As for my favorite mecha and pilots, I haven't watched the anime or played the games (much) yet, but I've read the entire SRW OG: Divine Wars -Record of ATX- manga, and the first four volumes of SRW OG: The Inspector -Record of ATX- (found them all in English... I just wish somebody would scanlate the rest of the volumes already).

Top 20 OG mecha
1. Ialdabaoth / Shinka Ialdabaoth (Folka Albark)
2. Alt Eisen / Alt Eisen Riese (Kyosuke Nanbu)
3. Huckebein Mk II (Brooklyn Luckfield, Elzam von Branstein, third unit is missing)
4. Geant Chevalier (Joshua Radcliffe)
5. Giganscudo / Giganscudo Duro (Tasuku Shinguji)
6. Graterkin / Graterkin II (Mekibos)
7. Cybuster / Possessed Cybuster (Masaki Andoh... AKASHIC NOVA!)
8. Raioh / Dairaioh (Touma Kanou)
9. Nashim Gan Eden (Irui Gan Eden)
10. R-Gun Rivale (Ingram Prisken)
11. Soulgain (Axel Almer)
12. Dygenguard (Sänger Zonvolt)
13. Aussenseiter (Elz- Rätsel Feinschmecker)
14. Astranagant (Ingram Prisken)
15. Grungust Type-0 (Sänger Zonvolt, Rishu Tougo)
16. Valefor / Shinka Valefor (Fernando Alduk)
17. Angelg (Lamia Loveless)
18. Rapiecage (Nagisa Ouka)
19. Grungust Kai (Irmgard Kazahara)
20. Vysaga (Lamia Loveless, Axel Almer)

If Hiryu Kai and Hagane counted, they'd be right there in the top-5.

Top 20 OG pilots
1. Kyosuke
2. Latooni
3. Irm
4. Sänger
5. Gilliam
6. Ingram
7. Kai
8. Elzam/Rätsel
9. Shu
10. Katina
11. Ryoto
12. Kusuha
13. Mekibos
14. Rai
15. Lamia
16. Asakim/Masaki (Asakim was the one who reincarnated into Masaki, not the other way around.)
17. Yuuki
18. Axel
19. Tasuku
20. Bian

Tetsuya and Lefina are two of my favorite characters - they don't count as pilots, but if they did, they'd rank above Kyosuke.
I also found a timeline of the OG world and translated the entire thing - it gives a better view of WHEN certain historical events happened. As in, real world years. Now we know the exact year when the meteors destroyed NYC and Moscow and the space age started.


  • Setting of Ryuko-oh Denki Gaiden.

  • Meteors destroy New York and Moscow.
  • "Network Inferno" breaks out, the level of information technology declines to 1980s level.

  • Emperor of Fury passes away, Shana-Mia inherits throne in the future. (Note: not sure how to translate the original line; either the Emperor was Shana-Mia's dad and the Fury went into stasis for 150-160 years, or he was her ancestor.)

2015 / SE 1
  • January, Year 1 of the Space Age begins.

SE 50 (AD 2065)
  • Schwarz von Branstein becomes leader of Gaia Sabers.

SE 51 (AD 2066)
  • Space station Columna is built.

SE 75 (AD 2090)
  • Space colony Elpis is built.

SE 76 (AD 2091)
  • Revolt in Elpis (due to operative failure in adapting the space colony to space environments).

SE 80 (AD 2095)
  • Development of Mars and Jupiter spheres.

SE 157 (AD 2172)
  • Large-scale terrorist attacks by colony independence movement in Space Colony Nozomi (Nozomi Incident). More victims than the Hope Incident and Elpis Incident.

SE 160 (AD 2175)
  • Brian Midcrid's NID4 = peaceful autonomy for colonies.
  • Lost Technology Research (LTR) is founded.

SE 166 (AD 2181)
  • Kenzo Kobayashi's T-Link experiments begin.

SE 169 (AD 2184)
  • E-Selda and the moderate Fury contact Ashuari Kreuzel as part of the assimilation plan.

SE 171 (AD 2186)
  • Bian Zoldark founds Tesla Reich Institute in September.

SE 172 (AD 2187)
  • January, deep space exploration program is launched (jointly by Tesla Reich and Space Development Corporation); deep-space exploration ship Hiryu's construction begins.
  • Hope Incident. Terrorists occupy Space Colony Hope, stealing EFA weapon Giganscudo. The EFA's dealing with the situation is severely lacking, as while they are fighting the terrorists, the Giganscudo destroys the outer wall of the colony - it leads to the death of most of the colony, including Tempest Hawker's wife and child. He was only 23 years old at the time.

SE 176 (AD 2191)
  • Mao Industries is founded in March.

SE 179 (AD 2194)
  • Hiryu attacked outside Pluto (Aerogaters).
  • Meteor 3 hits.

SE 180 (AD 2195)
  • EOTI Institute (to study Meteor 3) is founded.
  • End of year, Mao Industries finish construction of the first 3 PTs (Gespenst).

SE 181 (AD 2196)
  • Gespenst sent for evaluation testing, overhauled to solve issues.
  • Gespenst 001 Type-R gets good results in EFA test.
  • EOTI develops plasma generator, Gespenst 002 Type-S overhaul to increase armor and firepower gets green light.
  • Mao Industries start to develop Schutzwald and Wildschwein.

SE 182 (AD 2197)
  • Gespenst 002 Type-S overhaul finished, Mao submitted PTX concept to EFA along with the Type-S.
  • Earth Sphere Defense Plan (EFA) and PTX concept launched.
  • EFA forms Special Tactics Instructor Corps (Aggressors) for the PTX concept.
  • End of year, Mao Industries finish Schutzwald; it's sent off to EFA for evaluation tests.

