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Dolls of my characters...
« on: November 11, 2009, 03:25:51 PM »
Should this be called art? I would have drawings of the characters of my novel series but currently I'm not able to scan them. These give the basic idea of my characters but drawings would be more accurate to my original idea. Anyway, I enjoyed making them! I hope you'll enjoy them too. ;D


Lawanda and Nitza (two pupils) + Theola (the teacher)


Raven and Mordecai (really good friends, Mordecai is also Raven's teacher), Leonhard (Mordecai's sweet-natured little brother) + Gomer and Heloise (Raven's parents and the leaders of the bandit clan)


Dacania (a novice) + Erelah (the abbess)


Mariko + Aniara and Atticus (her parents)


Princess Almira + King Kiros and Queen Lareina (her parents) + Simara (Prime Minister)


Marina (loyal to the royal family) and Erlina (rebellious fairy) + Lucia (Queen of the fairies)

Evil side:

Lord Khalon (evil wizard) and witch Shelagh (his mistress and Theola's former pupil) + General Barnabas (the general of the Dark Army of Goldan) and Lilith (his sister) + Prince Brutus (Rufus's evil brother) + Rad and Barak (terrorist wizards, Shelagh's pupils)

Supporting characters:

Prince Rufus and Viola (his mother) + Loren (demon who disguises himself as a beutiful young boy and eats human flesh)
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Re: Dolls of my characters...
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2010, 12:07:08 PM »
Heheheh I use that doll creator sometimes, as you can see by my avatar. It's pretty funny to do them LOL  :kanon: