Author Topic: Your Gold Saints based on your astrological chart~  (Read 5528 times)


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Re: Your Gold Saints based on your astrological chart~
« Reply #30 on: March 23, 2015, 10:41:13 PM »
...Hm. I guess I like Ryo Sanada, Kougaiji, Kohza, Krad, Vigagi and all his Digimon Xros Wars roles the most, alongside Shura. I haven't seen that many of his roles yet (still need to see two thirds of the list I made). I'm expecting Clouder/Doubleclouder, Adol, Fukamachi, Oz, Parn, Godai, Sakuragi, Cless, Saionji, Bankotsu, Ishimatsu, Sanada Yukimura, Coco, Mao, Alses and Jabu to make it high on my list.

Oh, right. There's also Reynald Halloween from "0-ji no Kane to Cinderella", Quinrose's otome game - I bought that game just for him and still haven't tried playing it (I can't read Japanese so it's going to be difficult).

You have quite a lot of favorite roles of him hehe :D Please Do tell me how the others you haven't seen are I'm curious to know ..

Doesn't the game come with subtitles though? In my case it would be impossible to play it so I would definitely search every word up on Google translate :p

Thank you.^^ From all the elements, I have always liked air the most.^^

Yes, it really does. >.<" Quite a pity.
I have never noticed that Kanon is such an unpopular character. :O Well, at least I have him for myself. :P Just kidding. XD

Your welcome ^_^ Yes it is  :-_-U:

I seem to notice among the Fans the most Populist Gold Saints are Saga, Shaka, Aiolia & Dohko correct me if I'm wrong Kaia ... Hahaha yes Kanon is all yours don't worry I wont steal I have Aiolia :P
Is there any reason why Kanon is your favorite Gold Saint?