SE 184 (AD 2199)
  • Prototype of first special unit, Grungust Type-0, is finished.
  • The Aggressors are disbanded after commander Kar-Wai Lau goes MIA.
  • 10 space colonies gain independence. Brian Midcrid becomes first president of Colony Integration Office. Space troops of EFA are restructured into United Colony Corps.
  • Biochemical terrorist attack on Elpis (Elzam's wife dies).

SE 185 (AD 2200)
  • April, broadcast of "Chou-ki Gasshin Burn Blade 3" begins.
  • June, SRX project fully launched.
  • Masaki becomes pilot of Cybuster in Holy Kingdom of Langran.
  • End of year, Huckebein Type-008R accident destroys Technetium base, killing everybody except Rai (loses hand), Irm and Kirk.

SE 186 (AD 2201)
  • February, game developer Piazza launches the Burning PT game (VR space combat). Burning PT tournament begins (Ryuusei playing).
  • November 3, Antarctic incident (Granzon damages Shirogane).
  • November 3, Bian Zoldark announces the Divine Crusaders and DC War breaks out.

SE 187 (AD 2202)
  • Bian Zoldark dies on Aidoneus Island, Maier V. Branstein dies in his flagship in space. DC War ends.
  • In L5 Zone (Lagrange 5) the Aerogater alien combat satellite Neviim (codename White Star) appears. L5 campaign begins.
  • EFA annihilate the Aerogaters in "Operation SRW". L5 campaign ends.
  • EFA launches the Aegis Plan of military expansion.
  • The mysterious Einst enemies appear.
  • DC remnants form Neue DC in a military uprising.
  • Winter, White Star is occupied by mysterious aliens (Inspectors), Inspector incident begins.

SE 188 (AD 2203)
  • Kurogane and Hiryu Kai crews annihilate Shadow Mirror, Inspectors and Einst at the White Star. Inspector War ends.
  • Summer, Bartool incident breaks out.
  • Summer, Earth Sphere mayhem caused by the Shura race.
  • Operation Overgate ends the war with the Shura, Duminas and Dark Brain. The Shura Rebellion is concluded.
  • Mysterious enemy uses Compatible Kaiser to aim for the power of Personlichkeit, blowing Fighter Roar, Axel Almer and Alfimi to the Endless Frontier.
  • Earthling summoning incident occurs. Two members of EFA's 5th Special Ops PT Team Djerba, while carrying out "Mission Devil" in space, are magically transferred to Las Gias; the same magic also transfers the Steel Dragon Squadron while they were training at sea.
  • Evil high priest Luozorl brings Shu Shirakawa (killed during the Shura Rebellion) back to life in Las Gias. The destroyed Granzon is also mysteriously restored.
  • Sealed war begins. Ruina, called from the ruins of the South Pole, call forth an army from the spirit world; from outer space, comes an invasion by a faction of Zuvorg (the Guests); both intending to dominate the Earth Sphere.
  • The Garden of Baral is awakened under African soil, after a very long sleep, moving to fulfill the plan of ascending humanity into immortals (at the cost of millions dying).
  • In space near Earth, the singularity collapses. Off the coast of Chile, Ex-Exbein is booted up.
  • EFA's Operation Reconquista is officially announced. The Hiryu Kai crew, participating in Reconquista, kill Teniquette Tezernan of the Guest in a decisive battle on the moon.
  • All troops of the Steel Dragon Squadron participate in Operation Icebreaker. The Ruina infestation on the South Pole is successfully expulsed.
  • In space near Earth, inside the Cross Gate. The dragon god of the Garden of Baral, Nashim Gan Eden, is overtaken by a newcomer (Adamatron) and its pilot Euzeth Gozzo. He is defeated in a death match with the Steel Dragon Squadron. Sealed war ends.
  • In space near Earth, Heaven's Gate. An advance party of Goraikunru (sp?), taking advantage of the gap in the Great War, intercept Team Djerba.
  • The Uyudaro class suppression gunboat Mekkennoza confronts the Neo Granzon in space. Its captain, the Goraikunru mercenary Kepaloc Namo, is easily dispatched by Shu. The target of "Mission Devil" is lost.
  • Underground world of Las Gias, in the remote regions. The Koreiki (attack spirit machine) Raveraid is launched in the eastern Rumarn Base of the Republic of Almera.
  • During the struggle over "the Coffin of the End", the hundred evils that reign over the wishes of human souls were destroyed by a recently-transformed Koreiki Raveraid.

SE 189 (AD 2204)
  • Summer, from the Cross Gate floating in space near Earth, meteors of light rain on the planet.
  • It's likely Moon Dwellers takes place during this year.
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Re: Super Robot Wars Original Generation
« Reply #4 on: May 07, 2017, 09:05:25 AM »
I bought Super Robot Wars V and Moon Dwellers recently - I've been playing both of them, though V is way more fun than MD for some reason. I'm only 15 scenarios away from completing the former game to boot!

...The SRW franchise really made me cave badly. XD I've bought a LOT of stuff over the last four years, and I also intend to buy any and all future games Banpresto releases in English. (I want some figures, too. Maybe Huckebein Mk-II and Alt Eisen? idk Hard to decide.)

Super Robot Wars V (PS4)
Super Robot Wars OG: Moon Dwellers (PS4)
Super Robot Wars A Portable (PSP)
Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier (DS)

Super Robot Wars OG (PS2) soundtrack
2nd Super Robot Wars OG (PS3) soundtrack
Super Robot Wars OG: Moon Dwellers (PS4) soundtrack
JAM Project's "Max the Power" album

Super Robot Wars OG ~Record of ATX~ (all 13 volumes so far: 5 from Divine Wars, 7 from The Inspector, 1 from Bad Beat Bunker. Still need vol 2 of BBB.)