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Re: Japanese Language - First Steps
« Reply #45 on: July 20, 2014, 11:38:37 PM »
Hey, I was wondering if anyone here knows a lot of Japanese, and could teach me some.

best thing to do is to buy a Japanese text book first, book #1. learn some basic conversations and memorize your hiragana and katagana. next step (depends on where you are located physically), try to make friend with native Japanese speakers, let em know you wanna learn, and make an ass out of yourself by speaking to them. yea, you will make mistakes and sound dumb in the beginning, but no better way than being corrected by native speakers.

if you are not Chinese nor speak the language, but wanna learn Japanese, don't even try Chinese. it only helps you in writing. grammar and pronunciation is just different. if you already speak german, you will find that the two grammar structures are quite similar. I m HK Chinese like ariesmu.

don't try to learn it from anime or dramas. they don't speak like that in real life :)

good luck, and have fun!
suki da,

perhaps I can help with this. suki da and suki desu basically means the same thing: I like you.

remember, Japanese have a formal/polite way of speaking, a normal everyday/informal speaking, and business way of speaking.

suki desu, is like politely saying "yes, I like you."

suki da is like half-assingly saying "yea, I like ya"

the difference between suki desu/suki da and aishiteiru/aishiteimasu is huuuuuuge!!!

if you like a girl just for date/fun/casual dating, or telling her you'd like her to be your girl, you say (polite)  "suki desu" (I like you).

you only use aishiteru if you are serious with her. like to a serious girlfriend or your wife. if you two only been dating two months and try aishiteru on her, it will get veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery weird. and she will prolly smell that you just wanna bone. don't do that.